Best self-hosted WordPress hosting services

So, you need one of the best-recommended WordPress self-hosted services? And you want a provider that’s affordable and also good in quality and customer support? So, read the full guide, we’ll show you the right options for your blog.

Why a self-hosted blog is better?

Web hosts manage large sets of servers that store and distribute all the information that is contained a website. They usually offer services that include shared server hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

The service that each individual needs will vary based on what type of business or website they operate as well as how much traffic the site processes. Sites with high traffic will likely need a dedicated server.

If you are interested in launching a website or overhauling your current website to promote your small business, operating through a web host is the preferred route to take.

As opposed to blogs and other blogging sites, personally hosted websites are largely viewed as superior.

Additionally, sites that are privately hosted tend to fare better in search engine ranking. Luckily, in today’s world, it is relatively easy and cheap to set up and run a website through a web host.

Good WordPress web hosts

Now that you’ve decided to jump into a self-web host service to better your website and business, you are left wondering: “What is the best web host for my WordPress blog and my business and why?”

While we can’t predict exactly which host is best for your situation, we have found that, in most cases, InMotion Hosting and HostGator are the best- web hosts for WordPress.

InMotion Hosting Features

We’re not really sure if meta-ratings are a real thing, but it works for our purposes.

That is to say that InMotion Hosting has good ratings from large numbers of users and big, respected reviewers. InMotion earned a rating of “3” from CNET, which is the highest rating possible.

Also, they have an A+ score through BBB (the Better Business Bureau). They also lead in incoming transfers among hosting services. If that many people are pleased then, they must be doing something right, huh?

Success rate

The company is not only professional but has a large size with thousands of servers. Currently, InMotion Hosting, as a trusted self-hosted WordPress service provider host and oversee more than 300,000 domains.

Unlike other hosting services that like to brag, InMotion hasn’t publicly shared any “big name” websites that they host, but we are all sure that they host major websites for large businesses. They do this through two very large (like, super huge) data centers.

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The Data centers are filled with servers that move data where it needs to go and store all the documents for your website.

The guts of the data centers are part of what drive InMotion’s success rate and great “uptime” rates. They only employ the name brand, high-quality hardware.

In addition, the uptime is important for all WordPress websites because if your site is down, your viewers cannot reach your site or its content. This could result in loss of readers or customers for your small business.

We would highly recommend investing more in a host with better uptime rates than going with a cheaper hosting service with uptime sacrifices.


Users swear up and down by InMotion’s versatility, as your site grows, it is almost effortless to upgrade to a better service. An example of this would be switching from a shared server to a dedicated server plan.

With a dedicated server hosting, your website will be the only one operating out of the “dedicated” server. This will allow for more traffic and more disk storage for your site.

When your site is still small, you may not realize the importance of this, but as it grows you will see that these are big plusses!

Aside from service changes, InMotion Hosting also offers great usability when it comes to software installation.

WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla are only a few of the website operators that are simply installed via the web host. This auto-installer tool makes it very easy for those with little web development experience to launch their website or websites.

As is the case with most popular web hosts, there are much more personalization options over a managed service like, Wix or Weebly. Google Apps integration is also readily available to InMotion users.

InMotion offers a great automatic backup in case of an outage that results in data loss.

They also have simple steps for manual backups as well as options to delete your entire website and start over. These are important to any user, but especially, to new site builders.

New builders are more prone to website overhauls or transfers which these tools make rather conducive.

It’s great for more advanced developers too because they could save a version of a website and reload a template or empty structure into their server for a new site which would make duplicating and launch new sites easier than normal.

For the real web developers out there, InMotion has made itself compatible with several coding languages. They include but are not limited to MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and PHP7.

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The quality of blog web hosting

We mentioned earlier that InMotion Hosting utilizes high-quality hardware to advance their success rate. Their servers that operate users’ web pages are purchased only from Dell, a company that has years of experience in server development.

Non-server networking hardware is kept to a similar standard, pertaining of only name-brand equipment.

All drives are SSD, again, working through high-quality hardware via InMotion Hosting will keep your websites uptime rates at a decent level because of fewer malfunctions.

Further, the servers are configured to operate a specialized version of Linux. While many would prefer a Windows configuration, Linux offers many great features of its own and will not upset the average user.

In addition, Linux is the recommended web hosting OS for WordPress, it’s more secure and work faster.

Web hosting innovation

InMotion is a company that is in it for the long run, they have proved this through highly innovative practices. Earlier we mentioned their data centers that house the servers that operate web pages for many small and large businesses.

Located in Los Angeles, their second data center is a state of the art facility that works to reduce energy consumption.

Furthermore, the data center cooling systems are typical of those in most server rooms but still effective. They reduce the energy required to cool the heat prone rooms which cut their carbon footprint and their costs.

How much does this web hosting cost?

InMotion web hosting sets their prices to remain competitive. Their cheapest shared server plan that is good for many WordPress blogs is priced as low as $5.49 per month.

Variations of the shared server business plans are at $7.99 per month and $13.99 per month, with several add-ons available for each.

However, you get as a reader a special 56% OFF discount, and also other exclusive discounts for other advanced plans and servers.

WordPress hosting plans

For “business plans,” the main differences are:

  • the number of sites you can operate per account
  • parked domains you can operate
  • subdomains one can operate
  • E-commerce compatibility
  • the maximum number of SQL databases
  • customer service support

On the other side, Virtual Private Servers, or VPS for short, are available for as low as $29.99 each month.

This base plan included 4GB of RAM, 60GB of storage, 2TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses. More expensive and high specified VPS plans are also available.

For high traffic blogs and sites, the InMotion offers fast Dedicated Servers in six tiers that range in price from about $120 per month to over $500 per month for the most advanced plan.

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The Dedicated servers are for more well-known websites that see higher web traffic numbers and may need more storage for website data and additional resources. Even better, the company offers customization to have yr own dedicated servers as you want.

On top of these competitive prices, the blog web host has a great guarantee program. They offer at least a thirty-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

However, if you are displeased, you should discuss it with a customer service representative to see if the issue can be resolved without cessation of your service. The problem may simply be confusion or a misunderstanding that can be quickly resolved.

Remember, the WordPress hosting plan that best suits your projects will vary based on your website’s traffic, storage requirements, and add-on requirements.

Keep in mind that the type of hosting you need for your WordPress blog may (and likely will) change as your site grows.

Other recommended web hosts

To give you more options and flexibility of payments, we tested other websites that offer quality WordPress web hosting for personal blogs and sites, and all of them have cheap prices, but with reliable services. So, here are:


This is one of the cheapest monthly WordPress hosting providers, the hosting plan starts from $5 per month and that’s great compared to other providers.

The plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains to host. In addition, you can choose to pay per month or per year depending on your needs and budget.

In addition, there is cPanel, (the latest version always) and an auto-installer software to build blogs or eCommerce websites using WordPress.


If you prefer fast cloud hosting, then, HostGator will be the best choice for you. This web host offers great WordPress web hosting starting at $3.95 per month for the long terms billing of one-year and more.


This is the largest domain name registrar company and also one of the best-recommended web host for blogs build using WordPress.

So, you can get your website domain in minutes, then, add your professional email and build a website like never before. There are professional customer support lots of services.


After reviewing and testing many services, we give InMotion Hosting an extremely high rating and it’s the greatest web hosting service for your WordPress website and small business projects.

It is difficult to locate another good quality hosting service that offers so many features, guarantees, and the high quality of service that InMotion offers at affordable prices.

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