Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies in Toronto

Looking for good Toronto web hosting providers? Or, you need one of the trusted web hosts in Canada in general? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the best web hosts in that region for your website, blog or online store.

If you’re looking to use some Toronto-based servers, you’re going to find that there is a lot to choose from. Canada’s largest city has an endless supply of tech companies and internet companies, and with those companies comes with a big need for web hosting companies. It should come as no surprise that Toronto has a lot of web hosting companies to fill that need.

So, if you’re a small business owner, you might be hearing a lot about web hosting companies. These companies essentially provide servers and file hosting space. They let you get your website online, connecting it to the internet, and they have data centers which can provide colocation services. Colocation services are especially handy, connecting you to other network service providers.

These days, every company in the west needs a website – even little Billy’s lemonade stand has a site. And even small companies need server space.

That leads us to a little roadblock, however. With so many of these companies out there, who are you supposed to go with?

To help you make your decision, we’ve picked out our list for the top 4 web hosts in Toronto.

Top 5 web hosting companies in Toronto

1. A2Hosting

This is a top rated Toronto web hosting company with data centers in other location in Canada. You can get a cheap hosting plan for just $3.92 a month with a free domain, faster website loading time and cPanel control panel. In addition, you get SSH access, and one of the best web hosting customer support in Toronto.

The company offers shared web hosting, VPS, and of course dedicated servers. However, their WordPress hosting is amazing and recommended especially for those who own website with traffic from Toronto and near regions.

This is also rated as the best web hosting for small business in Canada. So, you can use it to build an eCommerce website or a secure online store.

 Toronto Hosting company

2. HostUpon

There was never any competition for the number one spot on our list. It was always going to go to HostUpon. The company isn’t just the one of best Toronto web hosting companies, it’s one of the best in Canada. First of all, their plans are very cheap, starting as low as $3.95 a month.

The basic plan comes with:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • A domain name for life
  • Unlimited POP/IMAP emails
  • Website transferring services
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • A website builder
  • Unlimited addon domains

Canadian web hosting

If you’re interested in quality hosting services, we recommend checking these great USA hosting companies. They have better services, faster servers and available in North America.

Their other plans offer domain transfer services, SEO help, a Private SSL certificate and a premium backup service.

You can also do your own web hosting through their reseller services, so if you’re trying to kick off your own hosting company, HostUpon can help you get started.

They have local dedicated servers you can use, with their servers starting at $175.00 a month. The servers are guaranteed to be reliable and safe, offering premium bandwidth, free migration from your old provider, and protection from HostUpon’s security suite.

These servers along with the company’s offices are based in Toronto, plus they have five data centers all over the world.

But there’s another reason we love HostUpon. They are a green company! They strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible while matching and exceeding the quality seen by other web hosting companies.

3. HostHero

HostHero is another home-grown company, with their entire staff working out of their Toronto office. They have five data centers spread out across North America, all of which are protected by some pretty intense security.

This Toronto web hosting company offers VPS services, but their main seller is their cloud hosting plans. These plans come with unlimited bandwidth, web space, domains/sites, POP/IMAP emails and MySQL databases. They’ve also got a great site builder that uses cPanel and they offer free site migration and transfers from your previous provider.

Cloud hosting is known for being very fast, and very easy to use. With cPanel included, you don’t need to have any technical expertise at all to use HostHero efficiently.

This is great because it means even people who aren’t very good with computers and servers can still effectively use HostHero and attain the same great results other companies get with their web hosting services.

One of the big advantages of going with this Toronto web hosting company is their quick and painless setup process. And on top of everything else, they are also another green company. They only use energy star products and because they use VPS and cloud servers. In addition, they don’t need to use as much hardware as their competitors offering physical servers.

4. Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers and also a good option in the country. They’re expanding fast, which means their service is also improving fast. This company specializes in providing their web hosting services to businesses.

They offer industry-specific hosting infrastructure packages for e-commerce, government, health, media and other industries. The personalized and flexible services are tailored to meet your needs – whatever those needs may be.

You can get cheap dedicated servers from Canadian Web Hosting starting at $89.00 a month. Plus Cloud servers compatible with Linux or Windows OS and enhanced security.

Canadian Web Hosting also boasts having 24/7 tech support and 100% network uptime guarantee. So, you never have to be concerned about the reliability of their servers.

As we mentioned before, CWH’s primary focus is helping businesses. To that end, you can make use of their social media management plans and their SEO plans to ensure your business gets lots of social media attention.

5. VPSville

The main selling point of VPSville is their top quality VPS services. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which works by essentially running its own version of an operating system on a virtual machine, with the consumer renting the server getting superuser access to the OS, enabling them to operate it the same as you would a physical server.

The benefit of a VPS is in its simplicity and ease of use. The quality of VPS’ varies wildly, but luckily for you, VPSville has made it their mission to create the best VPS’ for their customers.

VPSville exclusively deals with VPS. They don’t offer additional services or any add-ons. In a lot of ways, this can be a bit of a con, but it’s also a very strong pro in their favor.

For starters, just because you’re in need of web hosting services, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need all the additional services offered. You may already have domains and a website builder, and email servers and all that stuff. You may specifically just need servers.

The fact that the entire VPSville staff is dedicated to managing and improving their servers means that those servers will be top-tier in terms of reliability and performance. It’s like the old idiom “Jack of all trades, master of none.” VPSville picked one service to perfect, and perfect it they did.

These are the recommended web hosts in Toronto, Canada. If you used any other trusted Canadian web hosting provider, make sure you share your experience with us. We’ll do our best to test it and add it to this list if it makes the difference and works well.

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