4 best environmentally friendly web hosts

Are you one of those who look for a web host that’s environment-friendly? And you need quality services for your blog, website or application?

So, in today’s article, we’ll show you the best green hosting services we come across and most importantly, we tested in the last couple of months.

That way, you get a clear idea of what the services provide as web hosting, server security, bandwidth and disk space with all the other features.

To make sure that all the web hosting companies in this list use green energy, we spend the time with testing and also research. If you prefer the web host that take the nature problems seriously, then, you’ll find a good service here.

1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is one of the best eco-friendly web hosts, the company uses green energy to power the data center servers. That means you can easily make your website’s carbon footprint the lowest as possible compared to other ways of starting websites.

GreeGeeks also purchase green energy credits and help green energy organization to lowe the quantity of toxic gases used to power data centers across the US and the World.

This green hosting is a U.S EPA official partner, it’s the green Power Partner certificate. In addition, GeenGeeks uses 300% of green-powered energy as they purchase 300% green energy credits of what they consume as energy in data centers.

Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

The hosting plans of this green web host start from $3.95/month. In addition, with every green hosting package, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited website transfer and also a free domain name.

For these reasons, the plan’s cost is affordable and even better, there are a free website migration and fast servers that use SSD drives with the latest PHP 7 and sophisticated programs.

2. iPage

iPage is another well known and popular nature-friendly hosting. They invest a lot of money in green energy and they offer great service at the same time.

iPage has a one hosting plan that offers what you need as website resources and security. The customer support can help you to fix any problem you may find in the future and that’s great especially for beginners.

For pricing, iPage hosting plan cost $1.99 per month, and that’s cheap compared to other web hosts. The difference with this eco-friendly website hosting service is their all-in-one tools.

In other words, everyone gets what he needs as website tools, themes, and disk space to host a site the right way.

That will reduce the cost of managing a website or a blog, and best of all, that saves a lot of energy and help reduce the fuel that data centers use.

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What we liked most about GreenGeeks is their new scalable hosting feature. This good feature lets us upgrade or downgrade the website resources anytime we need with a few clicks.

That way, in traffic spikes, for example, we can allocate more bandwidth and even RAM to the servers for faster loading time and better performance.

3. FatCow

FatCow is the third recommended environmentally friendly web hosting provider, the main plan cost $49 per year and that’s cost-effective.

Keep in mind that this web host offers a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk storage with good marketing tools and easy to use auto-installer tool.

So, there is an easy installation of blog tools like WordPress or other options like Joomla Drupal and even eCommerce apps.

FatCow helps to prevent over 1000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. That’s because of their 200% investment in eco-friendly energy of what they consume as energy.

For building your project, FatCow has software installer tool for hundreds of apps and software like Prestashop and others. In addition, there are so many programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, CGI and more.

4. HostPapa

If you have a website and you want to host it on Canada data centers, then, HostPapa is the right choice. It’s a Canadian web hosting provider that offers premium quality service and use green energy.

We also found that HostPapa is on the top list of the best user-friendly web hosts.

The easy control panel and fast customer support make it the proffered hosting for thousands of bloggers and small business website owners.

The company provides customer assistance through phone, live chat and also by tickets.

HostPapa green hosting

For quality, HostPapa is a reliable web host with free website transfer service, fast servers, and a strong security system.

All that can help you to have a secure web server that cost less and that works faster than a regular web hosting solution.

If you prefer letting the others know that you’re hosting with a 100% green energy web hosting, then use one of their pre-built banner on your site.

Why we need eco-friendly hosting?

There are thousands of web hosting companies around the world. Ad these companies have big data centers that use a huge amount of energy powered by a toxic source of fuel.

Furthermore, expectations show that in the next years, the web hosting industry will consume more energy than other industries like aviation, etc…

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So, there will be a big negative impact on nature and the way we live because of carbon dioxide’s emission.

For that reason, millions of people just like you care about nature and want to reduce the energy consumption we use the host blogs and websites.

Additionally, the need for a renewable energy web hosting is increasing each year, and expect more and more companies who use wind energy or solar energy for data centers.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have huge data centers that use renewable energy, and that’s a great example of the correct exploitation of earth resources.

So, more and more companies follow these examples and build sustainable energy sources for their businesses.

That will reduce the cost and also help prevent big problems for our green planet.

These are the best, we think using a green web hosting is the right way to show that you care about the future generations.

Keep in mind that these green web hosts offer professional services. So, choosing one of their hosting plans can help you to have a fast website loading time without thinking about issues. So, we highly recommend them.

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