Best Perl Web Hosting Services for Programmers

Want a high-quality Perl web hosting? And you want to have secure access through SSH, SFTP and lots of resources? So, here, we’ll talk about the best hosting service with professional support and great features.

Before starting, it’s recommended to have access to your server app using SSH.

There are many ways, but avoid all the control panel options if they exist. Perl is great and building your own app or developing a secure project should be based on security first, and the speed of the sever second.

Best Perl Web Hosting options

  1. HostGator: Best web host for Perl and its modules
  2. Liquid Web: The best option for high traffic sites and apps that need a lot of resources
  3. InMotion Hosting: Cheap web host with good quality services
  4. Bluehost: User-friendly web host
  5. iPage: The cheapest Perl hosting but with an average speed
  6. HostPapa: A good basic web hosting
  7. GoDaddy: Good options for Perl and other programming languages
  8. FatCow: Another affordable web host to try but not for high traffic apps

For details and comparisons, let’s find out why some per web hosts are better than others.

Perl Web Hosting Plans

1. HostGator

HostGator is a well-known web host that offers Perl module installations if you need more options or custom Perl modules, then, contact their customer support and they’ll help you all the way. If you choose dedicated hosting, then, there are no restrictions for Perl modules, a dedicated server is the best option for high traffic sites, however, lots of developers use it to host applications and make them work super fast.

2. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a truly fast web host for different programming languages including Perl. Their superior quality hosting comes with SSD servers, SSL certificates, and premium bandwidth. Furthermore, when we talk about Liquid Web, we should mention their great VPS and Dedicated server hosting.

They’re the best in this kind of hosting and we recommend them for big projects that need a  lot of resources and bandwidth.

The one-click installer tool offers lots of apps to install, so, you have more options and total control over your app. In addition, there is cPanel and a great customer support service that you can contact and get help instantly.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers affordable hosting services for all the plans. In addition, they have great auto-installer software that you can use to install the Perl programming language in a few seconds.

Now, for server access, InMotion offers SSH access, so, you can access the Perl module and language security.

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You can develop your own application with this good hosting and never worry about speed. The fast SSD hosting makes everything better in terms of custom app development and management.

The InMotion’s security suite includes the greatest security tools for your hosting account. That includes free SSL, free daily backups, hack, and DDoS prevention and protection.

Perl Web Hosting

Keep in mind that the shared plans offer different levels of resources, and what really makes the difference is the speed offered.

So, the third plan called Pro will be faster than the Power and the Launch plans. However, if you need basic resources, then, the first will suit your Perl language needs.

The basic hosting plan called Launch costs $3.49 per month and that’s a great deal with such a professional web host provider.

4. Bluehost

This is another popular web host with different options and tools. However, their installer software comes with hundreds of apps and tools. So, users can install Perl and access the path directly using SSH.

The hosting service costs $3.95/month with customer support you can contact through phone, live chat or even by submitting tickets.

Bluehost is hosting offers 2 million domains and it’s a great place to start with app development. But if you’re willing to build an app or program that needs lots of bandwidth and CPU, then, we recommend using a VPS instead. That will be much better for you.

5. iPage

iPage is another recommended web host, it offers low-cost plans with good support. But remember that a shared web hosting has limitations on CPU usage.

For that reason, we recommend iPage for those who need small to average CPU usage.

This web host supports the latest Perl versions, and you can find the different modules that the other providers offer.

6. HostPapa

This is one of the best web hosting companies in Canada, they provide web hosting with no hidden fees. If you want easy hosting with easy management and fast servers, then, choose HostPapa.

Their premium quality web servers work with a maximum performance without affecting the loading time.

In other words, the servers work on low destiny and they have a maximum level of loading that servers should not exceed.

In the case of disasters, the backup and restore tool lets you restore a previous version of your app or site in a few clicks. On the other side, cPanel helps you to get the best user experience with lots of options, management tools and more.

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HostPapa perl plans

HostPapa is also an eco-friendly web hosting service with good customer support. In addition, the daily malware and threats scanning protect your Perl project.

Even more, there is a free SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt, so, you get maximum server protection all the time. All the plans include unlimited bandwidth and also unlimited disk space.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is on the top list of the most popular web hosting companies. So, they have been in business for a long time. GoDaddy already offers a fast hosting, and you don’t have to do any additional work with installing extra modules.

GoDaddy already installed the majority of modules, and they don’t allow additional installations.

For hosting pricing, GoDaddy offers 3 main plans:

  • The first one costs $2.99 per month and it lets you add one domain name.
  • The second plan costs $4.99 and it offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited website hosting.
  • The third place is the best one with faster performances and more features.

Here are more details about their web hosting pricing and resources.

hosting prices


8. FatCow

This is a sister company of iPage, so, they have very similar server configurations and infrastructure.

FatCow offers hundreds of tools with a fast one-click install software. The one-year hosting plan costs $49 per year for unlimited disk space and bandwidth usage.

A final word about Perl web hosting solutions

We hope you got the best list of the Perl web hosting services with fast servers and good features. The server speed and security are the main things to look for in a good web host, especially for programming. So, we prefer the most secure web hosts that work faster than others.

If you hosted with other companies, tell us about them and share your experience. Then, we’ll try it and find the difference with other companies. If we find a new web host that’s great for Perl, we’ll add it to this list after testing it.

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