iPage vs. Bluehost

iPage vs Bluehost: Shared, VPS, WordPress and Dedicated Comparison

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Want a real iPage and Bluehost comparison?

So, read this article, we’ll show you the truth and the features of these popular companies and what really works. These are popular web hosts and there are big differences that can change the way you decide which hosting is better for your blog or site.

Shared hosting comparison

Before starting, we’d like to tell you that Bluehost and also iPage are owned by the same parent company. They started their hosting businesses in the last decades and attracted thousands of blogs especially on WordPress.

The two web hosts have data centers in the US, and they work with quality sever sellers to build a strong infrastructure that works well. However, Bluehost suffered a lot in terms of downtime, and that can cause by different factors in the last years. So, these are shared web hosts and you should never expect a fantastic hosting with super fast servers. However, I recommend both companies for WordPress blogs and startups.

Comparison table

FeaturesiPageBluehost basicBluehost plus
Disk spaceUnlimited50 GBUnmetered
12 months price$2.99$5.95$6.95
2 years price$2.49$4.95$5.95
3 years price$1.99$3.95$4.95
Visit iPageVisit BluehostVisit Bluehost

Now, let’s find the difference between iPage hosting and Bluehost by looking at the main factors that website owners and bloggers are looking for.

WordPress hosting

Technically speaking, there is no real and big difference between iPage and Bluehost for WordPress. The two companies owned by the same group uses web servers with nearly the same configurations. The only point that may be different is the control panel and that’s not a big thing in today’s world of hosting.

It was true that Bluehost uses SSD drives, and t worked well in the last years. But now, with thousands of customers, the servers become slower than what we expect from a big company.

Web hosting tools

Now, let’s have a look at the web building tools to find which one wins. iPage offers lots of tools to manage your website and make things professional. That includes the file managed tool and the known domain management options like DNS, forwarding and also the email setup. In addition, here is the FTP section that lets you create a new user and generate a new password for it. That way, you can use any FTP software like FileZilla or Cyberduck to download and upload files.

iPage vs Bluehost

On the other side, Bluehost offers a much easier control panel. In reality, it’s a customized cPanel that looks a little different from the default one used by other companies. Here is how the Bluehost cPanel looks like:

Bluehost cPanel demo

As you can see, a beautiful interface with well-organized tools and account options. You can hide some features if you like, or if you can’t find the tools you’re looking for, make sure to open the related section, as it can be closed by default.

So, if you prefer more options and tools then, choose Bluehost as they have better account interface and easier management. However, if you don’t mind about design, both companies can work well for you.

Prices compared

How much does iPage cost?

If you prefer focusing on pricing first, then, it’s clear that iPage is cheaper compared to Bluehost. For example, the cheap yearly hosting plan cost $35.88 and that’s great for bloggers and small businesses. Furthermore, the longer billing cycle that’s the 3 years will save you a lot of money on web hosting. And you can pay just $1.99 per month.

iPage yearly plan

One of the iPage cons that I don’t like is their pre-checked add-ons in the checkout page. You’ll find the extra option like site backup and domain privacy checked and that will add more money to the total cost. So, make sure to uncheck these options and instead of purchasing a domain from iPage. I recommend getting your own domain from GoDaddy for less.

How much does Bluehost cost?

Please be aware that Bluehost prices are not the same also, they depend on the billing cycle you choose and also on promotional periods. The basic plan cost $5.95 for the annual payment and that’s’ different from what you see as lower prices that only exists for the 60 months billing at once.

So, in total, Bluehost will cost you $71.40 after excluding all the add-ons that they suggest ane checked by default. You don’t need these add-ons and the only things that you can choose the domain privacy if you really want it. For backup, you can install a plugin that does the same job and even better.

Bluehost prices

Web Server limitations

Bluehost and iPage offer unlimited hosting on bandwidth, but with different on disk space allowed for the cheapest plan. In addition, Bluehost has a restriction on the number of stalls, the number of domains a,d even the email accounts. For their other pans, there are no restrictions and both web hosts work the same.

So, the Bluehost basic plan is the main difference between these companies. For the other packages, everything is nearly the same and you get an unlimited shared hosting in the end.

Differences in renewal prices

This is one of the few things that many will neglect, the web hosting companies have promotional offers and when you signup. The prices reflect the first year or billing period only. So, when you renew the hosting package, you’ll pay higher, for example, both iPage as Bluehost will charge $7.99 per month the next years. In this case, it’s recommended to use the promotion offers as long as you can by choosing a long-term plan of 2 years or more.

Custom support

The hosting customer assistance is vital for bloggers and especially the beginners when they need help. They should get it and that’s what a professional hosting should offer. In my own experience, (it may be different for other cases) I found Bluehost phone support a lot busy when need it many times, and not that good as expected in terms of assistance and clarifications. However, Bluehost still a good hosting with other support options like live chat and emails.

For iPage, I tried them once for a small site and they helped instantly in fixing a caching problem happened with a plugin that didn’t work well on their servers because if its code.

Monthly bandwidth

Bluehost used unmetered bandwidth in the last years to promote their services. But later, they decided to use unmetered instead as that means, they don’t measure the monthly bandwidth, but it’s not unlimited the way that anyone can overuse the severe usage.

For iPage, they also have unmetered shared hosting plans. In addition, they have a scalable bandwidth. So, when your site becomes popular and receives thousands of visits, they can add more bandwidth to your account and move it to a VPS.

Disk space

iPage doesn’t measure how much disk space your website uses. So, there are no worries about that. However, if you are one of the 0.5% of the people who overuse the server’s resources with a huge number of files, then, you’ll need a VPS at least. The same thing applies to Bluehost but with a small difference, the shared hosting packages “basic” comes with 50 GB of disk storage when iPage have unmetered disk space on all plans.

Money back guarantee of both web hosts

When it comes to using a web host for the first time, everything can be unclear for many no matter what sites they want to build. So, trying the hosting for some time is one of the best ways to decide whether or not to continue with a company. Bluehost and iPage have 30 days money back guarantee policy, so, anyone can signup and use their service for 30 Days, if he’s not happy, he will get the money back.

VPS Hosting comparison

Bluehost is a recommended VPS provider for your blog. However, the expensive prices can be an issue for many with limited budgets. So, iPage comes with cheaper plans in this type of hosting with good quality servers hardware and strong security and protection levels.

iPage VPS are limited compared to Bluehost, with limited bandwidth and RAM between 1 and 4 gigabytes, it’s not that high level of resources for VPS. However, it’s a great deal with a cheap plan that starts from $10 as a promotional offer and $24$ regularly.

Bluehost VPS comes with unlimited bandwidth and 2-4 cores with 2-8 GB of RAM and also a great 30-120 GB of SSD storage. Without a surprise, these VPS plans are not cheap, they start from $19 to $59 as promotions and go up to $119 per month for regular monthly billing web hosting.

For those who need easy VPS without worrying about configurations and complicated things, iPage is your best deal.

Dedicated hosting compared

iPage is well known for their shared hosting plans, however, they have good quality dedicated servers. But surprisingly, it’s expensive compared to Bluehost. For example, iPage versus Bluehost for dedicated servers RAM is the same, however, Bluehost costs $119 and iPage cost $239.

Bluehost has a great infrastructure with enterprise level dedicated servers with RAID storage and instant provisioning. In addition, there is a root access to manage your servers professionally and customize it as you like.

Comparing the dedicated hosting features and specifications, Bluehost is more reliable than iPage and that’s for many reasons. The Bluehost combination of server hardware and resources with affordable pricing is an attractive choice for many.

The balance between the cost and the resources.

We all want the best hosting for our blogs and projects. But, when it comes to resources and the spending on each plan, it will be better to choose iPage over Bluehost. Here is the reason, Bluehost is a good hosting, however, they have limited resources on every plan and that cost more than what expected. Thus, iPage with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains to host with cheaper prices will be a cost-effective hosting choice.

The winner web host

After reviewing each one of these well-known web hosts, it’s clear that the price and the resources are the biggest differences here. So, if you’re looking for a cheap shared hosting, then I recommend iPage as they have the tools that every blogger needs at once.

On the other hand, Bluehost is better in speed and features. But that comes with limited server resources and even expensive prices. And if you can pay that money, and you don’t worry about limitations, then use Bluehost and everything will be fine.

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      Both, iPage and Bluehost are no longer offering monthly hosting, so, if you only need that option, then, read this article for more details and good web hosts.

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