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Dedicated Game Server Hosting Services: High RAM and Affordable Prices

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Want one of the best dedicated game server hosting services? You need high RAM, powerful CPU processors and enough bandwidth and resources? So, keep reading, there are many providers, but when it comes to quality, only a few dedicated server providers worth it.

Top dedicated web hosting services for games

With many options and companies, it’s not always easy to find a good, reliable web host. Things change every day and new technologies appear while others disappear. When it comes to installing a game on a fast server, things can be confusing for many, however, there are many providers that offer the best plans. So, we selected the best options to get a powerful dedicated hosting plan for gaming.

1. One and One

We tested this company for years and it worked well for websites and apps. However, they offer one of the cheapest game dedicated servers hosting plans, it starts from just $4 per month for 512 MB. At the same prices, there is another plan with 1GB RAM and one core. Even more, there are others dedicated game hosting packages with up to 8GB RAM, 4 virtual cores, and unlimited traffic.

These cheap dedicated servers come with full root access, easy management for users and powerful security. So, you can control the number of game users, the users who should leave and others who participate. Furthermore, the sophisticated server security system protects your game from attacks. Even, if you think that you’ll be a victim of a DDoS attack, there are options and add-ons to add extra levels of security and storage on FTP or any backup options you want.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Of course, there is SSL for your servers and that helps to encrypt the data between your server and the user’s computer.

The special dedicated server hosting for games allows you to add your fiend ad participate in a huge game online. In addition, with such a powerful and fast game server web hosting, you get a huge number of Slots that ranges from 25 to 1530.

For a faster game server, 1&1 offer SSD disk drives and fast network connection. All that result in a great user experience.

With this good hosting, you get all the options to host popular games like Minecraft, WOW, and others. Unlike other providers, 1&1 offers Linux or Windows servers, so, you get full root access to manage the files and everything as administrator. These secure hosting solutions come with fast customer support and well-organized data centers across the USA and Europe and with 100% network uptime.

This company provides quality Windows hosting that you can customize with Plesk or Linux-based servers with cPanel and the choice of the data centers in one of the 3 countries.

Configure your server

2. Liquid Web (fastest hosting)

This is a premium quality dedicated hosting provider with SSD servers and super fast network uptime. We recommend Liquid Web for gaming companies that need enterprise-level dedicated servers that are powerful and fully managed. So, there is no need to waste the time with complicated server configurations and problem fix. The team of engineers and technicians will do everything for the game project.

If you need affordable and reliable dedicated web servers, then, choose this popular provider. Liquid Web provides

These are some of the great features of this company:

  • Up to 64 GB server RAM
  • Windows servers
  • Linux servers
  • SSD storage
  • DDoS protection
  • No setup fees
  • Intel Xeon
  • Multicore processors
  • cPanel or Plesk
  • Prices per month or per day.
  • 100% network uptime
  • Load balancers available
  • Firewalls and more…

With such a high level of RAM and resources, any company can host the biggest games online including GTA, WOW, Counter-Strike, Minecraft and more.

If all that is not enough for your gaming project, then, we recommend the dedicated cloud servers from the same company. In this case, Liquid Web offers up to 164 GB for your cloud dedicated server and 28 virtual processor cores. These cloud game hosting solutions include VPS, CDN and a long list of premium quality tools.

3. Host1Plus

If you prefer installing your own games, and you want to save money, then, use this provider as your best web host. You can choose from Linux or Windows servers and everything will work well. There is a full game server optimizations which boost the speed and the RAM.


The dedicated game savers cost cheaper to other providers; You can choose your own resources and late you can add more RAM or disk space if you need. This is one of the best scalable hosting services you can count on.

4. Jaguarpc

It’s not always a matter of pricing and features, but also a high performance dedicated servers for gaming. With this provider, you can have a quality game hosting without wasting the time with configurations; The good performances of these dedicated servers boost your game loading time and help you to have more players. All that happens without losing features like a high level of security and the good server uptime.

5. HostGator

This one of the best web hosts for gaming and the customer can choose a basic plan with 4GB RAM or more. If the game needs powerful RAM, then, the Enterprise dedicated hosting plan includes up to 30 GB RAM, Linux or Windows OS, and unmetered bandwidth. For the server storage, you can choose HDD or SSD drives.

HostGator is a well-known provider of dedicated web hosting services, in addition, they offer support by phone and live chat. Moreover, there are lots of tutorials about managing game servers and solving the common hosting problems. These guides can help to fix hundreds of issues over time that needs hours of investigation and research.

All the dedicated gaming servers include DDoS protection, up to 5 IP addresses, Raid-1 configuration, and unlimited databases.

Why a dedicated game hosting?

Unlike the regular web hosting services, for high-definition and strategic gaming, especially, there are more options and flexibility. So, the web host should add more control options for users, game resources, and even payments. By comparing dedicated servers, we can find that the RAM and the server security are one of the main features to look for. Of course, you need to manage the game users and save the server resources and bandwidth.

So, there is a need for extra levels of security and slots management. If the game needs 20 users, then, the resources should be managed carefully to avoid the server overload. All that needs also faster Internet Connectivity and protection at the same time.

Also, remember that other game server rental services limit the resources and may not work the way you want. So, everything depends on the company’s decisions and you can avoid all that by avoiding low quality providers. Keep in mind that cheap dedicated servers should have a minimum security system and RAM. So, expect nothing as quality from very low cost plans with one dollar or so. Everything needs resources and the severe maintenance needs hours of work and money to keep the best levels.

There are some expectations for cheap servers with very low RAM, you can compare the plans and choose the one that your game needs. But always look for professional dedicated servers that are fast, secure and well protected.

These are the best options for game dedicated servers, we selected them based on quality and support. That means a good customer support to solve any problems and great servers that hundreds of Slots of traffic. Additionally, we recommend the fully managed game servers as they’re more secure and the company will avoid dealing with complicated hosting issues.

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