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Cheap hosting plans with free domain name included

Whether you’re an avid website developer or a complete newbie on the scene, the process of choosing the right web hosting and domain registrar can become a bit overwhelming. With so many viable options available to us, making a final decision that is cost-effective and reliable can seem almost impossible.

Since our web hosting choice will affect the way our website will run, as well as affecting our wallets, it is very important to engage in the necessary and quite thorough research needed to make the right decision.

Being aware of how grueling a task this inquiry could be, we’ve decided to help point out the things you’ll need to be on the lookout for when choosing a good cheap web hosting service with domain name registration.

1. Choosing the right web hosting service

Web hosting limitations and server features

Let’s begin by helping you choose the right web hosting service that will fit your budget. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what your hosting needs are.

You can figure that out by laying out what type of website you’ll be building, how complicated of a site it will be. And how much disk space and bandwidth do you need for your website.

Once you’ve figured that out, you may have come to the conclusion that you’re a complete novice that isn’t looking to create anything too out of the ordinary.

For the novice on the scene, we recommend using a shared hosting account, such as iPage. What makes these shared hosting accounts so great is that they are super affordable, don’t require extensive knowledge on maintaining the hosting, and work great for newer sites that aren’t receiving much traffic volume yet.

iPage offers a 30-day full money back trial as well, making it a truly safe bet. As your site grows, you can always choose to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting so you’ll never have to worry about feeling stuck in your shared hosting account.

However, if your blog plans happen to be a bit more advanced, then a few more factors will have to be taken into account when comparing hosting service providers. A huge aspect of a hosting provider is their server reliability.

A web hosting provider with a powerful server and a 24/7 operating is the ideal choice. Stable network connections mean that your site will run into very few technical difficulties and very rarely be unavailable.

The features that your hosting service provides, are another huge aspect to take into consideration. Some of the key features to look out for are multiple add-on domains, e-commerce hosting, email features, and a 24/7 live chat support system.

Multiple add-on domains are great for the website developer that has a collection of domains names in their back pocket. If you happen to have an extensive assortment of domain names, then extra hosting space is a necessary feature.

Checking out how many domains you can add to your hosting account is a clever move to make before signing up for any hosting provider.

eCommerce supported web hosting?

Next, you must ask yourself, “Will the website that I will be running on my hosting provider be an e-commerce site?” If your answer is yes, then the hosting provider that you choose should have adequate e-commerce features, SSL certification, and a dedicated IP.

After going through the list of necessary qualifications that your web hosting provider should have, you may, again, begin to feel overwhelmed by a number of choices displayed on your computer screen. This is when we like to let the Internet speak for itself, as the world of online reviews has served as a basis for many decision-making moments.

The best web hosting provider that offers a domain name

One of the highest-ranking web hosting providers is InMotion Hosting, a web hosting company founded back in 2001. That means that they’ve been around for longer than a decade!

The company provides the best hosting quality with both yearly billing cycles and even one monthly payment plans which is called “pro”.

The second option is iPage, a well known and cheap web host with a free domain on every new account. iPage offer the cheapest hosting plan for 3 years payment in advance, that cost $1.99 and the free domain is offered no matter if you choose one-year hosting or the 3 years billing cycle.

Affordable plans

InMotion Hosting has been providing blogger and web developers with some of the most affordable, highly functioning, and reliable hosting for years. This is especially true when compared to some of the biggest web hosting companies out there.

InMotion is also great for beginners and experts alike. They have three different services to choose from, ranging from shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Immediately, one of the key aspects that will draw you into InMotion is the amazing price they offer. Every hosting provider offers an initial sign-up price that inevitably changes during the renewal period.

The thing you must look out for, however, is the difference in price during the renewal period. InMotion Hosting offers an initial sign-up price at $3.49/mo. Once you renew your subscription the price goes up to $7.99/mo, making the price difference only $3.80.

InMotion Hosting’s pricing even rivaled major competitor’s HostGator, saving you around $1.76 per month upon initial sign-up.


The many features made available by this good web host are another reason for its great success. For starters, their server reliability is practically unbeatable. Their server uptime has ranked itself at a 99.99% rating.

The speed at which the company’s hosting runs is also highly revered, as your site won’t have a slow loading period or any unfortunate lagging that could drive users away.

Other good features

For those of you planning on running an e-commerce site, InMotion Hosting provides a multitude of e-commerce friendly hosting features. InMotion offers SSL support, dedicated IP, cube and Zen shopping carts, and Google Checkout. Even more, there is a full PayPal shopping cart hosting system for professionals.

Website developers that fancy themselves as the independent types will also be pleased to find out that InMotion also features as easy to use hosting with cPanel control panel. With InMotion, managing your services in a single space will save you from having to constantly call up tech support for any slight changes.

If you happen to be the kind of person that always insists on having a backup plan just in case the inevitable occurs, then the automatic remote backups that InMotion runs will be your Internet savior.

Whether a hacker somehow gains access to your site or a complete breakdown of all of your data occurs, the backups are there to ensure that not all of your data will be destroyed in the process. Although the backups don’t guarantee a complete restoration, you can at least rest assured that you won’t lose 100% of your site’s data.

Prfessional web hosting support

One of the most important aspects to take into account is the availability of the hosting company’s support team. InMotion Hosting features 24/7 live support with a real person, not a computer or automated system. So if you ever find yourself in a real predicament, you’ll never feel like you’re out at sea without a paddle.

web hosting support team

2. Choosing the best domain name registrar

Now that you’ve gotten some clarity on how to choose a good web hosting provider, it’s finally time to move onto your domain name. For those of you who may not know, your domain name is the address that users will type in to get to your site.

Instead of typing in a long and hard to remember a numerical code, domain names have made the process of accessing a site incredibly simple.

Anybody that knows how to operate a computer can buy a domain name. All you have to do to purchase one is to visit a domain registrar site, type in the name you want to purchase and then pay the site’s fee.

However, you must be aware that although you may have a name in mind that you want to buy, it may not be available, as someone else may have already purchased it. If that happens to be the case, then your next best bet is to look for a different variation of that same name.

ICANN and domains

With that being said, choosing the right domain registrar depends on a few key factors. The main ones include whether the registrar is ICANN-accredited, how much control you have over the domain, pricing and contracts available, and how reliable their customer service is.

An ICANN-accreditation is like an Internet stamp of approval, it’s good to know that it’s there. ICANN is a private organization that manages global domain names, making sure that each one is linked up with the appropriate IP address.

ICANN is responsible for delegating which companies have the rights to sell top-level domains, also known as “.TLDs”. If a company has been ICANN approved, then you may rest assured that the registrar complies with the rules and regulations of selling and distributing domains.

For the user looking to register their domain, an ICANN-accreditation means that you won’t run the risk of possibly losing your domain name. And if any complications ever do arise, you know that you will be treated with the full respect that you deserve as you work to find a solution.

The amount of control that you have over your purchased domain is another great feature to take into consideration. Being listed as the domain registrant is highly critical, especially when confronted with domain renewals and transfers. That’s because only the person listed in the WHOIS database can make such deliberate changes.

Therefore, domain control and WHOIS listing should certainly be noted as a top priority when deciding on the domain registrar of your choice.

The customer assistance

After sifting through these credentials, the ultimate decision lands on just how well the domain registrar handles their customer service. Whether their customer service is through phone support, live chat, and or email, being able to quickly get in contact with a support representative quickly and easily will save you a real headache in the future.

The most preferable methods of customer service for domain companies is usually through live chat or emails. You can easily spell out all of your domain account information without having the inconvenience of repeating yourself over and over again on a phone call.

Recommended domain name registrar

Some great domain registrars to look into for cheap deals range from one of the most recognizable brands, GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has been known to throw together some amazingly cheap package deals with domain and web hosting as well as frequently having exclusive deals on domain registration.

GoDaddy’s customer service is also highly reliable, with representatives that will walk you through any problem you may face along the way. However, a real downside to GoDaddy’s domains is that the company does not offer free private registration.

What if you get a web hosting and free domain included?

Once again, InMotion Hosting also proves to be a great resource to look into for registering your domain name. The company carries the ICANN-accreditation with them, meaning that they are a safe and reliable source to register your domain with.

Along with that, privacy issues are also taken care of with InMotion, as your domain is fully under your control. With this control, you are able to privatize your WHOIS information. So, that spammers, telemarketers, and potential identity thieves will not have easy access to your information.

With a 24/7-customer support team, InMotion Hosting is always available to help you along the way. Finally, InMotion Hosting also offers a free new domain or transferred one, when you purchase 12 or 24-month hosting plan – saving you loads of cash!


As you can see, finding a cheap web hosting and domain registrar is far from a difficult process. When you become aware of the right components to look out for, choosing an affordable option no longer seems confusing. Although the web host and domain registrar options can seem quite endless.

The choices eventually boil down to the top few choices mentioned above. Overpaying for your blog hosting and domain needs should never be an option when a cheaper and highly efficient alternative, such as InMotion Hosting, is right there for the picking.

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