6 Best Small Business Web Hosts

Looking for secure and reliable web hosting for your small business site and online store? So, keep reading; we’ll show you the best eCommerce hosting sites that we tested and recommend.

Web hosting is the first thing to look for when an entrepreneur starts building an online store. It’s the way to have a small business online presence, and you need to make it secure and protected all the time. In the meantime, the startup costs more, and you need to keep the costs as low as possible while keeping the same high-quality services that your business needs.

This is the equation to succeed in your business without affecting your income. So, the web hosting provider should offer reliable service and fast servers. But most importantly, the company should offer an affordable price that suits your needs and takes your business’s website to the next level.

My personal experience with some popular hosting companies can give you a clear idea about the way to host your site. When you start a Google search for the recommended eCommerce hosting, you will find lots of providers with reviews that no one trusts.

The truth is that the same group owns the majority of those largest companies. That means they have different brands and data centers but with the same administration.

eCommerce hosting companies

I’ve spent lots of time searching and testing small business web hosting speed and performance. At the same time, I’ve looked for real web hosting reviews, and luckily there are lots of them.

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is my number one and best eCommerce web hosting company in the United States. It’s amazing in terms of quality, but I only recommend it for high-traffic websites as they offer a dedicated server and fully managed VPS, and that’s not cheap.

So, if you have thousands of customers, then, stop here and choose the Liquid Web VPS or dedicated servers. They’re the fastest, and most secure for all kinds of small business websites and web stores.

If you want to use WordPress and build an online store and rank it higher in search engines, then, use their Woocommerce web hosting plans. The company started offering one of the most successful WordPress Woocommerce hosting solutions and small businesses.

It’s super secure, fast, and reliable web hosting that accepts online payments and secures all your transactions like no other company does.

2. WP Engine

If you have some $35 to invest every month for fully managed and fully optimized WordPress hosting, then I recommend WP Engine. They are the best eCommerce cloud hosting company with premium web servers customized and secured, especially for WordPress.

The price looks high compared to shared hosting, but remember that it’s a first-class hosting with lots of features and advanced add-ons. Best of all, they are working closely for WordPress optimization and performance.

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This is the best and fastest website hosting for online shopping sites that come with amazing services, security, and professional customer support.

The infrastructure was built to offer maximum speed and performance for sites. That’s why hosting with them will reduce the site loading time. Of course, they have amazing customer support by phone, live chat, and email.

3. BigCommerce

Let’s make it easy; BigCommerce is now, my recommended solution to start your own online store like a pro. It’s a platform for websites to sell products online, where, you can drag and drop elements, then, build a customized web store like never seen before.

I discovered this web hosting provider when I was helping someone with a clothing-related project, and it was his first step to work online and attract customers. Luckily, it was the best decision he made when choosing BigCommerce.

Here is a quick overview of their features

  • No transaction fees
  • Sell with Amazon and eBay
  • Branded online store
  • Customer SSL
  • Rating system for your products with reviews
  • On-page checkout, so, the customer is still on your website
  • 24/7 support by phone, live chat, or email.
  • Add your own discount and promotional offers with rules
  • 15-day trial

I should also mention that there is a free eCommerce website hosting with a domain (subdomain), with a trial signup. There is no need for a credit card or even PayPal, just try it and see how it works.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy eCommerce hosting is easy and affordable at the same time. As an example, business owners can have a free domain with low-cost hosting and also, a professional email address.

The website builder tool can be used to launch a one-page website in minutes. However, I recommend using more pages and building a complete website instead. One-page websites are good, but only for informational purposes.

GoDaddy offers 3 types of hosting for selling online, a drag-and-drop site builder, and a complete web store with a shopping cart and PayPal integration. The second one is the professional way, and it comes with local listings and great offers.

The third option is premium business web hosting for high-traffic websites and large-volume businesses.

The good thing about GoDaddy is that they offer both Linux and Windows hosting servers. So, there is a choice for your project.

Windows or Linux hosting


5. InMotion

If you have limited resources and you want to get fast hosting, but at cheaper prices, then, I recommend InMotion.

They offer exclusively free SSD for all customers, and that’s what no other shared hosting provider offers. Furthermore, they are a registered and trusted business in the USA with a good reputation and amazing customer support.

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This provider can reduce the hosting cost for eCommerce sites that are new and want to build a reputation first with a secure website, and good support. This is not the best in this list, but the best of shared hosting services.

As there are different eCommerce apps, you can install any software and build your own store in minutes. So, there is a tool to install PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and others with a few clicks. In addition, there is a tool to install WordPress and more.

InMotion started offering a premium SSL completely for free. So, anyone can get it and make the site secure with SSL.

6. Yahoo

The other well-known service is Yahoo hosting. Indeed, they offer shared hosting. It’s a recommended high-quality hosting for online shops, and you’ll find exactly why below.

Yahoo has dedicated web store hosting solutions, so, here are a lot of options to launch an online web store without thinking about server configurations.

A good feature I found with Yahoo is their options for monthly packages, so there is always a way to try their service for one month and then decide if that’s working well for your company or not.

Yahoo hosting features

Yahoo is one of the trusted business web hosting providers. They have their own data centers and their own dedicated team. They employ experts and host thousands of domains worldwide.

The Yahoo website builder comes with options to customize the design, add images, and adjust the layout faster than other platforms.

In the last few years, there have been many eCommerce web hosting reviews with complaints about Yahoo small business hosting.

So, the quality of their hosting is not the same as a decade ago, and I only recommend it if you really want that for any reason, like pricing or features. Thus, only use the Yahoo web hosting for a small online store and start with it, but later, you’ll have to choose a premium provider, that’s better for you.

Features of a Good Business Web Host

Multiple data centers

The majority of the above-recommended web hosts have 3 big data centers to host your website. You can select the nearest one for your target audience, and where you want to work in the world.

These data centers will speed up your website, and the result will be a faster loading time for every page.

Your visitors or customers will get your web pages from the nearest location. At the same time, the control panel comes with different tools to customize the domain DNS, store settings, payment options, and much more. Even more, some companies offer CloudFlare-integrated to give your site a speed boost with cached files.

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Fast servers

When it comes to loading time and speed, the top 3 eCommerce web hosts are fully optimized for maximum performance. But, without affecting the other domains on the same servers if it’s shared. They allocate the server resources, based on the estimated website monthly traffic and its size.

Thus, people select the right hosting plan during the sign-up process. So, they just pay for what they need as resources, disk space, and bandwidth.

When we say that everyone has its resources, that means no overload for the server, and all the hosted websites continue working at the highest levels of performance and speed. It’s like getting your own VPS with a shared hosting plan at a low cost.

Secure hosting

The servers should be fully protected and each hosted website is isolated in the same services to protect the others. If something wrong happens to any website and for any reason, all the other sites and stores will be completely protected.

These are some of the fewest secure web hosts for your small business project. And, it’s not simple software to install, but a complicated process that needs lots of coding and hard work that they offer for your success.

What happens with regular hosting providers is that a single hacked website can easily affect others and that results in a big problem that no one can solve. But these companies take a different way to protect each domain on the same server and the whole data center.

What about themes and templates?

Of course, there is no need to look for any other website if you choose one of the site hosts above. There are thousands of themes and online store templates to choose from and even customize. The choice is yours; you can just select a free theme, or use a premium design instead if is really your goal.

You need to browse their plans and find the one that suits your needs. Don’t worry about the resources, I’ve tried them, and they guarantee high-quality service and support. They offer a free daily backup for your site, and a free domain name is also included.


As you can see, these are the best-trusted web hosting companies for eCommerce and online stores. They offer cheap shared plans, and others offer premium and fully managed servers, but with higher costs, of course, as everything is better and fully optimized.

If you’re looking for the fastest eCommerce web hosting and the best security and quality, then choose Liquid Web, and you’ll start outranking your competitors for the super-fast page loading time. They offer the best support, and the company offers the fastest WordPress Woocommerce hosting in the industry.

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