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Best Ecommerce web hosting providers

Ecommerce hosting is not the same as regular services for websites. E-commerce websites need extra resources and higher levels of server security.

So for those who prefer choosing their hosting solutions, we tested the top companies and we’ll show you the best recommendations.

The main problem with all the popular business web hosts is quality. Many of these providers claim different things, however, in reality, a few of them work well for business websites and online stores.

It’s not a matter of pricing, but also, server RAM, uptime, bandwidth, security and more like the customer support. So, these are the best hosting providers for online store hosting that we tried and recommend for you.

1. InMotion Hosting

This is a good eCommerce web hosting that we recommend for all the website sizes. The web host offers real server resources that can handle any traffic, especially on VPS and dedicated plans.

However, if you look for a cheap eCommerce web hosting, then, choose this one. InMotion has a cheap eCommerce hosting that cost $3.49 per month.

That’s the smallest hosting plan that comes with unlimited monthly bandwidth and a free domain name.

In addition, the web host offers fast SSD servers, so, you get the power of the new drive server storage system without paying any additional fees.

This recommended hosting offers multiple options for you. So, you can accept payments through PayPal, credit card, and even Google Wallet. Moreover, there is SSL, responsive themes and one-click installer tool for the popular eCommerce apps, that includes:

  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce

2. BigCommerce

This is the kind of the fully dedicated eCommerce web hosting system. It’s not a web host provider only, but a complete eCommerce platform with dozens of tools, exclusive features, and good customer support.

You don’t need to install any software or build any complicated pages, everything is well organized as pages.

This is the best eCommerce platform for small business, it’s a reliable, fast, affordable and combines all the functions in one place.

Instead of looking at different options and buying many tools and services, BigCommerce offers everything you need for your eCommerce website.

This company offers a free web hosting trial for your small business store for 15 days, you get the trial to test the options and see how it works. In addition, you can sell anywhere on Amazon, on Facebook, Google shopping, eBay. Moreover, you get a long list of payment processors that no other e-commerce platform offers.

The service comes with instant checkout features that are optimized for more conversions and sales. Also, the shopping cart software includes advanced features and optimized for your success.

This service offers these features:

  • DDoS protection,
  • level 1 PCI-compliant hosting
  • SSL certificated
  • secure hosting
  • professional customer support
  • reduced cost and lower fees than competitors
  • optimized mobile design
  • premium quality themes and tools

3. Liquid Web

This an exclusively powerful and fast premium web hosting. Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting, but they offer the best VPS and dedicated servers in the world.

The company own data center in the USA and they wholly own their infrastructure. So, they manage everything without the need for third-party services.

Liquid Web has a super-fast web hosting that you can’t find anywhere else. In reality, big companies use their hosting services to sell products to millions of customers worldwide.

The fast SSD servers boost the website speed and the monitoring system protects your website and cleans it from any malware. Also, there is 24/7 support team that manages everything for you.

Here an overview of the hosting features of this great company:

  • PCI Compliance Scanning
  • fully managed servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • off-site backup
  • dedicated or cloud infrastructure

Ecommerce Website Hosting

The company offers good E-commerce hosting with a shopping cart, and you can choose from these options:

  • managed VPS plans optimized for your eCommerce website
  • powerful dedicated servers that are fully managed
  • dedicated eCommerce hosting for WooCommerce

Shared eCommerce hosting

This is the cheapest eCommerce web hosting solution. Shared web hosting comes with fewer resources, but it cost less and you can use it for many applications. But keep in mind that a shared eCommerce web hosting come with problems like security, speed, and reliability.

In reality, the shared web server contains hundreds and even thousands of domains. So, these hosted websites shared the server resources and if one domain uses excessive RAM and CPU, the other website will suffer and even stop working completely.

That’s the kind of web hosting to choose for a personal website, but never for a serious eCommerce business.

Best shared web hosts

InMotion Hosting is the best options, they have optimized e-commerce hosting for all. It doesn’t need lots of investment to get started, and for a few dollars, you get a fast shared hosting that’s reliable and good.

Pros of shared hosting:

  • cost-effective
  • don’t need technical skills


  • not really secure
  • limited resources
  • not very reliable
  • there is a risk of Google blacklisting if there is one bad website hosted on the same server
  • no control over the site speed, there is one shared IP that others domains use.

VPS hosting for eCommerce

Unlike the shared hosting, a VPS eCommerce web hosting comes with dedicated resources and isolated environment. So, it’s not really a dedicated server and not a shared server.

It’s a web hosting solution in the middle of the two options. VPS gives you the power of the dedicated machine, but without paying hundreds of dollars.

We recommend a VPS eCommerce hosting for business owners who want to start new stores and websites without spending a lot of money.

The reason is that a newly built eCommerce website needs some time to bring traffic, and to make a profit. So, you need to have a good web hosting service, that’s affordable and reliable at the same time.

That’s what a Virtual Private Server is about. It gives your online store or website dedicated RAM and resources that no other website can share with it.

  • dedicated resources
  • faster than shared hosting
  • more secure
  • affordable and reliable

Cons of the VPS hosting:

  • needs technical skills if it’s not managed, so, only choose the fully managed plans.

Which business VPS hosting is better?

With so many options and providers, a few VPS web hosts offer what an eCommerce website requires. In the first place, we recommend Liquid Web, it’s that kind of VPS hosting that boosts your site speed and protects it at the same time. It’s powerful, reliable and super fast.

In the second place, we tried the InMotion HostingVPS plans, and they worked well. These web hosting solutions provide great quality, and fast servers without spending more money on other options you don’t really need.

Dedicated business hosting

This is the kind of web hosting for those who want to start big and have the fastest eCommerce websites.

A dedicated server gives your website completely dedicated resources like RAM, disk space and CPU. So, you can configure the server the way you need and even build custom applications and optimization features.

This is the kind of web hosting that the biggest eCommerce websites use. In addition, a dedicated eCommerce hosting gives your website a speed boost and also a great user experience thanks to faster page loading time.

On the other hand, remember that Google prefers fast websites. So, the Google crawler will access your web pages faster, and understand what you have as products better.

Then, you’ll have more indexed pages because you have a fast server that’s optimized for speed and crawling at once. Furthermore, expect better ranking in the Google search results because you offer faster website loading time and better user experience.

No one wants to wait a minute for a web page to be fully loaded. The fast website you have, the better ranking will be on Google.

Pros of dedicated servers:

  • fast
  • full control
  • customizable tools
  • managed by expert technicians
  • more security


  • expensive for many
  • you may have more resources than what your site needs

Which is the best-dedicated hosting?

We recommend Liquid Web, it’s the fastest web host with the most powerful servers in the world.

It’s the top level of web hosting services you can find today, and no other company offers what Liquid Web has as hardware, software, and customer support.

WordPress WooCommerce hosting

WordPress has its powerful core system that works with any project you can imagine. So, there is a powerful eCommerce solution, called WooCommerce, and it’s a system that lets you sell products and services online.

The tool comes with all the good features like statistics, sales report, new orders and so on. So, you can add any products and manage the website even better, like other small business solutions.

WooCommerce website hosting

Unlike the regular WordPress web hosting, WooCommerce hosting needs PHP optimization and extra levels of security. So, the minimum eCommerce store hosting requirements for a well-optimized and fast WooCommerce store is a VPS, and a secure payment system.

In fact, a VPS for Woocommmakes make it great for users and it will handle more traffic and requests.

Is there any good WooCommerce hosting?

Liquid Web has a dedicated web hosting solution for WooCommerce. This optimized hosting offers what a powerful WooCommerce system needs and even more, it makes it more secure and better for users.

Tips to save money when hosting online stores

With fully managed site hosting, you get the best quality, however, you can save money at the same time. If you want to start your eCommerce website, make sure to estimate your daily traffic. That can help you to choose the right hosting plan for your online store.

Keep in mind that organic traffic need months to come, so, what you need first is promoting your products on social media or using the paid advertising options.

The above business hosting companies offer free advertising credit with Google and Facebook. So, you can promote your products and get more sales.

You need to start small, and then, choose a bigger hosting plan when your eCommerce site grows. That’s the best strategy to cut the costs. So, if you just started, make sure to choose the smallest hosting package for your online store or site.

The main goal here is to choose a good eCommerce hosting plan that your website needs. You don’t need disk space and options you’ll never need.

For the hosting billing cycles, you can save money when choosing a hosting plan for one year and more. That comes automatically with discounts and special offers. However, if you want to pay per months, that’s fine, all these hosting companies offers that option.

These are the top eCommerce hosting companies we tested and recommend. They’re the best providers with outstanding support, super-fast servers, and amazing features.

You don’t need to look elsewhere to find a good web host for your online stores. Honestly, you can’t find reliable, fast and secure web host like the above solutions.

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