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Inexpensive WordPress Hosting with Free Domain Name for your Blog

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Have you used any inexpensive WordPress hosting service? Or you don’t know what hosting provider is the best?

In reality, there are many cheap WordPress Hosting companies, but what you should consider first is the quality of their services. For that reason, I’ll show you the best blog hosting options with budget plans and good quality.

If you are planning to create a new website or just start a blog to share your latest news and updates. Your first goal is to find a cheap web hosting with a domain name that’s offered for free. That will reduce your launching costs and help you to in your financial plans. But when it comes to your website performance, you should select the right hosting provider that offers a fast customer support with acceptable loading time.

The first thing people look for is a hosting plan with free domain name forever, and of course without ads, or it will be without a value as any free web hosting service around the web. When you get a great plan that cost only $3.95 with InMotion Hosting, with the great cPanel and a free domain name. At the same time, you get one of the fastest hosting services.

You will solve many problems, and avoid them completely, simply, because you have a strong server. You get an exclusive service and technologies that only InMotion Hosting can offer, such as, a free backup and secure connections. In other words, you get a complete hosting plan and even with extra services at low prices.

Best cheap hosting service and free domain name

If we compare InMotion Hosting to other web hosting providers, you will notice immediately that they are the most economical in terms of prices. At the same time, you get a better service and I should notice here that the company is an award-winning customer support. They are at the top trusted list of hosting companies worldwide.

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If you are caring about your blog, then, you will get the maximum security protection and the advanced technologies you need. This is what makes InMotion one of the top hosting companies.

If you want to see more hosting providers, I recommend InMotion Hosting, they offer a cheap business plan starts at $4.19 with a free domain name and you can be proud to host your site with them. They are also, a great company with top quality services and customer support.

If you need a website builder, this hosting offers the BoldGrid which is the greatest tools for WordPress. But, if you want other applications, then, you can just use their auto installer software and your website will be running in a few minutes.

This hosting offers unlimited monthly transfer or bandwidth with unlimited disk storage, and, of course, low prices starting from $49 per year and it depends on the promotion’s offers.

Other Inexpensive WordPress Hosting services with free domain

1/ FatCow

FatCow is another trusted hosting with cheap prices and free domain name, you can take a look at their great prices and find more about their detailed services. This company gets its electric power from 100% wind energy, they are a green hosting, and they have a very attractive control panel that looks different and greater than any other panel.

2/ GreenGeeks

The other service that I recommend is GreenGeeks, it’s a trusted hosting provider with great features and amazing services. You get a  free domain name with a cPanel control panel and lots of options to build professional blogs and sites.

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3/ iPage

iPage also is one of the best inexpensive WordPress hosting services per yearly payment, the plans start from just$1.99 and that includes a domain for free. It’s a green web hosting with software installer and lots of options.

4/ GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also a recommend affordable web hosting per year as they offer special discounts for bloggers using WordPress. With a few dollars, you can host a website, an online store or even a professional WordPress blog.

5/ Bluehost

Bluehost is also a good hosting provider, and they have low prices for starters. Just select the plan that suits your needs and gives them a try. They offer cheap web hosting plans with a free domain included.

The above companies offer cheap web hosting plans with free domain names and without ads. You can use them with confidence, and run your website with them in total security, and powerful speed and performance.

Other companies offer a lower price, with a few dollars you can host your blog. But, they don’t offer a free domain name.

You can select the cheapest plan that and you will get a fast hosting with professional services and customer support. The above, are the most visited hosting companies websites in the world. They offer a free domain name for people looking for it. You can host your website with them without any problem.

Keep in mind that these companies are the best ones, and you’ll save money when hosting with one of them. The quality is always at the top levels and the customer support is always there for any help. They offer customer support by phone, live chat and also tickets. Furthermore, they provide support by tutorials and lots of guides and forums.

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These are the best Inexpensive WordPress Hosting companies with plans that suit everyone’s budget. If you think that other companies are also good, or you used any other, let me know about it, and I’ll investigate further before adding it to this list.

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