Cheap WordPress Hosting Plans Under $20 per Year

The best options to start a website and save money is to host it with a cheap hosting plan. But also, you need to choose a professional hosting with reliable services. For that reason, I’ve found a very cheap web hosting under $20 per year. So, you can select the basic plan and save a lot of money.

I’ve said many times before that a cheap web hosting is not necessarily a low-quality service. In reality, all depends on your needs and budget. So, if you need a basic website, for example, you can choose a reliable and low-cost hosting plan. In the end, you’ll have a website or a blog that works normally, and you’ll save money at the same time.

The only hosting service that offers web hosting under $20 per year is 1 & 1. Indeed, it’s a popular web hosting provider with lots of services. Also, they offer large varieties of shared hosting, VPS hosting and even dedicated hosting services.

When you choose this cheapest web hosting plan, you’ll get extra features for free. That includes Google AdWords advertising credits and Bing credits also.

Additionally, 1&1 hosting offer cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. Also, the company offers both Linux and Window hosting services. So, you can choose from the biggest hosting solutions in the world. Then, you can start a personal website or even a professional website that you can use to sell products online.

The basic hosting plan costs only $0.99 per month. The minimum contract duration is 12 months, that way, you get a full year of web hosting for just $11.88 and that’s the cheapest professional hosting on the web.

Hosting features

Completely free domain name

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With this low-cost hosting plan, you get a free domain name for life. Unlike the other services, this one offers the domain name for life and you don’t have to renew the domain each year. It’s a completely free domain name when you pick the hosting plan that suits your needs.

Thousands of website templates

Now, to get started with your new web hosting plan, you can choose from thousands of templates. The company offers a huge number of website templates and themes with professional designs.

Furthermore, all the website template come with the latest updates and SEO best practices. In other words, you get a fully optimized website design that looks professional on desktops and mobile devices. So, when a visitor comes to your website or store, he’ll get the version of the website design that works better for his exact device.

Responsive templates

The responsive web design is needed these days, and Google favorites mobile optimized websites. So, you need to have a mobile-friendly website in order to get visits and make sales if you have an online store.

Look at the following example of a website. The same design looks professional and well-adjusted on different devices. The site looks great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Website builder tool

In parallel with the responsive design, 1&1 offer a great drag and drop website builder. Indeed, it’s a professional website editor tool that makes things easier and faster. The drag and drop builder software lets you add an element to your website. Also, you can adjust the width, the height, and also, make changes to any page.

Fully integrated online store

This is a real power for small business owners. You can start selling products online with your own store. With a professional eCommerce integration, 1&1 hosting lets you launch your own store online in minutes. Also, you can adjust the product colors, image dimensions and everything else.

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Millions of images

The library of images that this hosting offer is amazing. In reality, you get over 20 million images to choose from and add them to your website. Of course, all images are licensed and you can use them legally. The great things about this large image library is that they’re all high quality and cover all industries. So, you can find any image that you need for any specific industry.

The photo editor lets you adjust the images you want. So, it’s easy to edit any image on your website like never before.


I recommend the 1&1 basic hosting plan that cost $11.88 per year. The reason is the professional services you get with all the great features of a reliable hosting. It’s a great hosting deal to start a website with and save a lot of money. There is no reason to neglect this amazing hosting plan, especially for beginners.

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