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Best $1 Web Hosting Plans for a Blog or Site

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With so many providers and companies, it’s not clear whether or not a 1 dollar hosting plan worth it or not. But from what we tested and used, there are a few options that you can trust and use for the first year and get a good $1 web hosting plan to start a blog or any other type of website and save money.

So, this is a promotional offer to host a blog for one year at cheap, and the second year, the renewal cost will be higher than what you paid for, however, some web hosts for one month trial, that recommends if you really want to get the best options and services, don’t just look for very low prices, but think about the quality in the first place.

Best web hosting plan for $1 or less

  1. HostGator: Best option to try web hosting for one month and get a professional web hosting
  2. Hostinger: Best cheap hosting for long billing cycles (48 months)
  3. NameCheap: Best web host for small blogs with no or little traffic
  4. Godaddy: Best $1 site hosting for small businesses
  5. InterServer: Good option to try hosting a blog

One dollar hosting plans

1. HostGator ($0.01 web hosting trial)

The one penny hosting discount that HostGator offer should work well to test how web hosting work, and get a professional service for one month. Unlike other web hosts, HostGator is on the top list of the largest hosting providers, so, there are a lot of services and packages to choose from and build any kind of website.

There is a professional cPanel hosting, free domain registration when choosing the one-year billing, and even free SSL from Comodo. If you prefer starting a website using a drag and drop site builder tool, then, there the right cloud-hosted software for that. The HostGator site builder works faster than all the popular tools you find including Wix and others.

HostGator's one penny hosting discount

If you need a good option, then, try HostGator for $0.01 and see how it works. They have cPanel, Softaculous auto-installer software, domain name manager, email forward tools and more. This provider hosting lets you pay web hosting month to month or per year, so, you have the choice to avoid surprising costs that other companies make.

2. NameCheap $1 hosting

NameCheap offers a $1.44 web hosting plan called Stellar and it allows the user to host up to 3 sites with unmetered bandwidth and a 20 GB of SSD disk storage. That’s not only for a static website hosting but also for blogs, WordPress and all the know CMS. Moreover, there is a free premium SSL certificate from Comodo that costs normally $79 if you buy it from them, but NameCheap offers it for free for one year, and the SSL renewal cost will be just $8.88 and not $79. That’s not a great 50% OFF saving on web hosting?

For those who don’t know who NameCheap is, here are some features about the web host and domain registrar:

  • One of the largest web hosting and domain name registration companies in the world.
  • Friendly customer support, try their live chat option, and you’ll get good support anytime 24/7
  • Amazing web hosting discounts
  • Free domain with every hosting plan billed yearly
  • Free SSL certificate that others pay for it normally (it’s not the Let’s Encrypt SSL)
  • cPanel control panel
  • An advanced domain name manager
  • Free Whois privacy protection for domain names (others charge for it)
  • You can try their business email address for free or get one for just $12 a year
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3. GoDaddy $1 hosting

GoDaddy is a US-based company that provides $1/month web hosting with a free domain name. So, you need to select the 12-month billing term and register the domain for free when you create your account.

Keep in mind that the domain is free for the first year only. The domain registration should be equal to the hosting trial period of 12 months.


What’s even better is that GoDaddy offers free nightly backups, SFTP,  optimized servers, and good support. To get this cheap WordPress hosting plan, you don’t have to use any promo code, just visit the GoDaddy special page now and save hundreds of dollars for the first year.

The $1 cPanel hosting includes staging sites for WordPress, automated migrations, and pre-built sites with drag and drop site builder. So, you can edit the design layouts and change things the way you want.

When you select the GoDaddy $1 hosting plan, you’ll be charged $12 for one-year billing at once. Then, the renewal cost will be $8.99/month. So, remember that GoDaddy is great, but as Bluehost, the hosting renewal cost is expensive.

Now, here is an overview of what the web host offers this plan for bloggers:

  • Free domain registration
  • Low-cost hosting plans for the first year
  • Malware scanning and removal that happens automatically
  • Secure and SSD WordPress
  • WordPress installed
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • Multiple WordPress site management dashboard

4. Hostinger

Hostinger has one of the cheapest plans for WordPress hosting, it costs just $0.8/month for 3 months. So, if you look for an easy and affordable web host for a three months trial, then, choose this company and save money.

The domain name is free with yearly payment only. However, the 3 months hosting plan includes easy website builder, one email account, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a powerful custom control panel.

Hostinger $1 hosting plan

This host accepts Bitcoin payments with regular payment options. For resources, their WordPress plan includes support and 100 GB bandwidth. But unfortunately, there are no free SSL or daily backups with this hosting plan. So, if you need these features, you have to choose the other upgrades.

5. InterServer

InterServer is a popular web hosting provider with fast customer support and lots of options for website owners and even small business websites. For pricing, the cheapest hosting plan stats normally at $5 per month, however, there is a trial for one penny the first 30 days. Moreover, the domain name cost is just $1 and that’s super cheap.

There is a great addition, to this hosting for free, it’s the wildcard SSL certificate, it works for all yo domain pages without the need to purchase additional certificates. You can choose this web host for a small blog, it works well without issues. In addition, it’s not easy to get web hosting under $1 these days, so, try their hosting for one year, and then see if you want to renew or not.

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Best $1 hosting for WordPress

I don’t think that hosting a WordPress site at $1 a month comes with all the good features and the speed that the site needs. Many web hosts offer WordPress hosting for $1 per month or less, however, not all of them work, the only exception is to try HostGator for one month at one penny, and then, renew the hosting plan for monthly or yearly payments. It’s what offers security and reliability for WordPress, and frankly, there is no web host that can host a WordPress site and make work fast at under one dollar per month.

Cons of using 1 dollar hosting

There is no perfect web host, so, there are pros and also cons of any provider. So, if you don’t want to use a company for any reason, then, choose any of these trial WordPress hosting services we tried and found secure, fast and reliable. There is no need to waste your money on a cheap hosting package when the quality of the service is lower than what you expect.

If there is a web hosting plan under $1, then, think twice before you sign up, it can work for a small static website that does not need PHP, MySQL or lots of disk space. Hosting a static website can cost a few dollars a month, so, imagine that you want to add lots of server RAM, PHP, and MYSQL stress to the severs, are you going to get a good web hosting deal at that cheap price?

Hosting one of the popular Content Management Systems like Joomla, PrestaShop or Drupal or WordPress needs minimum server requirements. Now, keep in mind that there are lots of expenses in data centers, especially, power consumption, air conditioning, operating and more, all that cost will be added to the hosting plan and that’s why using any free web hosting plan or very low priced solutions come with overloaded servers, poorly configured systems and lots of problems that never end.


We hope you found this list of discounted $1 hosting packages good to start a WordPress blog or other project using any CMS.

We’ll be happy to read your feedback, your past experience with any web host from this list and what you learned from all that. Is there anything else we missed? So, write your review in the comment section or contact us if you want.

FAQS about $1 web hosting services

These are some frequently asked questions, that may help you to find the right answer when thinking about using any web hosting that costs 1 or even cheaper. Read them carefully and you get all the details you need to know before hosting your new blog or site.

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Is there any $1/year web hosting?

The short answer is no if you find such a very cheap hosting price, then, chances are:

  1. It’s a very bad web host, no support, a very slow server, no security at all and it’s just a waste of time to host your site or blog with such sites
  2. It’s a rare promotional offer for web hosting that some companies may provide if they’re new in the business and want to attract the intention of some customers who looks for the cheapest web hosting per year. In all the cases, it’s not recommended to host a site with a new company that no one knows about, I see lots of web hosts bubbles from time to time, and one day, they shut down their business without even noticing customers. It’s better to choose a trusted web host who has a business for years like the above I talked about.

What is the best $1/month web hosting provider?

In reality, if you find a generous $1 per month web hosting offer, then, don’t just signup and think your site will get the same discount forever. Web hosting companies invest lots of money in maintaining their data centers, servers, and infrastructure, do you think that charging one dollar per month for a professional web hosting service will make them a profit?

Of course, no, so,  the $1 site hosting offer is a limited-time promotion that’s valid for one year only, and then, the renewal cost will be high or expansive, sometimes, which reflects the real value of the hosting package and the tools the user gets. Expect to be billed somewhere from $3 to $9 or even more, that way, the web hosting provider get back the cost of their first year of (sacrificed price) you get.

Is the are any $1 unlimited hosting?

Technically speaking, there are no $1 unlimited hosting services, that’s not because of availability, but because of server limitations. Every severs is configured to handle a maximum number of visits and store a maximum of Gigabytes of space on its HDD or SSD drives.

If you add other specifications like the shared IP address, FTP, and others, you can easily find, that unlimited web hosting does not exist in reality. It’s simply one of the best marketing tactics that web hosting providers use to attract an extra number of users and bloggers who don’t want to think about limitations on bandwidth and disk space.


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