How Much Does it Cost to Host a Website?

How much does it cost for a website hosting? You don’t know which price is right for your blog? And you found lots of services with different options, and you need a good choice? So, here is all that you need to know about web hosting cost.

The average cost to host a website

We hosted different websites on many servers and the shared hosting is the cheapest solution. So, if you want to start a website for the first time, then, choose a shared hosting service. The average website hosting plan costs $5 per month. Remember that many companies have 12-month billing options at least. So, that’s one payment for the full year.

With special web hosting discounts, you can get up to 57% OFF the regular cost. Take a look at this great deal, you’ll save more and the web hosting package will be reduced to $3.49 per month.

Yearly web hosting cost

Choosing a yearly web hosting plan will save a lot of money especially for beginners. The shared web hosting cost less, bet, you can save money with a one year plan or more. The majority of services offers good discounts for 12 months and more billing options. So, take that into consideration if you’re planning to stats a blog, a website or an eCommerce store.

How much does web hosting cost per year?

A good yearly hosting cost $5 per month, and that’s a $60 at least per year. That’s a yearly web hosting plan that includes a free domain, free setup and daily backups with auto installer software and cPanel.

Web hosting cost per month

Monthly web hosting cost more, and it’s clear that there are some additional fees especially for the first subscription. So, on average, the monthly web hosting pan cost around $9, and in one case, it will cost just $5 with InterServer. It’s a great web hosting provider with fast servers, good support and lots of features including cPanel and more.

The price of short-term hosting is higher, so, to avoid that and get discounts, we recommend choosing a hosting plan for one year at least.

WordPress hosting cost

WordPress hosting is a little bit different in resources and features. That’s because the software uses a lot of PHP and MySQL operations and the server will execute thousands of calculations in a few seconds. So, if we talk about regular shared hosting, that can be somehow a solution, but not the ideal environment for WordPress.

For that reason, there is a need for dedicated resources just for WordPress. Next, the web hosting company should optimize the server for better caching and fast database drives.

In our tests, companies that use SSD for database storage and WordPress are faster and better. So, if you really care about speed, performance, and security, then, choose a good SSD hosting. The average web hosting cost for WordPress is around $7.

However, if the website is for professional use like eCommerce, then, only a VPS hosting is recommended.

The cost of a WordPress VPS hosting costs $30 per month. That includes the full management service, security upgrades, and daily malware scanning. Furthermore, a fully managed web hosting service like WP Engine will take care of all your plugins, themes, and the WordPress code issues and fix them. All that comes with live chat support and of course a phone number to get help in real-time.

In other cases, WordPress hosting cost higher for extra features and 100% uptime guaranteed. The cost can be $60 or more depending on the server RAM and resources.

Linux vs Windows: Which hosting is cheaper?

Because Linux is open-source software, it’s free to use, however, Windows is a product of Microsoft. So, Linux is the cheapest hosting thanks to its open-source operating system. In addition, Linux is better known for its higher levels of security.

On the other side, Windows hosting is recommended only for applications that use Windows programming languages. Windows can handle millions of users for a website, so, it’s a high level of web server configuration that’s recommended for enterprises.

So, how much the prices are different?

From our experience, Windows web hosting costs 40% more than the equivalent server resources on Linux. So, keep that in mind when choosing a web hosting plan.

What about the domain name cost?

If you chose the right web hosting provider, you’ll get the domain for free. However, we recommend registering your own domain separately with another company.

There are many cases where the blogger wanted to move a website and found problems in moving the domain names. So, when you host the register the website domain name with a different provider, you’ll be totally independent. So, you can move your website when you want and you just need to update the nameservers or the IP address.

To have the best services, we recommend the biggest domain name registrar called GoDaddy. We have used their service for years and never found a problem. Three a DNS management tool with lots of options, add-ons, and great services. In addition, there is fast customer support.

Your website hosting cost may depend on the resources

No matter if you choose a cheap or an expensive web hosting service, if the servers struggle with bandwidth, it’s not the best scenario. For a high traffic website, the cost depends on the disk space usage, the bandwidth needed, the RAM, and also other options like the SSL. The more RAM a VPS or a dedicated server has, the more money you’ll pay.

Now, it’s time to find out how much disk space and bandwidth your website needs. We’ve created a dedicated article for that with all the information that everyone needs.

We hope this guide helped you to find the right cost for your website hosting. Web hosting services offer different options and management tools, but remember that when you pick the right plan, you’ll save money.

For example, if you don’t need the installation, why should you pay for that, use Google search and you’ll find how to do  anything in your web hosting account or website software.

There are millions of tutorials, and questions with answers to follow and customize everything g you need. Also, make sure to read the extra service before checking them when you signup, you can lower the web hosting cost by avoiding the services you don’t need.

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