Getting a domain name that's already owned by someone else

How to Get a Domain Name that’s Already Owned by Someone Else?

Want to get a domain name that’s already owned or taken by someone else? You see that’s not used and inactive on any website? And you really found the domain great for your business and want to purchase it? So, read the full guide, we’ll show you how to negotiate and get your best domain name without wasting time. How important is a … Read this

most secure web hosts

Most Secure Web Hosting Services

So, you need one of the best secure web hosts for any kind of software including WordPress? And you want to protect your blog or site from online threats? If that looks complicated, then, keep reading, we’ve tried different blog hosting companies and we know which one is secure and what others are bad for … Read this

How much does it cost to create a WordPress website

How much does it cost to start a WordPress website?

Want to have a clear idea about the real cost of starting a website on WordPress? and you don’t have the time to compare thousands of sites and options? so, follow our recommendations and you’ll have the best blog. Web statistics estimate that every day, there are dozens of thousands of people who create new WordPress … Read this

VPS compared to managed WordPress hosting

VPS Compared to Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a great blogging and CMS that needs server optimization for better speed and performance. However, there are some issues, especially similarities and differences between the two kinds of services. One hosting is budget and cheap, and another is better and costs more. For that reason, comparing managed WordPress hosting services to VPS packages is a great … Read this

web hosting plans under $3

Best Cheap Web Hosting Plans Under $3 Per Month

Is there any quality cheap web hosting plan under $3? And what about features and speed? Are you going to choose any budget hosting package just because of its pricing? Would you like to have enough disk space and bandwidth for your website? Would you like to have a pre-installed WordPress site without any technical knowledge? … Read this

Is InMotion Hosting a Good Hosting for WordPress

Is InMotion Hosting a Good Hosting for WordPress?

Lots of web hosting companies offer unlimited numbers of services and lower prices, but what about the quality? In this post, we’ll show you why InMotion Hosting is a great and trustworthy hosting service. We’ve used and still use their hosting solution and there are some great features that you need to know. What’s InMotion Hosting? … Read this