Want guides with tips for web hosting? So, here are the best tutorial and step by step guides for those users who want to start a blog on WordPress, using any other CMS or even HTML sites.

In this section, we cover the different topics that webmaster need to learn like optimizing their sites for speed, making them secure and also fixing common issues bloggers found in WordPress.

That’s of course after choosing the right web hosting services with fast servers.

How Much to Pay for Web Hosting

How much to pay for web hosting?

If you want to buy a web hosting plan, you'll find lots of options, prices, differences and more, but if you consider the quality, then, there are few services to choose from. Now, what's the real cost of buying a web hosting plan? is $10 enough to get a fast...
Does Bluehost Charge Monthly or Yearly

Does Bluehost charge monthly or per year?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies, but can you pay per month or once a year? Is it possible to have a short-term hosting plan every 30 days without setup fees? In reality, Bluehost does not offer a monthly hosting, instead, they provider yearly web hosting plans...
Is-VPS Faster than Shared Hosting

5 differences between VPS and shared hosting

If you have a blog or website, then, the speed matter to you, but when it comes to choosing between VPS and shared hosting, which one is faster? Can you really use a shared server for any site? And what if you want dedicated server resources? In today's world, choosing one of these options...
Can You Use Bluehost in the UK

Can you use Bluehost in the UK?

Bluehostis a US-based web hosting providers, but can you really use it in the UK? And if you can, does that impact your website ranking, user experience, speed, and other things? So, let's find out the truth and what you need to keep in mind before hosting with Bluehost. Firstly, Bluehost has a one...
Does HostGator Charge Monthly?

Does HostGator charge monthly?

Can you pay monthly with HostGator? And is it a good web host? Using one of the most popular web hosts like HostGator should be a good decision for you. However, when it comes to the billing cycles, some prefer the yearly payments and others choose the monthly subscriptions. So, now the...
Limitation for Using WordPress

WordPress limitations, advantages and disadvantages

You've been told that you can do anything with WordPress? You don't know if there are limitations for using the software as a blogging platform or a CMS? And now, you think about the complexity of building a website for many purposes, and you think that you'll have problems installing...
NameCheap or Hover

NameCheap vs Hover

The domain name is the most important thing you need to start a business or a site online. Of course, you should host that domain with a trusted company and manage everything from one place. In today's post about NameCheap and Hover, I'll show you the best domain registrar service. But also, you'll...
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