Static Website Hosting Providers with Best Services

Want to host a static website, and you don’t know what the best provider is? And you need quality static website hosting with secure servers and lots of options and tools? So, keep reading this guide. We’ll show you the top-recommended HTML web hosting and CSS projects. If you need a quick list of the best options, then, here is it.

Best web hosting plans for static websites

1. HostGator (best option for hosting HTML and CSS sites)

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies. It offers shared hosting for static websites, and even better, there is a professional drag-and-drop site builder tool.

The Gator website builder tool works differently than others. There are no complicated features, and of course, it’s a new generation of a site builder that works faster and implements the latest coding languages that Google recommends, and users enjoy using. HTML5 and CSS3 make modern sites faster, look better, and they’re secure at the same time.

Customer support is friendly, and you can contact them by phone, live chat, or email. The best part is that you can try web hosting for one month. HostGator static site hosting includes cPanelFTP, and lots of templates to choose from if you want. Or just upload your own site files and update the DNS to make your site public and visible to everyone.

HostGator's static website hosting features

If you like website statistics, you’ll like their website analytic tools that show you the numbers of visitors with location and more details. Moreover, there is a disk space and bandwidth usage interface to know what you need or what your site consumes as resources.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is well known for VPS and WordPress users. However, they also have powerful HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web hosting plans. You can host a website with unlimited server disk space and monthly bandwidth, which makes this one of the best web hosting options for static websites.

In addition, you’ll get a free domain, free private SSL certificate, a website builder tool if you need it and of course FTP access with a username and password to upload your site files.

That’s not all, InMotion Hosting uses SSD accelerated web servers with the latest technologies and the best hardware updates. So, your site will be faster than any other web host in the same category.

Furthermore, there is a daily backup for free, SSH access, and lots of themes to choose from if you want to build your site using any design or layout.

InMotion offers a cPanel static site hosting with a modern control panel. So, you can use lots of tools to optimize your site and make it load faster. In fact, the website optimizer tool in cPanel lets you compress all your site content like images, CSS, and HTML, which saves up to 80% of the disk storage on average.

We found that this web host works better than we expected. In reality, they have powerful server caching systems, and of course, HTML and static site content load faster than PHP, which makes everything better.

The cost of the static site hosting plan starts at $3.99 per month with unlimited resources, free marketing offers, and up to two websites to host. If you need more domain hosting, their Power plan allows you to host unlimited domains and get more resources.

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InMotion’s static site hosting features:

  • Award-winning web hosting customer support
  • US-based data centers
  • SSD fast servers
  • Free data backup
  • FTP and SFTP access
  • Professional SSL
  • cPanel
  • Free website transfers service
  • Free domain name
  • Google Apps integration
  • Unlimited email and SSD space
  • File manager
  • Drag and drop site builder

We should also mention that there is a mobile-friendly sciatic website builder tool called BoldGrid.

It’s flexible and comes with hundreds of pre-made templates and designs to use and modify. Unlike other site-building tools, this one comes with exclusive features and optimization for search engines and user experience.

3. NameCheap

If we talk about prices, then, NameCheap will be the cheapest hosting for static websites. It costs just $1.44 per month if you pay for a full year in advance, or $2.88 every month.

Now, even if their hosting prices are very low compared to other providers, Namecheap is still one of the best places to host static websites out there, thanks to the optimized cloud infrastructure and other measures for security and resource usage.

NameCheap Shared Hosting Plans

The first plan lets you host up to 3 sites with an SSD disk space of 10 GB. So, it’s faster than regular HDD hosting. In addition, there are other options and tools to manage websites, and even better, NameCheap is a good place to register a domain name and get a premium SSL certificate with an email address and more.

4. GoDaddy

In terms of pricing, Godaddy is the cheapest static site hosting provider on this list. There is a powerful shared web hosting plan that costs only $2.49 a month with 100 GB of disk storage, award-winning customer support, and an SSL certificate.

There is FTP to manage your site files from cPanel if you want or directly using software like FileZillaCyberduck, and others.

The yearly hosting plan comes with a free domain, and there is a free business email that you can use with spam protection.

It looks professional, as it ends with your domain name and you can access your email online using the webmail tools or even more, you can forward all your email to Gmail, Yahoo, and other services.

GoDaddy and its alternative services offer lots of features like emails, SSL, small business tools, and more. So, you can find more details on their website if you need specific add-ons for your site or hosting account.

5. Weebly

Weebly is the leader in the static HTML hosting industry. They have good services and cheap prices at the same time. However, their servers are not the fastest, and you may find issues with site loading time if you use lots of images and videos on your page.

To make sure your site won’t be affected by server RAM and CPU, you need to upload compressed images and avoid too-long pages with lots of content.

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Weebly site builder features

6. GitHub

GitHub Pages is a program for developers who want to host static pages and deploy their code online for free. They can add a custom domain by adding a CNAME file to your account. To generate a static site code, create a new repository under the account management, then, deploy it with a subdomain if you want to test things.

Keep in mind that this free static website hosting is for developers, basically. So, you’ll need to add code and modify things. So, if you feel comfortable with modifying long lines of code, this will be a good step to try hosting websites with no dynamic content.

hosting static pages with GitHub

7. Amazon AWS web hosting

In reality, Amazon AWS is not a new static page hosting service. However, we tried it for 6 months and found it great for users except for the surprising billing cost that we got.

We understand that the cost of a static HTML website with Amazon AWS web hosting should be cheap. However, you may find issues with unexpected monthly usage if your site exceeds the limits. But it’s still one of the best web hosts for any online project. With Amazon, you can expect a cost of $1 to $3 on average for a small static site hosting plan that’s billed monthly.

8. Google Cloud

Unfortunately, Google Cloud is not cheap. It’s one of the most expensive providers to host your static website. In fact, only small business owners can afford it. However, if you think that your site needs cloud hosting, then, that will cost $44 at least per month billing.

For performance, Google uses the best DNS systems and CDN with multiple data centers across all continents. So, it has the power and the infrastructure to make your site load fast, but expect higher costs than any other web host.

Choosing the best static site hosting plan

With lots of options and providers, choosing the cheapest static site hosting plan should not be that hard. But, what about quality, speed, and customer support?

In reality, a static website is better in terms of speed and performance. There is no database that will fix lots of problems that dynamic sites struggle to solve. For that reason, hosting HTML and CSS-based websites will be blazingly fast even without doing any server-level optimization.

Now, think about this, imagine that you hosted your HTML and CSS site and it works fast. But what if someone gets access to your files using FTP and modifies your code? You see? It’s not all about speed, but also, you have to consider the security precautions that web hosting providers take seriously.

To pick the right hosting plan, understand your website traffic, and where your visitors are coming from? Then, if you find a web host that’s in your target traffic region, then, choose it; it will work faster than others.

Tips for better static site hosting

To make your website secure, never share your FTP or SFTP credentials. You need to keep the login details secret. Also, don’t copy and paste code from websites or sources you don’t trust. In fact, a simple code that you copy and paste from unknown sources can harm your site ranking and inject code you don’t even know about.

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And because you’re using static site hosting, you should think about SEO. There are online tools for that or if your web hosting plan comes with an on-page SEO tool, then, use it and add descriptions and titles for each page.

For SSL, you should have a valid SSL certificate installed for your domain. And if it’s not the case, then, contact your web hosting provider and ask for that. It’s free these days, and you can get your site’s SSL for a couple of dollars per month if you need a premium one.

To optimize your site for speed, there is a good tool in cPanel called site optimizer. That lets you compress all your site files like HTML, Text, images, and code, and that will speed up the loading time naturally.

What is the best static website hosting provider?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer or a normal user who wants to host a static website and add his content. HostGator is the number hosting provider that works. The web host uses cloud infrastructure with superior quality servers and fast FTP connections thanks to the well-optimized and configured servers architecture.

So, the user can upload his static website files, and modify them online using the file manager tool in cPanel. There is no need to install any extra software to host your static website. All is ready to use in the account.

What is the cheapest way to host a static website?

The cheapest way to host a small static website is NameCheap in the first place if you don’t want to deal with coding and other issues. It’s simple, organized and all the tools that you need are available to use from the control panel.

On the other hand, choose GitHub if you really know how to create code and modify files online. However, that’s not for beginners unless you’re learning to code. So, this option costs no money; just create a repository using the GitHub interface and add the custom domain that you can. But from another place of course.


These are the best static website hosting services we tested, and they work well with HTML5, CSS3, and even JavaScript. If you want to use an older version of these programming languages, then make sure you contact the web hosting customer support to clarify what you need as protection as there is always a risk of malware with an older version of HTML and other languages.

Also, these web hosting companies work faster with HTML. Hence, you can use any other application including PHP, MySQL, and others. But for static site content, you’ll get the best options and the fastest site speed compared to other popular services with issues and risks.

We want to focus on the best options only as there is no way to have a secure website without trusted and well-protected servers.

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