Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers

So, you want a secure dedicated cloud hosting for your website that comes with real protection and a fast CPU?

So, keep reading the full article; we’ll show you the right cloud hosting services you can use with great features and professional customer support.

Cloud hosting services you can trust

1. Liquid Web

For a long time, Liquid Web has been providing the best quality cloud server hosting solutions in the world.

The company has the most secure data centers in the US and also in Europe, and the sophisticated systems make thousands of servers work like one single machine that never stops.

In addition, if we talk about the speed of cloud hosting, we should keep in mind that a super-fast network uptime and the 100% uptime guarantee should be taken seriously, and that’s what Liquid Web offers for real.

This secure hosting offers Cloud VPS hosting and cloud-dedicated servers with superior quality and exclusive technical specifications and features.

In terms of speed, these are the fastest cloud VPS hosting in the world, and the same thing applies to their powerful dedicated servers in the cloud.

We used their VPS of 2 GB RAM, and it was amazing and better than Amazon and Windows Azure in speed, reliability, and performance.

Here is an overview of the Liquid Web’s cloud VPS plans:

Cloud Server Hosting

As you can see, the cloud VPS hosting comes with instant provisioning, and the RAM ranges from 2 to 8 GB. There is a choice to use Linux or Windows for your web server.

Furthermore, there is premium quality SSD disk storage with up to 300 GB and 10 TB of monthly server bandwidth.

On the other hand, if you prefer cloud dedicated servers, then, think about this: Liquid Web has fast cloud bare metal dedicated servers with DDoS protection, CDN, 100% scalability, and up to 128GB of RAM.

In one word, it’s a storm cloud dedicated hosting that can handle any huge traffic website needs and millions of visits.

The cloud-dedicated server service comes with cPanel, Root access, 100% network uptime, and basic DDoS protection with CDN.

The small plan costs $159 per month for 8 GB RAM and 4 cores, but you can get up to 128GB RAM server with 28 cores processors from Intel Xeon.

Cloud Dedicated Servers

Even more, the company provides custom cloud-dedicated server hosting solutions, so, you can configure your plan usage, limits, and resources. To do that, contact their hosting advisor using the live chat or directly by phone, and you’ll get great deals that no other company offers.

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2. Nexcess cloud

Nexcess is a fast and enterprise-class cloud hosting provider. Not all cloud hosting companies offer what everyone is looking for. Some webmasters look for easy management, cPanel, and other things like SSH.

On the other side, some business owners are looking for fast servers and powerful resources at affordable prices.

Nexcess cloud

For that reason, Nexcess offers the fastest cloud VPS hosting plans with Linux. The small cloud hosting plan costs $49 per month.

On the other hand, those who look for scalable cloud hosting services can use one of the other plans. There are also, up to 32 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, and lots of SSD server disk storage.

The cloud hosting service comes with free IPv4 IP and IPv6 support. Furthermore, you can benefit from the powerful cloud VPS API, and choose from Winwid or cloud Linux servers.

3. AccuHosting

Acuwebhosting is the cheapest cloud hosting provider in this article, and the company has thousands of web servers. The web host offers cheap cloud servers for $6.49 per month with lots of RAM.

That’s great, but also limited in resources, so, if you need more, you can choose their other plans with higher levels of RAM and disk space.

These instant provisioning cloud servers work fast with SSD and premium SSL certificates, And the traffic is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about that unless your site is really popular.

Global server locations

Now, for operating systems, Linux is free, and Windows costs an extra fee, and you can choose from different data centers in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

4. HostGator

HostGator is one of the recommended cloud hosting providers. The company builds powerful servers at an affordable cost. Unlike other web hosts, this one offers different solutions for different sizes of projects.

You can choose one of their affordable cloud-hosting servers and deploy it instantly. The cloud VPS hosting plan comes with IPv4, IPv6, great RAM from 4 to 12 GB, and SSD storage.

In addition, with this great cloud VPS hosting service, you can choose from Linux or Windows VPS plans. Even more, you can change the OS later if you want. There is a free setup, cPanel control panel, optimizations, and other features.

Also, there is a choice between self-managed and fully managed cloud servers. Of course, the self-managed VPS pans cost less, however, nothing is better than managed cloud VPS plans for professional use.

5. InterServer

If you still looking for server speed and cloud infrastructure, but can’t pay for the above-recommended cloud web hosting provider, you still have another affordable option which is InterServer. It’s a great cloud web host with the cheapest plans and good quality.

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The basic cloud VPS plans cost $6 per month with 1 CPU core, 1 GB of server RAM, 25 GB of disk storage, and 1 TB of server bandwidth.

All that is great for small projects, but if you need more resources and server power, just use the slider on their website to get up to 16 GB of RAM.

The Linux cloud VPS costs $6 per month as a minimum, and the Windows cloud VPS costs more, of course, so, with the same resources, you’ll pay $10 monthly.

Of course, these are the basic options, but you can upgrade the server with cPanel, Softaculous auto-installer, and direct admin or an additional IP address for extra fees.

Why does cloud hosting?

It doesn’t matter if you choose a VPS or a dedicated server for your website; if it receives huge traffic, the servers will struggle for a long time, and only a  cloud solution should fix the problem.

Unlike the traditional physical dedicated servers or VPS, the cloud hosting solution uses an unlimited number of machines, and it’s not dependent on data centers or machine limitations.

So, when you access a website that’s hosted in the cloud, you’ll get the files in your web browser, delivered from lots of servers in different locations. These servers act as one machine. And that’s the power of cloud computing.

Now, let’s talk about maintenance. Unlike real dedicated servers, cloud servers don’t have downtime.

Even if one server or more needs maintenance, the others still work, and that’s why cloud-dedicated hosting always comes with 100% uptime guaranteed.

So, these are the recommended cloud server hosting services we found the best. You can sign up and count on their customer assistance as we tested.

The availability and security of the servers should be taken seriously in parallel with the network uptime. So, we investigated these things, and that will save you a lot of time searching and comparing cloud hosting services.

Why does cloud hosting cost more?

The cloud hosting providers that we mentioned in this article offer a high level of customization and huge resources, especially Liquid Web.

In reality, if you add the security, and network speed your site gets, you’ll find it cost-effective compared to regular dedicated servers or even shared hosting. Additionally, you can easily scale your server resources up or down depending on your site usage.

With a great network uptime of 100%, cloud servers can easily help your business to grow up without losing customers. So, think about it as an investment in your business, the less downtime your website has, the more visits and revenue you’ll receive.

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We hope you found this list of the top cloud webserver hosts helpful, and if, for any reason, you think one company is better than the others, let’s discuss that in your comment or contact us directly.

Or, if there is another great cloud hosting provider that you used and think is great, make sure to let us know about it for further testing and investigating before recommending it.

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