4 best managed VPS hosting service providers

There are many managed VPS hosting services with good features and affordable pricing, however, in reality, the truth is different a little bit.

That’s because some web hosts provide faster servers while others offer slow CPU processors with known issues that happen frequently.

So, if you’d to have the best fully managed hosting plan, then, don’t waste your time with comparisons. We’ve tried and tested dozens of the top solutions and we’ll show you the best of them. They have good customer support, fast and secure servers, and more.

1. Liquid Web

A good and reliable virtual private server hosting provider like this one should be your first choice. Liquid Web has fast servers and in our tests, it’s the fastest VPS hosting service on the web.

In reality, the fast SSD servers that the company offers, with the latest Intel processors and the advanced caching system are impressive.

This VPS provider that’s fully managed lets you choose Linux or Windows for your server operating system. In addition, the scalable resources let you add more disk space, CPU or RAM to your website or app the moment they need them.

The plans include powerful features that no other company offers. So, the web host offers DDoS protection for your VPS plan, and you don’t need to worry about attacks or online threats.

Also, the web host provides integrated firewall and the most sophisticated system security tools in the industry.

Managed VPS Hosting

The hosting plans come with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, and you can get up to 8 GB of VPS RAM. You get also a free dedicated IP address and you can add up to 7 IP addresses and each one will cost $1/month each.

The plans come with cPanel for Linux VPS, and Plesk for Windows managed VPS plans.

Now, for limitations, there is no limit on the number of sites you can host on your VPS. Furthermore, you get a CDN integrated without paying for extra services like many other companies.

There is full Root access, so, you can access your servers anytime you want or work with your team who does the hard configurations or modification if you need them.

As this is a powerful cloud hosting, we recommend it for the professional sites and projects including:

  • great for high traffic website and blogs
  • best host for eCommerce websites and online stores
  • super secure WooCommerce hosting
  • the right host for developers
  • number one hosting for business websites

Liquid Web is one of the best web hosting services in the USA. They have customer support that won lots of awards, and it’s hard to find their quality services with any other hosting.

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We chose them for one of our sites and it worked well. Liquid Web’s managed web hosting plans cost less in the long terms if you think about maintenance, security, and security. In addition, they’re the most reliable hosting with 100% uptime and wholly-owned data centers.

The prices of managed VPS packages start from $59 per month for Linux and $79/month for a Windows VPS package. Of course, the pricing depends on the resources and what you add like the extra services you need.

2. GoDaddy

This is the second recommend web hosting service we recommend. GoDaddy is a popular web host with a long list of services and small business add-ons. So, it’s a great place to start with for a business website.

The web hosting plans come with 3 dedicated IP, cPanel control panel for Linux and Plesk control panel for Windows VPS plans.

In addition, there is a free SSL certificate for one year, and also the servers will be ready in minutes. So, forget those providers with longtime server provisioning

Of course, no small business website or online store should work without a daily backup. This managed web host provides good security first, and seconds, it offers backups and instant restoring tool for your website files.

3. InMotion Hosting

This is a good web hosting with SSD server storage and data centers based in California and Washington. DC. That way, you have the choice to host your website or app in the best location your traffic comes from.

Thus, that accelerates the site and make it faster and also that will help the VPS to handle more traffic.

InMotion Hosting provides Linux only managed VPS plans, and you get unlocked CPU processor power. So, there is no need to waste the time adding more CPU resources like other web hosts.

The is an instant live-state snapshot. So, any webmaster can take a real-time backup of the website and save it.

Another great feature with this affordable VPS provider, it’s their 24-36 hour backup completely for free. So, there is no need to worry about backups as the system has that already.

 managed VPS hosting features

The Virtual Private Server plans start from $29.99 a month, and that includes 4 GB of RAM and eCommerce optimization.

fast reliable VPS hosting

4. Jaguarpc

If you’re looking for a cheap, but reliable and secure managed site hosting plan, then choose this company. Jaguarpc is a registered web host with data centers in Atlanta, Dallas, and New York.

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The web host provides inexpensive VPS solutions with a minimum of 4 GB RAM 2 CPU cores at least.

If you need more hosting resources, you have to choose their VPS-Enterprise package come with 12 accelerated server RAM, 8 CPU core and 120 GB Of SSD storage.

All the plans include cPanel and there is a choice between Windows or Linux of course. The company has great customer support you can contact and get help anytime you need. Moreover, the web host offers a free migration and over 450 apps to install.

Managed Cloud VPS

These are the best hosting companies with managed VPS services, superior quality, and professional features. If you tried one of these companies, we’ll be happy to read your feedback or review.

Make sure you use the contact page to let us know about the company. Then, we’ll try to host a website on their VPS plans and if it worked well, we’ll add it the list of the best VPS web hosts we tried.

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