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4 Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Services

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If a cheap dedicated server hosting is your first thing to look for, then, you’ll find lots of options. However, a web host should be able to handle lots of traffic, requests and also should be fast and secure.

For that, not all the hosting providers offer quality servers, and we spent months investigating and testing the best options. So, in this article, we’ll show you the best solutions with secure and fast web servers.

Now let’s find the cheapest hosting services with enough RAM, CPU and of course the management tools like cPanel and Plesk.

1. 1&1

This dedicated hosting provider offers SSD servers with the lowest prices in the market. The plans start from $29 per month and even more, there is a limited number of free server trial for 3 months. So, for those who prefer trying a dedicated web hosting before purchasing a plan, then, this will be the best option.

1&1 offers the best cheap SSD dedicated servers with a fast internet connection and lots of options. In addition, the company provides Windows dedicated servers for an additional $35 per month. On the other side, the value Linux dedicated servers plans come with full root access, powerful monitoring tool, and security system.

In the case of any downtime, the customer still has a special recovery tool for emergency situations. This system lets troubleshoot the servers even if nothing is working for any mistake you made. Furthermore, there is a serial console that let you connect to the servers during downtime.

The dedicate plan includes SSH access, and you can install custom applications. Of course, the servers are compatible with programming languages like Perl, Python, PHP, and the popular databases like MySQL.

The minimum RAM for a dedicated server is 8 GB, and the option can go higher.


This provider has data centers in the United States, Spain and also in Germany. So, you have three options for your dedicated servers location.

2. InterServer

With a good servers architecture and optimized performances, InterServer is a recommended cheap dedicated hosting solution for all. The prices start from $50 per month for 1 GB of RAM, SSD storage, and Intel dual-core processor. Don’t compare the RAM here to other providers as it’s really fast with extra optimizations and SSD everything will be fast for your server.

You can choose your own operating system from Linux or Windows. Even more, there s cPanel for Linux and Plesk to manage the Windows servers files easily.

Customize your Server

3. EasySpace

For those who look for a cheap dedicated server in the UK, this is the right solution. The cheapest dedicated servers plan cost £19.99 per month. The packages include 4 GB of RAM, UK data centers location, Intel Xeon quad-core processor, and a good customer support service.

The dedicated hosting provider offers Linux or Windows serves with enterprise level antivirus, server backup, cPanel or Plesk and more.

The pre-built dedicated servers will be ready in minutes company needs to install your preferred operating system first.

For the packages, we found that this is the dedicated servers with the lowest prices in the UK, so, you get what you need as cost and quality at the same time.

4. InMotion Hosting

With fast SSD servers and  100% network uptime guaranteed, this is one of the most reliable dedicated servers hosting providers in the world. $99 per month is the initial cost for your server and that’s affordable compared to other services with lower quality and slower servers.

Unlike the above providers, InMotion offer managed dedicated servers. So, you don’t have to deal with any settings, update or management. The technical support team will do that for you for free. Even better, the servers have free SSL, multi liar defense system for better security and cPanel. The company offers Linux dedicated servers only, but they’re on the top list of the best dedicated hosting solutions.

The servers can have up to 15 free IP addresses, SSL, and private name servers. Also, the 8 GB of CPU Memory cache make everything powerful and batter, even more, their CPU Memory Cache can reach 20 MB for the commercial class dedicated server plan.

InMotion offers the best value in dedicated web hosting plans with quality services and fast customer assistance by phone, or live chat.

Cheap dedicated hosting vs fully managed servers

A cheap dedicated web hosting should work for small projects, however, don’t expect the best service compared to your competitors. If you have an eCommerce website especially, you’ll not have better performance and fast site loading time with these low cost dedicated servers.

We recommend the above services as they offer what someone expects and the plans are cost-effective. So, they work for blogs and small eCommerce sites, but please don’t risk your site with low levels of traffic and RAM.

As an advice, we recommend installing a caching system if you need a cheap server, or ask for customer configurations if you know what you do. That can accelerate the servers CPU and offer a better user experience and better conversions for sales and signup.

On the other hand, if you really care about speed, server security, updates and support, then, choose Liquid Web. They have the best fully managed dedicated server with affordable prices and great support.

These are the best cheap dedicated hosting services with fats servers and high levels of security and optimization. Don’t neglect basic things like keeping your server secure by only installing what you need as tools and scripts. If you need something as an add-on, we recommend asking the technical customer support for ideas as they tested different options and they know what works and what can risk your website. These simple things can have a huge impact on the server speed and security, especially in the long term.

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