Best Windows shared web hosts

Is there any good web hosting on Windows that’s reliable and offers shared plans? And what if speed and server configurations are not what you really wanted?

So, here we are showing you the top affordable Windows web hosts on shared servers that we tested and recommend.

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the most popular and the biggest web hosting provider in the world. And when it comes to quality, they’re also great especially for Windows servers.

With GoDaddy shared Windows hosting plans, you get ASP.NET, ASP, and of course SQL server that works fast and that’s well protected against online threats and attack.

Now, for freebies, GoDaddy offers a free domains name with every annual Windows hosting subscription, in addition, there is unmetered bandwidth and also unmetered storage for all the plan except the fits one.

The first plan which is the cheapest one cost $2.99 per month and it lets you host one Windows-based website with 100 GB storage.

Each plan also includes MySQL databases, MSSQL databases, FTP access and accounts, Plesk control panel and a free Microsoft Office 365 business email for a full year.

Here a quick overview of the cheap GoDaddy Windows web hosting plans on shared web servers.

Best Windows shared hosting

As you can see, the cheap plan cost a few dollars and it suits the need of a single website.

Next, the second plan is recommended for multi-domain hosting, and the third plan is recommended for high traffic apps and sites that work on Windows server OS.

With all these hosting solutions, there is an auto-installer tool for over 50 apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more others.

2. HostGator

HostGator has shared ASP.NET hosting plans starting at $4.76/ month for one website. And there is another plan for 5 websites that cost $14.36/month.

HostGator offer unmetered disk space and bandwidth for your hosting account on these plans. In addition, there is a free SSL and even a free private SSL and dedicated IP address for their second Windows hosting plan.

ASP.NET hosting plans

The web host offers MySQL, Microsoft SQL, FTP access, thousands of free website templates and one script install tool. So, you can easily start any website in minutes. Furthermore, there are other apps like Python, PHP, and Ajax.

The Plesk control panel lets you manage your website files and see the starts of the usage. So, you get a file manager online, and you can protect your site directories with a password and more.

3. InterServer

We had a great experience with the InterServer hosting plans, it works fast, and we had no issues managing websites and working on them.

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The cool thing here is that when you signup for any plan, you get a great price f $5 per month and you’ll get unlimited resources including disk storage and bandwidth.

On the other hand, there is free SSL certificates with every account, unlimited email accounts, and more features.

ASP.NET hosting prices

For the website or app security, InterServer has a free weekly backup system, ultra-fast web servers that use SSD storage and the latest Intel processors.

For account management and site usage, you can access PHPMyAdmin, Cron Jobs, FTP and more using the Plesk control panel for Windows servers.

For email accounts, there is unlimited usage and you can access your emails on iPhone, Android devices or Windows phones easily.

4. One and One

Unlike other shared Windows web hosting companies, this one offers the cheapest plan in the world. For example, the first plan cost only $0.99 per month for one payment of 12 months, so, for under one dollar, you can host any Windows app or website and that’s a great deal.

Best of all, the storage space is SSD, and that means a faster loading time compared to standard disk drives. Moreover, there is a free domain name and also SSL certificate with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for each shared account.

Here a clear comparison between these shared hosting plans.

unlimited Windows hosting plans

Why does Windows hosting cost more?

Unlike the other server operating systems that are free, and open source, Windows server is a product of Microsoft that cost a lot of money to add to any service.

Microsoft invested a lot of work and resources to build a strong web server architecture that works faster and that can handle any website traffic even if millions of visitors browse the site each day.

For that reason, web hosting companies buy the Windows server product from Microsoft, and then, they add it to their own services with extra fees t cover the cost and to generate some profit as any business.

Choosing a shared hosting plan

It doesn’t matter if the Windows server version is from 2012, 2014 or other if you have a project on WordPress or other apps. There is no clear performance boost in the new version except a minor change.

However, hosting with an older version like the Windows 2004, for example, may not be good as you expect for a website or an application. So, avoid hosting with these kinds of old versions, and use the newest version you can find for better site security, sever speed, and features.

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In this list GoDaddy has the newest Windows server versions, so, we recommend them in the first place.


Each one of the above-recommended hosting providers has a good customer support department that can help you anytime. And when it comes to security, they’re the most secure and the right places to host any Windows website or application.

We ranked them based on different features and also without forgetting the pricing and compared them to what the customer gets as resources.

That means, the first web host is the best, and we strongly recommend GoDaddy.

There is no need to waste the time searching for other services that risk your site files and limits the access to your account anytime they want.

We always prefer to recommend what we used, what we tested. Most importantly, at Mybloghosting, we recommend the best services that really work.

We hope you found what you were looking for in terms of quality and pricing, and if you want to add something, make sure to contact us directly if you prefer.

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