About us

We started Mybloghosting to offer honest reviews and advice for choosing the right web hosting service for any application including WordPress and others. There are many sites out there, but what we offer is something friendly and from the real experience.

The majority of hosting services have long lists of features for WordPress blog web hosting options, but when it comes to reality, the thighs can be different. For that reason, My Blog Hosting reviews give a clear idea about the features, the cons and the pricing of each hosting company.

There are many web hosting services with great features, however, a few people talk about them. So, we tried to make sure that every good service is tested. In many cases, we found super-fast cloud hosting services that work better, however, many still use older servers with other companies that work slowly and with no real level of security.

That’s why we talk about cheap hosting, but also, we try these options for some time before recommending it. So, we pick a web hosting plan, that can be shared, VPS, or dedicated servers and try it.

Then, we contact customer support and see how they work, what they can do better than others, etc… Next, we compare the web hosting packages and see if they reflect what the customer gets in reality or not.

If you had an experience with any web hosting provider and you tried it for a blog or any other website, please share your ideas and your review, which will add value like all the other details.

Sometimes, hosting reviews can look general and not clear, so, make sure to add as many details as you can make the review real, detailed and honest. What you think about the speed of that web host? How you found their customer support? And of course, how about the pricing of the web hosting plans you tried?

Who is behind Mybloghosting?

My Name is Fathi Arfaoui, and I’ve been blogging for 9 years using WordPress and even other platforms. I enjoy doing web hosting optimizations, and my background in server engineering and setup helped me a lot to know which host is the best and which one to avoid.

Back in 2012, I started doing in-depth research about blogging and web server configurations to build powerful sites. Then, I build different sites from myself and for clients. I learned from my personal experience who every server needs to have as software and optimizations.

Then, in 2014, I started working with popular web hosting companies, helping them to optimize the servers for WordPress and make it load faster.

At the same time, I worked with the same companies to guide them the truth the best blogging practçces, so, their customers can get regular updates, the best WordPress plugins, and options.

Now, I’m a web hosting advisor for some companies I trust and used in the past. So, I help them to fix problems and suggest changes, updates or settings, to win the competition in the web hosting industry.

I enjoy doing everything related to Physics, and the hardware used in data centers needs exceptional work to build something brilliant and super fast. The heart of the web hosting is the server, but without the right optimizations, network infrastructure and updates, nothing will work the way we all want.

I work with a team of experts who know what a web hosting is, these people come from the United States, Canada, and Australia who set up WordPress sites, fix their coding problems and make them work faster.

In addition, there are web hosting engineers from Los Angeles, California who share their best practices on web servers, Linux, PHP, MySQL and of course WordPress.

If you’d like to be part of our team of expert writers, you can email me using the contact page. Make sure you tell me more about you, your background educations, and of course, you should be a web hosting expert engineer or expert technician and have the passion to write good content that helps our readers.