DDoS protected VPS hosting providers

So, you look for a good VPS hosting with DDoS protection? And the quality, security, and speed of the server are the things that make the difference for you?

So, here, we tested the best VPS hosting services with affordable plans. We’ll list these trusted web hosts based on their protection first, and second based on other factors that every professional webmaster looks for.

Please note: We tested all the following web hosts, and we purchased one of their VPS plans with DDoS protection included.

That means, we spent months testing, verifying and comparing the options together. All that is to help you choose a good VPS that’s super fast and super secure.

1. Liquid Web

If you’re one of those who looks for the best of the best, then, choose this powerful VPS hosting with premium DDoS protection, 24/7 security protection, and monitoring system.

Unlike what you see online, Liquid Web offers more than just SSD VPS plans, they offer the best quality, the fastest servers and highest levels of protection.

These are the main features of the Liquid Web VPS plans:

  • latest SSD servers with powerful Intel processors
  • 3 wholly-owned data centers in the USA, and Europe
  • integrated firewall with super powerful configurations
  • load balancers available
  • a minimum of one Dedicated IP address
  • CDN included
  • full root access
  • Linux VPS
  • Windows VPS plans
  • 100% Network uptime
  • the latest Windows or Linux servers
  • cPanel or Plesk control panels
  • amazing customer support with expert web hosting engineers
  • premium business email available

It doesn’t matter if you like a VPS for a website, eCommerce store or even a high traffic blog, this is the kind of hosting that we tested and recommend for all.

If there is one single VPS and dedicated servers providers that we should use, it will be this one, simply.

We tried dozens of VPS hosting services, and the quality that Liquid Web offers is superior and well protected again DDoS and online threats.

ddos protected vps hosting

The VPS with Windows operating system costs $79 per month. On the other side, the Linux VPS plans starts from $59 and they come with 400 GB of SSD disk storage and full management.

2. InMotion Hosting

When it comes to price and enough server resources, these options will be the best affordable one. In Motion Hosting offers reliable and also cheap VPS plans with good protection against DDoS attacks..

They work with the best DDoS protection companies in the world to provide the highest level of security for their customers. So, you get a secure VPS server without even thinking about additional services.

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DDoS Attack Protection

The smallest plans come with 5 GB RAM ad 3 IP addresses. The other hosting plans for high traffic sites come with more resources and options. However, if your site or application need 4 GB of RAM, then, why should you pay for  8GB RAM? That way, you pay for what you use and you save money on web hosting as well.

VPS plans

Of course, no web hosting service could service without customer support, and luckily, this one has a great team of experts who help by phone or live chat.

You can also contact the support by emails and get answers, however, the phone option is better, faster and the most important contact way we recommend.

InMotion hosting has friendly customer support, and you can ask for migration or help when you need.

InMotion has data centers in the USA, and they’re based in Los Angeles, California.

3. PhontonVPS

The company offers reliable and secure hosting that cost less and offers enough resource for most projects.

This company offers Linux plans starting at $5.95 per months and that’s cheaper than most providers. On the other side, they offer Windows protected VPS plans for $10.95 a minimum plan.

For those who want to use high-performance servers, they can sign up for the plans that cost $15 per month. These plans come with up to 4 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores.

managed vps with DDoS protection

The servers include fast SSD storage, high-security protection, the choice of the data centers and managed support. These managed plans include cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows packages.

These are the best VPS providers we found with a high level of security. With up to 10 Gbps protection, you can host any website, app, and make it secure and working well.

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