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Web Hosting for Content Management System: 4 Best Options

Do you have a project and you want t web hosting for the Content Management System? Would you like to install any of the popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop or any other? So, remember, there are hundreds or even more web hosts that provide the service, but not all of them worth it.

So, we tested the most popular and the best web hosting solutions for CMS and here we’ll show you the list.

Top web hosting services for Content Management Systems

Unlike a regular HTML web host, content management web hosting should be able to handle thousands of server requests and load. That’s because any CMS uses PHP, MySQL, and more programming languages. So, there will be excessive use of the server resources and that’s why we need a web server optimization and RAM boost. So, we only list the web hosts that have powerful RAM, enough disk space and bandwidth.

1. InMotion Hosting (best option for WordPress & PrestaShop)

InMotion is a good web hosting content management system, that can be used to build a WordPress site, Joomla or Prestashop eCommerce store. The success behind this company is not only their powerful SSD infrastructure but also, their customer support and the exclusive features. For example, instead of wasting the time with app installation for beginners especially, there is an option to choose a pre-installed CMS.

That helps with choosing and installing the preferred content management system when the customer creates his account. There are a few options to check for WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop. Of course, there are more CMS to add with the one click, installation software they offer for free.

InMotion is a recommended web hosting for all the content management systems. In addition, they offer cPanel to manage the system files, permissions and everything else. In cPanel, there is a tool called File Manager, and also FTP or DNS manager for the domain names.

web hosting content management system

For help and assistance, the customer support can solve your problems. You can contact them by phone or live chat. In addition, there is a community forum with active web hosting experts and engineers. Even more, with thousands of tutorials, questions, and answers, the user can learn everything he needs to manage specific things in his CMS.

How much does this CMS hosting cost?

Normally, the CMS hosting cost around the $4.89 per month, however, you can get lower prices with the same resources. So, the shared hosting plan costs $3.49 and that’s a great discount for users to start. All of the CMS plans include unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name.

For security, there is a daily malware scanning system. Also, the server is protected against DDoS attacks and online threats. And even more, the strong server firewall makes everything well protected and works well.

2. GoDaddy (best hosting for Joomla and eCommerce)

With its big infrastructure, GoDaddy provides a quality hosting for hundreds of open source applications and Content Management Systems. The user can add resources with a few clicks, thanks to the flexible hosting solution, GoDaddy makes everything easy to use and powerful at the same time.

Unlike other web hosts that provide Linux-based solutions, GoDaddy provides both Linux and Windows web hosting. The Windows option costs more but comes with good quality and high level of server customization.

The GoDaddy hosting for CMS has a lot to offer, that includes a free domain, professional email account and fast server that are optimized for PHP, MySQL, and all the popular programming languages.

Now, for support, GoDaddy has an award winner customer support service. The customer can contact their department by phone, live chat or emails.

Visit GoDaddy for more details

3. HostGator (great for Drupal and WordPress)

We used HostGator and we don’t like their email marketing series, however, they offer a quality hosting in the end. The web host offer cloud hosting for content management systems including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and hundreds of others.

HostGator has the best cPanel control panels you can find in the industry. With powerful add-on and tools, the company provides easy access to the website files and options. Additionally, there is a file manager and website optimize tools. All these options come with advanced domain name system management and forwarding.

The third hosting package includes a free year of SSL certificate. So, there are all the tools to have a professional website that looks good and work in total security.

Check out the HostGator plans

4. InterServer (recommended for all CMS)

This is another good cloud web hosting for CMS, with fast SSD servers and offload MySQL database host, it’s a fast hosting. Furthermore, there is a monthly payment option for those who don’ like the one-year billing cycle.

The company offers secure app cloud hosting, so, there is a large variety of CMS including the ones in the following image.

cloud CMS hosting

Like the above web hosting, InterServer offers Windows cloud hosting and also Linux hosting. The servers load faster than other standard hosts. So, there CMS will work faster and better.

The web hosting package cost $5/ month with unlimited domains to host, unlimited resources and cheap domain name registration that cost $1.99/ year. So, compared to other options, this will be affordable and reliable hosting without risking your software performance and speed.

If you like more, you can choose one of their high-level of web hosting plans. There is VPS and dedicated cloud servers with SSD storage and fast network connection.

The web host uses cPanel for easy server management, and they offer free website migration service. So, for beginners, there is no need to worry about transfers and complicated things. Just contact the customer support and ask for a migration.

We hope you found these Content Management System web hosting services helpful. Choose the one that works better with your project budget and resources that the website needs. With daily backups, everything will be saved, and even if you make a mistake, you can restore that website at any time. However, some services offer the daily backup for free, and some others require a small fee. In all the ways, we recommend having your own backup way, you can set up a daily backup to Amazon storage or Dropbox if you like.

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