Costs for starting a blog

How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Blog?

Does it cost you money to build your own blog? And if that’s true, how much should you pay? But what if you have no money at all, can you really be able to have a blog completely for free? And if that’s the case, what’s the catch? To answer all these questions, we’re here to … Read this

Green web hosts

Best Green Web Hosting Companies

If you really care about nature and renewable energy, then you should use green web hosting. It’s the ideal solution for starting a blog or website without making more carbon monoxide emissions worse. In reality, there are some challenges for web hosts that use fast servers and big data centers, so, not all of them work … Read this

Alternatives to GoDaddy email hosting

4 Email Hosting Alternatives to GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the biggest email hosting providers, but they are also good alternative services at cheaper prices and faster servers. So, if you had issues with GoDaddy webmail or you found problems accessing your emails, replying, or even more, then, choose any of the following options. GoDaddy email alternatives 1. Liquid Web Liquid Web is one of … Read this

Do you Need the SG Site Scanner?

Do you Need the SG Site Scanner?

SiteGround is one of the web hosting companies that lots of people recommend. However, there are many things that you don’t even know about. And do you really need that SG Site Scanner? Is it worth it? or you’ll just waste your money with low-quality web hosting services like all the others? Quick notes about … Read this

Costs for building eCommerce websites

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce Website?

What’s the average cost of starting a store online? Is $500 or $1000 enough to build your dream eCommerce site and sell products with great conversion rates? And what about web hosting, site builder, web design, and other tools? Now, don’t go away, we used the most popular platforms for starting online stores, and here, we’ll share the best tips and the … Read this

Web Hosting for $1.99 Per Month

Best Web Hosting Plans Under $2 Per Month

To save money and buy a cheap web hosting plan that costs $1.99 or less per month, you need to keep in mind that using the pricing only is not recommended. In reality, there are many affordable web hosts that offer the lowest prices, but what about quality, server speed, security and customer support? So, … Read this