8 Differences Between Paid and Free Web Hosting

Are you looking for real free versus paid web hosting? And you need answers to your questions like the advantages and disadvantages of each service and web hosting kind?

So, keep reading the full guide. We’ll show you the best things to find in each service and what you need to have a secure and fast website or blog.

Premium vs free web hosting plans

1. Pricing

Pricing, by normal standards, is pretty affordable and obvious for many website hosting services. Indeed, there are inclusive charges for maintaining servers and other related areas that need money to be invested.

So, those claiming the free website hosting services have some or the other mode of income while they offer you service. And it’s true that no business happens without the need for money on the internet as far as the business of web hosting is concerned.

Many web hosting services provide an additional kit of solutions that improve your options and also have to be paid for the extra inclusion. So you would think about how some of the web hosting providers give the services for free.

Well, there are additional sources of income such as advertising and marketing that happen on these free web hosting services.

Of course, that gets enough an appropriate source of income for these enterprising people on the internet. There are more options such as Pay per Click and more of the Adsense clause that makes the priorities easy for the users.

2. Quality of the service

Since the two modes of service for web hosting are successful on an enterprising level, there have indeed been many speculations on the quality of the services.

However, the more authentic paid services score a little higher than the free web hosting services.

The reason for the excellence of such hosting services is the inclusion of extra services and efforts in paid web hosting services.

In many of the premium web hosting services, they have included the latest technologies like WordPress, Joomla, and additional security services that enhance the quality of such hosting service that is paid.

The same cannot be claimed on the many other services that are free though some of the free services are pretty worthy and better.

3. Reliability

Although the functional reception of the paid and free hosting service is prime, there is a factor that misses out when it comes to the reliability aspect of the web hosting service that is free.

Many of the services that are available on the internet as a free option does not come with a guarantee and hence you can never really judge when your website could go missing.

There are few websites such as Weebly that come with certain aspects that do prove the options reliable.

Here is an example of downtime for one of the most popular companies:

Free Web Hosting VS Paid Web Hosting

WordPress is the other platform that offers remarkable quality and reliability but does come with a lot of illustrious efforts, that need to be put in developing a site on WordPress.

It has to be noted that many of the free hosting services aren’t really free and come with many options for an upgrade that needs to be paid for.

4. Technological advancements

Free Web hosting services come with limited options and offers that are only productive in a limited sense. The paid services do come with a lot of technological inputs, integrated and make the efforts more technologically prime and sustainable.

Even migration options for your data and the other options are better illustrated on premium web hosting services.

The more responsible aspect of opting for a paid service on web hosting is that you have reliability and a source that you can look forward in case some of the things mess up on your website.

On the other hand, if you opt for a free service, there is less possibility of gaining any genuine aid howsoever in many of the cases, with the exception of very few of the choices and options in free hosting services.

5. Better options

Even though many of the web hosting services claim to give better options in appeal, security, and the other tools, seldom of these claims are actually met through the many options in free hosting.

Many of the premium hosting options come at inexpensive prices and have many options made available as a default option in the starter pack.

There are a few exceptions in the free web hosting services, that provide good support and services made available within the services, but are very few and have a lesser probability if you are on a naïve search on the internet.

Refining through local and regional hosting services could be one of the ways; you could try your luck in finding a better free web hosting service, but never a complete solution.

Now, if your website means business, it is best to rely on the paid hosting services as there is more authenticity to the options and solutions on the services being availed.

6. The truth of disk space

Many of the free web hosting companies out there on the internet are namesake and are generally intended to make customers attracted to the services.

So many of the options you find on these options of so-called free hosting plans are minimal that do not provide a productive utility if the web page has to utilize in a resourceful manner.

To worsen the prospects, in many of the cases, the memory allocated is too low to even accommodate a portfolio. The same thing applies to the disk space and all the monthly bandwidth.

So it is rather left on the individual choices if free hosting solutions have to be preferred over the paid services. But recently many of these websites that are more of hoax and bogus are being busted pretty early, before even capitalizing on the internet.

Thus, if you have serious stuff up there on your web page, it is always advised to rely on premium hosting services that are authenticated and genuine.

7. Incompatibility as you migrate

Convincingly you might spend a lot of time perfecting the looks on your page to suit the aesthetics and needs. And it would be horrendous if you had to repeat all the efforts again in case something goes wrong with your hosting service provider.

It is quite a known fact that a free web hosting service, does not last for a long time and your time on the hosting server could provide you with discomfort. But what happens when none of your data can be migrated to another platform?

The only solution out is to rebuild and repeat all the processes that could prove tedious and foolish.

The better option with the paid services comes in handy when it comes to such migration needs and issues.

The inclusive technologies and the other stuff that you keep putting in on a website have provisions to migrate as and when you need along with the domain. Here is the best premium hosting that offers a free website migration service.

8. More professionalism

The professionalism goes on and with the quality and reliability of services. Many of the websites that are free come with nasty web addresses that feel odd and strange as compared to the normal domain names in contrast to subdomains that look weird and fabricated.

Professional services on websites and blogs, it relates to the aesthetic and functional options included in the web page, such as templates, style sheets, and more are the few attributes that really matter in modern website design and programming.

Paid web hosting is professional

Though there are more attributes on the Web page that are portrayed only through premium web hosting, many of the hosting services that are free only provide the introductory option of the services. Hence, these complicate the issues on the functional use of WebPages on a larger scale.

The choice between the paid and free site hosting plans is left for the individual choices that indirectly depend on the utility intended of the web pages.

The known fact remains that free web hosting services are less reliable than those of paid services with few exceptions that are bound with certain paid options.

In recent times, the paid options are slashed prices, and pretty easy to access these services. So, it is always a better option to rely on the authorities aspects that an unclaimed free hosting service offers on the internet.

If you really want good quality hosting with professional customer support, then, choose HostGator. There is no need to worry about limitations and server problems.

It’s better than all the popular shared hosting services and of course, you can’t compare it with low-quality hosts that cause more harm than benefits.

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