Arvixe vs InMotion Hosting

Arvixe and InMotion Hosting are popular companies with thousands of servers and long years of experience. However, when comparing these web hosts, you’ll find lots of differences that can impact your website performance. Of course, that includes the speed, the loading time and more.

The price matters, and also the server configurations with the customer support have a huge impact on your decision. In the end, you should select a solid hosting provider with great customer support and reliable hosting.

Now, let’s take a look at both companies and compare them. I’ll use the smallest hosting plans, they suit the need of both beginners, and also, for advanced webmasters with a few websites to host.

The other plans comparison is the same with differences. Just use these small hosting plans as a way to know which one is the cheapest, and what it offers as features.

InMotion Hosting is a top-rated hosting provider with SSD servers, a great uptime, and affordable plans. They offer a free domain name with each new registration, moreover, they offer free data backup and one-click installer software for WordPress.

You can get a pre-installed WordPress website when you create your account. It’s easy, fast, and a reliable web hosting service.

On the other side, Arvixe is a regular web hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain. However, their customer support quality is not as good as InMotion Hosting.

The following comparison table shows the difference between the two hosting providers:

SSD serversNoYes
Choose your data centerNoYes
Starter plan cost per year$96$83.88
Pre-installed WordPressNoYes
Free domain nameYesYes
Money-back guarantee60-day90-day
Disk spaceUnlimitedUnlimited
PHP, Ruby, Perl, PythonYesYes
WordPress hostingYesYes
eCommerce readyNoYes
BoldGrid WordPress builderNoYes
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Sever speed3/55/5
U.S.-based supportYesNo
Customer support rating3/55/5
Not recommendedSave 56% with InMotion

As you can see, Arvixe compared to InMotion, and even other hosting services, is not cheaper. In addition, their hosting plans come with comes with low-quality customer support and slower servers.

On the other hand, InMotion Hosting is faster, better and has amazing US-based customer support.

1. Web hosting cost

The web hosting costs should reflect the real value of the plan you’re going to select.

That’s exactly what InMotion Hosting does, they offer fast hosting with SSD servers. These new servers are 20 times faster than regular low-cost hosting.

Arvixe is great hosting for Windows, but not for Linux in my own experience. They offer inexpensive shared web hosting, but with low-quality support.

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That’s why InMotion is a really affordable hosting that makes your website available all the time.

2. Website builder

The standard website builder tools that the big majority of the hosting services offered are not real solutions.

You don’t own your website and you don’t have total control over codes and pages. Luckily, InMotion Hosting has an exclusive WordPress drag-and-drop builder tool called BoldGrid.

With BoldGrid, you own your website at 100% and you can create your site by dragging dropping elements from the tool.

The following screenshot shows you the pre-installation options for WordPress, Joomla, and more content management system in the InMotion Hosting sign-up page.

InMotion Hosting

Arvixe offers the standard page builder tool that I don’t recommend using.

3. Customer support

Arvixe offers support by phone, live chat and also, emails and tickets. However, the quality of support is not the same as InMotion. InMotion offers faster and better customer support.

They have a US-based customer support department with expert technicians who know what web hosting is and how to deal with different situations.

Arvixe vs Inmotion

4. Server speed

InMotion Hosting is one of the few hosting providers in the US and in the world that offers Solid State Drives (SSD) for free on all servers.

That takes the server speed and execution time to the next level. Google takes into consideration your server response time to rank web pages. So, the last thing you want is a server response time that’s slower than the recommended.

All in all, InMotion hosting is faster than Arvixe and it’s clear why. They have a sophisticated infrastructure with business-class hardware and regular software updates.

The company has two data centers in the US, one in the West and the others in the East. As a result, you can choose which one you want to host on the SignUp page. That gives your website speed a boost because of that speed zone.

5. Uptime

Arvixe and InMotion Hosting have a 99.9% uptime guaranteed. That’s good to have a reliable web hosting these days. But, wait, Arvixe has more downtime and even, the downtime can last hours for many cases.

Unlike Arvixe, InMotion has great uptime with a higher server availability, and performances.

Unlike the other providers, InMotion Hosting offers a real reliable web hosting. As a result, you’ll find 100% uptime for a long time. Even, if you find few downtimes, they will last for seconds only, and that’s nothing compared to other hosting services.

The next screenshot is the InMotion Hosting Uptime report for a VPS. With 100% uptime, you’ll be thankful for their great server management and configuration.

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InMotion Hosting Uptime

Of course, that’s a well-configured VPS, but the same applies to shared hosting and dedicated servers. InMotion has better uptime than other companies like HostGator, Bluehost, 1&1, DreamHost, and of course Arvixe.

6. VPS and dedicated hosting

Both companies offer Virtual Private Server hosting, however, InMotion Hosting offers more resources. Indeed, unlike Arvixe, InMotion offers a minimum of 4 Gigabytes of RAM for your VPS.

The maximum VPS RAM is 8 gigabytes. The prices are nearly the same, InMotion Hosting offers more resources and faster server.

The great thing about InMotion VPS is that they offer eCommerce optimized hosting. So, everything is well optimized for speed and better user experience. It’s the solution for eCommerce hosting and online stores websites, in general.

Unlike Arvixe that offers less RAM, InMotion offers double RAM for their dedicated server with the same price. That means, you can get 8 Gigabytes dedicated server with $119 for the first month, and that’s a huge discount.

Arvixe or InMotion?

As a conclusion, if you want a great hosting with quality, then, I recommend InMotion Hosting. It’s a quality hosting compared to Arvixe and other companies. In addition, there is a free website transfer service, free domain migrations, and fast SSD servers.

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