Best Web Hosts

In this section, we test different providers and talks about the best web hosts for WordPress and small businesses in general.

There are many web hosting services out there, and we want to make sure that every hosting, we talk about is trusted, secure, reliable and professional. In addition, there are many web hosts for eCommerce and they offer an extra level of optimization compared to blog hosting.

high bandwidth hosting
Best Web Hosts

Best high bandwidth web hosting providers

When it comes to professional hosting with all the speed and the features that we need, only the dedicated solutions can help. However, in many cases, the server itself can't handle the fast-growing traffic and the huge amount of resources that it consumes. So, I've spent the time searching for...
Best Web Hosts

5 best web hosts in California

Are you looking for the best web hosting service with data centers in California? And want faster customer support with great prices and offers without fake promises? So, I tested dozens of hosting companies in California to show you the trusted providers in the end. Without talking about the long list of problems that I...
Bluehost alternatives
Best Web Hosts

5 best Bluehost alternatives

After years of web hosting experience, Bluehost is now one of the slowest web hosting providers. They have problems with server load and also with customer support. For that reason, searching for alternatives to Bluehost web hosting is the right decision to make your site work well again without problems. Bluehost as a web...
Unlimited Bandwidth VPS
Best Web Hosts

VPS hosting services with​ unlimited bandwidth plans

Choosing a good VPS hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth can take some time. That's because of the differences between the service providers and what you need for your website, blog, or app. However, if you follow this guide, you'll get the best options for a secure VPS plan without limitations. At Mybloghosting, we test the biggest web...
GoDaddy or Squarespace
Best Web Hosts

GoDaddy or Squarespace?

In this GoDaddy and Squarespace comparison, we'll show you the differences between these two popular companies. No matter if you would like to build a website for personal use, or a complete online store to sell products, if you choose the wrong service, you'll struggle a lot. For that reason, we tested both companies...
Ecommerce Website Hosting Companies
Best Web Hosts

Best Ecommerce web hosting providers

Ecommerce hosting is not the same as regular services for websites. E-commerce websites need extra resources and higher levels of server security. So for those who prefer choosing their hosting solutions, we tested the top companies and we'll show you the best recommendations. The main problem with all the popular business web hosts...
Fully managed VPS hosting services
Best Web Hosts

4 best managed VPS hosting service providers

There are many managed VPS hosting services with good features and affordable pricing, however, in reality, the truth is different a little bit. That's because some web hosts provide faster servers while others offer slow CPU processors with known issues that happen frequently. So, if you'd to have the best fully managed hosting plan,...
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