Want guides with tips for web hosting? So, here are the best tutorial and step by step guides for those users who want to start a blog on WordPress, using any other CMS or even HTML sites.

In this section, we cover the different topics that webmaster need to learn like optimizing their sites for speed, making them secure and also fixing common issues bloggers found in WordPress.

That’s of course after choosing the right web hosting services with fast servers.

yearly web hosting cost

Yearly web hosting costs

How much does it really cost to host a website with annual payment? Is there any good web host that provides security, support, and free domain? And what about maintenance, backups, and CMS? We'll start this list with the cheapest web hosting costs per year. So, you can choose the...
Website hosting prices compared

Comparing​ web hosting prices

How much does it cost for website hosting? Is there any way to save money and get an affordable plan that includes lots of features? This will be your final guide with quick reviews about each hosting and what they offer as options, plans and more. To make things easy...
best cheap dedicated server hosting

5 cheapest dedicated server providers

If a low cost dedicated server is your first thing to look for when hosting a high traffic website or app, then, you'll find lots of options. However, the webserver should be able to handle lots of traffic, requests and also should be fast and secure. For that, not all...
Hosting your own site at home

How can I host my own website?

In this article, we'll show you how to host your website, and what you need, but keep in mind that you'll just build the worst web hosting environment you can imagine. Read carefully the following details as there is no way to host a site and make it secure and working without a...
Web Hosting with Templates

6 web hosts that offer free website templates & themes

Is there any good web hosting service that lets you build your site using free templates? Can you really start a website using a free drag and drop site builder? So, here we'll show you the best services that offer what your site needs in one place. You can build your own website as...
Average Cost to Host a Website

How much does it cost to host a website?

How much does it really cost for a website hosting? You don't know which price is right for your blog? And you found lots of services with different options, and you need a good choice? So, here is all that you need to know about website hosting prices. The average cost for hosting...
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