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Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers with Best Services

Choosing a good VPS hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth can take some time. That’s because of the differences between the service providers and what you need for your website, blog, or app.

However, if you follow this guide, you’ll get the best options for a secure VPS plan without limitations.

At My Blog Hosting, we test the biggest web hosting companies, then, try what they offer. Next, we compare their server with other web hosts to find the top trusted options for you.

Keep reading; we’ll talk about the greatest VPS options for those who look for unlimited hosting.

VPS Hosting Plans with Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic:

  1. DreamHost: The best option for sites that needs  cloud VPS
  2. Hostnoc: Best VPS plans for performance sites
  3. GoDaddy: The best VPS provider for small business sites
  4. Liquid Web: Best VPS plans for high traffic sites and eCommerce
  5. Bluehost: This is the best option for blogs that need lots of bandwidth
  6. InMotion Hosting: This is a good web host for WordPress VPS

For details, prices and options, let’s understand the main features of each web hosting service we talked about.

Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers

1. DreamHost VPS

DreamHost is a well known web hosting provider with good services. Their VPS hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, so, you can host a site or application with no traffic limit. That being said, it’s better to understand your site needs, and you can optimize your VPS to handle more traffic without being overloaded. Now, here are the DreamHost VPS plan prices:

The cheapest PS plan costs $10/month if billed every 3 years or $13.75 if billed once a year. However, if you choose the VPS monthly plan, you need to pay $15 a month.

Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting

These are some features of this unlimited traffic VPS provider:

  • Cloud servers
  • A minimum of 1 GB of RAM
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 100% uptime
  • Scalable RAM
  • SSD servers storage (faster)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Managed VPS servers
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

2. Hostnoc

Hostnoc is another company that provides VPS plans with 100 Mbps unlimited traffic. That’s not only their best features, the minimum RAM is 2GB, and that comes with the staging environment, daily backups, and more.

If you’re looking for more power, then, there are other VPS plans with a speed of 1Gbit/s by pore and that allows for hosting complex apps and sites.

  • Budget VPS plans: 100 Mbps unlimited traffic
  • Bets Value VPS plans: 100 Mbps per port unlimited traffic
  • Performance VPS plans: 100 Mbit/s port with unlimited bandwidth
VPS plans with unlimited traffic

This is what the other VPS plan features look like:

Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting

3. GoDaddy

We tested GoDaddy VPS hosting, and it worked well. In addition, they don’t set limits on the monthly bandwidth as other companies. They are called unmetered bandwidth VPS, and you can get the real power of your Virtual Private Server without paying for a dedicated server that costs hundreds of dollars.

These hosting plans come with free SSL for a full year and 3 dedicated IP addresses. Also, you get up to 240 GB storage and cPanel for the managed Linux VPS plans. If you prefer managing your VPS, then choose the self-managed options.

You don’t have to pay for cPanel in this hosting. It’s included in your plan. These Virtual Private Servers come with Linux or Windows operating systems. So, you have the choice to work with the right server configuration for your project needs.

4. One and One

This is the second recommended service with affordable, but reliable VPS plans. The company offers unlimited bandwidth and traffic for all the VPS packages, which include a fast 10 Gbit/s speed.

The first plan cost around $5 per month. So it’s the cheapest on this list. Also, there are more hosting solutions with up to 8 GB of RAM and 160 GB of SSD disk space.

One and One uses the great VMWare virtualization. It works better and guarantees more uptime and resources. Furthermore, there is full root access, the choice of your data center in the USA or Europe, and also a great uptime of 99.9%.

5. Liquid Web

This is a big web hosting provider with exceptional quality and speed. Liquid Web is the number one cloud VPS provider we tested. They won a lot of awards for their great support and site speed, security, feature, and optimizations.

Unlike other web hosts, Liquid Web does not charge you for the monthly bandwidth up to 5 TB. So, the monthly transfer is completely free for 5000 GB.

If your server uses more than 5 TB per month, you’ll be charged $0.15 per additional GB of bandwidth, and that’s great. You pay for what you use only.

The web host provides DDoS protection with every VPS plan and the most secure server configurations and 100% network uptime.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost provides plans for VPS servers without bandwidth limitations, and best of all, at a low cost. So, you can use it to host a blog, a website, or any project. There is SSH access, great support, and lots of options.

These managed VPS plans come with a free domain name and a 30-money-back guarantee.

The 2 GB VPS plans cost $29 per month, and that’s affordable compared to what you get with website bandwidth limitations and good SSD storage. Moreover, with these instant provisioning VPS plans, you get full server management with cPanel and FTP.

Other unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting services

If you want more options, here are the best VPS providers with a very high level of bandwidth. So, you can host a game, app, website, etc… There is up to 24 TB of bandwidth, and that’s enough for the majority of websites and apps unless you have a very popular website or application.

InMotion Hosting

With great VPS services, InMotion Hosting is on the top list of the best web hosting providers. Their VPS plans come with up to 6 TB bandwidths, and that’s too much in our experience.

Every VPS hosting comes with dedicated resources in secure SSD storage. Additionally, the company offers cPanel for free, live stats snapshots. Also, unlike other web hosts, InMotion has an eCommerce-optimized VPS package with a high level of monthly bandwidth.


This company provides first-class cloud VPS with unlimited bandwidth with worldwide data centers. There is IPv6 support, KVM virtualization, scheduled backups and more features. In addition, there are SSH keys for developers, API, and of course up to 24 TB of monthly transfer.

You can choose from Linux or Windows plans with cPanel, and there are fully managed plans if you want. There is great customer support, and we recommend the company for the quality service they offer at affordable prices. The prices of a good VPS start at $6.4 per month, and that’s great for saving money.

How to Choose a Good Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Plan?

Because VPS hosting is costly compared to shared hosting plans, it’s highly recommended to define how many resources your website or application needs. Even if you buy a good hosting plan with unmetered bandwidth, that does not mean you get unlimited everything web hosting resources, that will risk your site performance and never deliver the quality of hosting your business deserves.

So, first, estimate the disk space your site really needs, and if the traffic is too high, then, choose a VPS plan with High RAM; think about 6 RAM at least.


These are the best web hosts that offer reliable VPS plans with unlimited monthly bandwidth. You can choose the company that offers what you need for a website or app. However, keep in mind that every server has limitations. So, even if there is an unlimited monthly transfer, think about your website disk space.

Make sure you have enough disk storage to have a fast website in the end. Moreover, use the CDN that the web host offers or signup for a premium quality service. That will boost your site speed and help the server to work faster without making it overloaded with lots of traffic and requests.

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