Bluehost hosting renewal prices compared

Want to learn more and find the truth about the Bluehost hosting renewal prices? And you want to save money at the same time? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the real cost of using such a web host after the first year. So, you know, if the service work for your budget or not.

Surprising hosting renewal costs

Bluehost, HostGator and all the EIG companies have higher renewal prices than other web hosts like InMotion Hosting which offer better services at cheaper prices and no surprises. In reality, Bluehost may look good for beginners who know nothing about web hosting, blogging, and WordPress.

Even for advanced users, they neglect the fact that WordPress recommends Bluehost only because they have a partnership and win-win business. So, when WordPress recommends Bluehost, that’s not for free, they bring customers to Bluehost and they make a profit.

Think twice before you SignUp with Bluehost because it’s not the best WordPress hosting and there are better alternative web hosts.

Here is what Bluehost charges after the first year, their renewal prices will be higher than what you expect for 12 month billing at once. We all compare all the renewal cost of these plans next, but now, let’s have a quick overview for one-year renewal cost.

  • The basic plan of Bluehost that cost $3.95 actually will cost $8.99 in renewal, it’s for one domain name hosting and it’s so expensive compared to what your site gets as options and resources.
  • The Plus plan that cost $5.95 will be $12.99 after one year
  • The third plan which is called Choice Plus will cost you $16.99 as a renewal.

Renewal cost comparison of shared plans

Billing Term/ PlanBasicPlusChoice Plus
12 Month Billing$8.99$12.99$16.99
24 Month Billing$8.49$11.99$15.99
36 Month Billing$7.99$10.99$14.99
First Billing Cost$3.95$5.95$5.95

The same comparison is valid for the WordPress hosting renewal prices with Bluehost. They offer the same plan, but with different names and a dedicated page for that. So, as you can see, you’ll pay as much as twice the actual price for the first payment term and that’s a lot.

That’s not all, the majority of users will never need the Bluehost siteLock security and other services such as the search engine visibility tools.

If you add that cost to the total hosting plan prices, you’ll need to pay twice the money that you can pay with other providers and get the same features and services.

Here is what Bluehost charges as renewal for the extra services:

  • The domain name cost will be $15.99 per year
  • SEO Tools cost $71 which is not necessary at all, you don’t need any of them
  • If you need a dedicated IP, then, you’ll be charged $5.99 per month and that’s a bad surprise, other companies charge only $2/month.
  • If your web hosting account with Bluehost expire, you’ll be charged $30 to reactivate it (for no real reason)

The real cost of the domain name

Bluehost does not offer a free domain name in reality if you host with them for three years at least. If you think that you get a free domain name, then, think about this, the domain renewal prices with Bluehost is $15.99. Thus, if you get the domain for free in the first year, then, you’ll pay around the $32 in the next 24 months.

Now, do you know that the average cost of buying a domain name from trusted registrars like GoDaddy is $10 per year?

The truth is that Bluehost lets you pay nothing the first year, but later, they’ll charge you twice the real cost to get their money back.

In the end, Bluehost is a shared web hosting providers with the same resource as HostGator that offer one month trial for just $0.01, and you can choose it as a replacement of Bluehost that cost more.

HostGator is better and they have more options and tools in cPanel and of course, it’s a bigger web hosting company that you can use and trust.

Cheaper web host

Bluehost is one of the most expensive web hosting services in their renewal prices, you may not notice that unless you find a huge amount of money in your second year of invoice. In addition, many of their services including the SiteLock and others are useless as your blog will never need them.

Also, if you need SSL, and dedicated IP, you’ll be a lot of money for no additional value.

If you want to save money and pay less, but get a better web hosting than Bluehost, then, InMotion Hosting is the right company to choose.

They offer better SSD servers, professional SSL certificate, cPanel, and great customer support. Bluehost servers have downtimes, and you can void that by choosing that alternative that works better.

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