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5 Best Web Hosting Companies for Small Business Sites

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Are you looking for one of the best web hosts that you can use for a small business website? And you want to have a secure server with affordable prices and good customer support? So, here we show you the best options with secure web hosting providers for websites and online stores.

With so many web hosting services, the choice can take a long time and hope you can find a real secure company to build a business on without problems. So, that takes a lot of time from testing to comparing the technical specifications and even trying the customer support service from time to time.

So, here are the best web hosting options for your business website:

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has one of the best small business hosting services in the world, their cheap shared plans offer a lot of features and great resources. In addition, the company offers a large variety of services that business owners need. These services include:

  • Website hosting
  • Domain names
  • Email hosting
  • DNS
  • SSL certificates
  • Phone numbers and more

So, this website hosting is a complete solution that you can use to build your eCommerce website with all the tools in one place. There is no to look for other sides as everything will be there to configure and manage.

If you want to choose a web store system, then, you get it with GoDaddy, however, you can also use the WordPress hosting features to starts a small business website or store online. That comes with extra flexibilities and exiting features.

GoDaddy offers affordable web hosting plans starting at around $3 per month with free Microsoft Office 365 business email account for one year, a free domain and one website to host for the first place and unlimited website hosting for the other plans.

For website tools, GoDaddy lets you install over 125 open sources apps like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, and Magento. In addition, there is cPanel for your website management and a great server security protection and monitoring system.

On the other side, for those who prefer dedicated resources, there are VPS plans with guaranteed RAM, free SSL and a free email for one year. These VPS hosting plans come with the great cPanel control panel and best of all the servers come with optimization for eCommerce websites. These plans cost $19.99 and even more for bigger size plans as a special welcome offer.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a great SSD website hosting service with lots of features. They provide SSD shared web hosting with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, you get a free domain with marketing tools and security add-ons for free. For limitations, the fits plans let you host up to 2 websites, the second plan lets you host up to 6 sites, and if you prefer the unlimited domains web hosting, then, choose their third plan.


You can also use their secure IMAP tool, and forward your domain email to Gmail or any other provider. And for security, there is a great server scanning system that protects your site from virus, malware and online threats. In addition, the email spam filter protects your inbox from spammers.

Now, if you prefer Google services, then, use their easy Google apps integration that makes everything easy in a few clicks.

3. Liquid Web

This is a premium quality and a fully managed web hosts. That means a better security, more tools and dedicated resources for every website. Also, there is only VPS and dedicated servers and that cost more of course. So, this company has nothing to do with shared web hosting, and it’s recommended for those who can pay more for the best web hosting company in the world.

Liquid Web offers the most secure web servers with huge resources and a strong security system that protects websites in real time.

This fast hosting offer, VPS plans, WordPress optimized servers, dedicated hosting and of course cloud hosting for the high traffic websites.

For support, you can’t find a better web hosting customer support in today’s’ world, they’re the best, the fastest and the one to count on for serious projects. However, that cost more, and it worth every dollar that business owners spend on a great web hosting service like that.

4. HostGator

This is one of the most popular web hosting providers. But even if the web host is well known, it’s better to know your website needs before choosing a plan, we strongly recommend the HostGator business plan as it comes with:

  • Free business Void phone service
  • Free SSL
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • Website Builder
  • Free business email
  • And of course unlimited domains and website to host

The business hosting plan cost $5.95 for one payment of 36 months, and it’s a big deal if you consider the features and the great support. In addition, choosing a long-term web hosting plan will save more money for you and you’ll avoid renewing fees at once.


On the other side, if you think, your website needs huge resources, then, choose a VPS or a get a good SSD dedicated server instead.

5. Bluehost

No matter what the company provides as features, if it fails in server speed, you’ll struggle. Bluehost is a good shared web host, but we tested them for a while and fund a few issues with the site loading time. For that, we installed a caching plugin and combined CSS, HTML and compressed the site with Gzip. So, there is always a solution for improving the website speed.

If you’re willing to start an eCommerce website or want to move your existing web store, ten, Bluehost will be good for your business. But keep in mind that choosing a web hosting plan for 3 years will be better in the long term.

Bluehost offer plans for just $3.95 per month and that allows you to host one website with the standard feature. If you want unmetered bandwidth, disk space, and unlimited website hosting, then, pick one of their other plans or choose a VPS if needed.

Bluehost website hosting comes with auto-installer software, so, you can install Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and all the others from one control panel.

Things to consider for web hosting

Everyone is looking for the best deals that combine the low cost with the great quality, but sometimes, that couldn’t be found easier. So, a lot of business owners neglect things like the security and the server technical specification before choosing a web host.

For that reason, you should consider a few things like the server hardware and software features, and also, the network uptime and speed. On the other hand, you have to be serious about your website security and never install tools or plugin from any source. The same thing applies to your website theme, it should be professional, clean and well structured in terms of coding. The good news is that the majority of the above web hosts offer professional templates to build web stores and eCommerce sites.

For site speed, make sure to compress your website files, in cPanel, there is a tool called “optimize website” or “compress website”, click on it and then select compress all content. That will reduce by 70% or even more the size of every web page that will load quicker in your visitor’s browsers.

Now, when it comes to online transactions, no one can protect your customer privacy except the trusted payment options and the good server protection. The above web hosts have PayPal payment integration with shopping card, so, you collect your money in total security and protect your customer credit card at the same time. The encrypted online transactions offered by these good business web hosts is what you need in the end.

We hope you find your best web hosting choice on this list, business websites need more security and credit cart transaction protection systems, and all of these features make a secure business online. If you have tried other companies and you find them great, we’d like to hear from you, so, that we can look forward and investigate on other web hosts before recommending them.

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