Do you need the SG site scanner?

SiteGround is one of the web hosting companies that lots of people recommend, however, there are many things that you don’t even know about. And do you really need that SG Site Scanner? Is it worth it, or you’ll just waste your money with a low-quality web hosting services as all the others?

Quick notes about SiteGround

The surprising thing about SiteGround is that there are many fake web hosting reviews on popular websites.

We don’t know who is behind these reviews, is it the website owner himself to encourage more reviews, or the company itself. But in all the cases, we don’t trust any review made by someone who knows nothing about web hosting and who never tried the service before.

We hosted once with SiteGround in the last year and found it as all the shared web hosting companies full of risks. There is no ideal security as many bloggers talk about, they just work with them to bring more customers and make commissions. But the truth is not that “ideal” web hosting company.

In fact, SiteGround is located in Bulgaria, Europe and unfortunately, it’s not a US-based company. Everyone can rent web servers in data centers across the globe. So, they also rent servers. You can read more on their Wikipedia page for other details.

Now, in terms of reviews, a few sites can help you to find the truth, read the Yelp reviews of SiteGround. Of course, if you read reviews on so-called hosting advice sites, you’ll find them all good, faked, and you’re the only one who can waste his money in the end.

So, carefully read the reviews and compare things together, but keep in mind that they recommend the company just to make a profit from your SignUp.

We understand that good reviews need resources to maintain the site and work more on other guides (we do reviews also, but we only recommend what really work and it’s good for all) however, when these reviews are full of spam, wrong claiming and more, then, it’s not trustworthy.

Now, let’s talk about website security, SiteGround offer similar service to the Bluehost SiteLock Security extra and also the iPage Security Suite that works the same.

Beginners found these extra services useful and sign up with them, and others neglect them completely and install a free WordPress plugin like Wordfence which is free.

So, what’s their SG Site Scanner?

As any web hosting provider, SiteGround work with other services to resell their plans and also help users to protect their sites. But wait, why should you use a malware scanning and cleaning service from the third-party provider who is Sucuri when you use the so-called “secure hosting”?

It’s simply because what they say as protection, isolation, etc… Is just marketing and when it comes to shared web hosting, it’s not safe to use all the way. There is always a risk of being another victim of malware or virus attack on servers or other domains.

In reality, the Sucuri malware protection company provides daily scanning and protection for websites. But also, they clan the sites if they find malware and hidden codes on them. However, why should an established company offer someone else service when they can protect their infrastructure themselves?

That’s what makes the difference between very good, and bad web hosting company these days. If you want to host with SiteGround, then definitely, you’ll need the SG Site Scanner from Sucuri, but wait, you should get it for free. So, it could be better if SiteGround charges you nothing to protect your site. And if you look at the fact from this angle, you’ll find this:

The SG Site Scanner should be free, and if you pay for it, then why not using a super-secure web hosting provider like Liquid Web or WP Engine. Both companies have in-house security systems and 24/ servers scanning and cleaning that happens automatically.

Liquid Web is a US-based web hosting company, and unlike SiteGround, they have server-level security suites, advanced server monitoring, and the best enterprise-level hardware and software. You can count on their services, customer support and have the safest environment to host your website or blog. They don’t offer shared hosting, instead, they focus on premium quality web hosting with VPS and dedicated servers.

In addition, Liquid Web offers fully managed WordPress hosting which is faster than SiteGround and alternative services. So, why should you pay for the SiteGround SG site scanner when you can get complete website protection for free and have the best services with US-based data centers?

Fathi Arfaoui
MyBlogHosting writers are experts on web hosting, WordPress, and server optimizations with years of experience in solving web host problems, reviewing companies and helping bloggers, business owners, and webmasters to choose a good reliable and secure hosting service: team led by Fathi Arfaoui.
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