How Much Traffic can GoDaddy Hosting Handle?

Want to start or move your site to GoDaddy? Then, you may have doubts about the real traffic limit that  GoDaddy hosting can handle, and even more, you’ll need to learn the impact of visits on site uptime and speed.

Here, we’ll talk about the number of visits and limitations with this popular web host and the things that you should keep in mind before buying any web hosting plan.

GoDaddy hosting and traffic limits

If you choose a shared web hosting from GoDaddy, then, remember that your website shares the same RAM, CPU, and connection with hundreds of other domains.

That means the web server can’t exceed the technical limitation no matter if your site gets little or lots of traffic. Everything depends on the number of sites that servers host, how these sites work, their visitors, server load, etc…

Now, think about this, GoDaddy hosts hundreds of sites per server as other web hosts do. So, if these sites share the same IP and consume the same RAM and CPU, then there will be a number of visits that the servers can’t exceed.

With GoDaddy shared hosting, you can host a website with a few hundreds of visits per day, and even with that little traffic, your site will struggle with loading time and server response time.

So, let’s say 500 to 800 visitors per day is not a problem with GoDaddy if you have a WordPress website that uses a regular theme. However, if you exceed the 1000 visits per day, then, expect serious loading time problems and a bad user experience because of the fact that you’re using a shared server in the end.

The server response time will not be the same and also the speed because other domains are using them in parallel with your site.

In other words, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to host a site with one thousand visits per day, but only if all the other sites have little or no traffic in the best scenarios, which is not the case.

Also, there is no real way to determine how much GoDaddy or any web host can handle as traffic as it depends on your site coding and quality of optimization.

If you have an HTML5 site that’s well optimized for speed and uses little images, then, you can get 5000 visits per day without a problem, but frankly, that’s not easy and if someone has the resources to build such a super fast site, then, he’ll think about a dedicated server instead.

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Each file download and server request affects the site response time and reduces your site bandwidth usage. So, for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and others, a thousand visits per day

From what we used and tested, GoDaddy similar web hosts talk about unlimited bandwidth, unmetered resources, etc. But when it comes to truth, it’s a machine in the end that has limitations.

Don’t expect to have a web host that’s cheap and share that allows you more than 25 simultaneous visits without issues. And even if you get that traffic limit, you’ll get alerts informing you to upgrade your account to a VPS or a dedicated server.

So, to have a clear overview of the traffic that GoDaddy can support, let’s organize them by the type of web hosting account as the following.

The traffic limit for shared accounts

For shared hosting: GoDaddy can handle 3000 visitors if your site is well-coded and clean. For regular blogs and sites, 1000 visitors per day should be good for your site loading time.

GoDaddy can handle more, but what if your site starts loading in 30 seconds? You see, it’s not about traffic limits only, but also a matter of page loading time.

In addition, for hosting a static website, the traffic limit can go higher especially with lightweight page sizes. If your site content is text only, everything will be better for the server and it can support more traffic than usual.

Maximum traffic a VPS plan can support

For VPS plans, the traffic limit depends on the RAM, and other factors, so, the first plan can handle up to 1000 visits per day, while the last plan can support 20000 or even 35000 thousand.

Dedicated servers

When it comes to dedicated servers, the traffic limit technically is much higher, and 40.000 or 60.000 daily visits is easy to achieve without slowing down the site loading time.

In other words, if you expect thousands of visits per day and your site sells services or products, then, it’s better to choose a dedicated plan instead of VPS. Think about SSL, site speed, and server security at the same time. If you neglect any of these factors, your site can have serious problems, especially for eCommerce.

Our recommendation

The traffic handling and site speed go proportionally, so, if you exceed the number of visits or the monthly bandwidth, your site will not be fast and even it can be offline with GoDaddy.

On the other hand, there are other web hosts that offer more bandwidth and visits with faster servers and optimized infrastructure.

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For shared hosting that’s cheap and friendly, HostGator is the best option. On the other hand, for high traffic hosting, Liquid Web is the best web host.

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