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Economy Blog Hosting Services with Linux and cPanel

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cPanel is the best and the easiest control panel for web server management. It’s also professional and it comes with lots of tools and options.

cPanel with Linux servers make the best combination. Indeed, Linux as a server operating system offers the security and speed. On the other side, it offers the flexibility and the good management.

Nowadays, you can find lots of hosting companies that suit your needs and budget. But when you want to best hosting plans, then, only a few companies can help with that.

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Cheap Linux cPanel web hosts

InMotion Hosting

This cheap shared hosting offers an easy database creation and management for Linux servers. Also, the hosting offers flexible domain name management. Indeed, you can add domains, subdomains, and parked domains. Also, all their hosting plans come with free SSD servers and advanced security settings.

For customer support, you can’t really find a better web hosting support like the one they offer. The customer support department offers help by phone, So, you can call the department and get a web hosting expert that listens to you and solve any problem.

At the same time, there is a customer support available through live chat and tickets. Additionally, there are hundreds of tutorials, step by step settings and a community forum.

Reliable Linux hosting

In my own experience, this is a reliable Linux hosting that makes your site faster and more secure. Unlike other providers, they offer a great 99.99% uptime guarantee. The company uses the latest server technologies with DDoS protection and premium network to make your site working better and faster.

Professional cPanel hosting

The professional plan cost $3.49 per month and that’s a 56% OFF discount. All you need to do is to visit InMotion Hosting now to get your deal and save money. For website transfer, they offer free site migration service. Just call them after creating your account and provide the customer support with your old hosting logins.

Unlike other cPanel hosting services, InMotion has the best file management interface. In reality, you can manage your website files with a few clicks. So, you can add files, delete files, copy and paste files and rename them. Furthermore, the FTP hosting feature lets you upload files with a few clicks. You can access your file manager in the control panel interface.

cpanel hosting features

With FTP, you can backup your website, manage the backup folders and download them.

For email management, InMotion offers options and tools to add email accounts. Additionally, you can forward emails, and set up the spam filter and more. The great thing is the ability to access your email through the web email interface. So, there is no need to access complicated and separate email hosting sites.

There are many other features and services that this hosting offers for Linux web servers. For example, customers get a free domain name with every new hosting account. In addition, you can protect the directories with passwords, and also, setup Cron jobs and more.

For server load and statistics, you can check the server usage directly in the control panel

If you want to host WordPress, the company has a great affordable Linux WordPress hosting plan with cPanel included for free. In fact, they WordPress plan comes with more optimizations and a pre-installed WordPress when you check the options when you sign up. Also, they offer a great auto-installer software for hunters of applications and commerce software.

No matter what hosting solutions you want to use, you can buy a VPS server, a shared hosting plan or a dedicated sear. It’s more professional and more reliable than all the other hosting providers.

InMotion Hosting is my recommended hosting for their professional services. The best package called “Power” comes with unlimited resources. Along with their shared hosting, they offer virtual private server hosting and dedicated machines.


With budget hosting plans, eHost is an economy hosting provider that. The company suits every beginners’ need.

With a professional and secure email hosting, you can host unlimited email accounts and set up the spam filter as you need. By the way, the company offers a free spam protection services for all your emails.

The shared Linux hosting package starts from only $2.75 per month. That way, you get the lowest hosting prices in the industry, but you get professional services with more disk space and bandwidth.


This company has a great infrastructure with SSD servers and friendly customer support. The shared hosting with instant activations lets you host unlimited numbers of websites with unlimited email accounts. Also, this is one of the few hosting providers that offer a free SSL certificate. That way, you make your site look professional with a fully encrypted connection.

This hosting has a privately owned data center, that means more control over your server and system optimization.

The hosting company provides lots of software and scripting tools to use. So, for developers, they can install or use the following ones:

  • SSH access
  • Curl
  • Fast CGI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CPAN
  • GD
  • Python
  • CGI
  • PHP

InterServer offers different hosting solutions for professionals, students, and even nonprofit organizations.

The standard hosting plan cost $5 per month and it comes with unlimited storage and unlimited monthly transfer. With such an economy Linux hosting, you can run a business online or write blog posts, article and build professional websites.


No matter what type of website or application, you want to host, Linux will make it secure. With cPanel, Linux is the right hosting solution for everyone. All the above sites are good and I’ve tried them, but, I highly recommend InMotion Hosting and you’ll love their services. When you need help, they will be there to assist you and help. When you need a site transfer, they will migrate your site for free. Best of all, they offer fast SSD server then all their competitors with affordable plans.

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