Web Hosting with PayPal Shopping Cart: 4 Best Options

Having a good web hosting with PayPal shopping cart integration is so powerful for online business. But what about the server security, the customer support, and other options?

Is hosting your eCommerce website on SSD servers batter? Or you can just choose any cheap service you can find online?

Now, let’s talk about quality, a good web host should be fast, secure and affordable at the same time. On the other hand, there should be a customer support with expert technicians. No one would like to have problems even contacting the technical support.

For server specifications, PHP, MySQL, and other should be updated regularly, unfortunately, not all the web hosting companies do that. So, we prefer trying different web hosting providers before recommended one over the other. Thus, we come p with the top recommended web hosting companies with PayPal shopping cart and more options.

PayPal shopping cart web hosting services

1. InMotion Hosting (PayPal and other shopping cart systems)

This is the first recommended web hosting with PayPal shopping cart integration. The web host offers a large variety of applications to build an online store the professional way. In addition, if we talk about security, their servers have powerful malware scanning system and antivirus protection.

For your transactions security, you can add PayPal and enable any checkout method. The transactions will work in total encryption and that means a lot to online businesses.

To build an eCommerce website and sell the products you need, the web hosting offers different eCommerce applications. These apps include PayPal shopping cart integration and more options to manage your sales and see reports the way you like. There is a dashboard where the business owner can see the transactions, check out the latest orders and filter the reports by month, day or year.

The best eCommerce and shopping cart applications are:

  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Cube Cart
  • Magento

The one-click installer software includes hundreds of other tools to add. So, with just a few click, the user can add any eCommerce software and build a great website with quality themes and extensions.

PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop Hosting

Unlike other eCommerce web hosts we tested, InMotion has super fast SSD servers, fast internet connectivity, and a better customer support. In parallel with all that, there is a free domain for your web store, unlimited disk storage, so, there are unlimited products to add. For website bandwidth, that’s unlimited and that will let you focus on adding more products and not struggling with monthly transfers issues.

We recommend creating a blog for your eStore, there is WordPress and installing it in a subdirectory is easy. With a blog, you can create posts and rank in search engines. It’s the best marketing way without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Of course, advertising with Google and Bing is great if you know what you do, but having a blog with good content is a good long-term marketing way for your products.

Pre-installed Prestashop

This is a great feature that only InMotion Hosting offers. So, there is no need to think about installation and complicated configurations. When creating the account, there is an option to install any open sources apps including Prestashop, just check it and it will proceed. Here is how it looks like.

Web Hosting with PayPal Shopping Cart

As you can see, in addition to choosing which app you prefer installing, you can select one of the two data centers to host your website. There is one data center in Washington DC, and the other one in Los Angles. Both US  have the latest web hosting technologies and a powerful power system with daily backup, easy restore and fast connection.

2. iPage (cheapest hosting with PayPal integration)

This is a very popular web hosting service provider with the lowest prices. There is an essential hosting plan that covers everything a business owner needs to build an online store. So, anyone who needs to sell product or services online can have its own website and use PayPal as a payment option.

The one-click installer tool includes all the open source apps we need. That includes eCommerce and shopping cart integration with Prestashop, AgoraCart, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, TomatoCart, and OpenCart. All these eCommerce software come with hundreds of free templates with quality design. So, there is no need to buy a website template if you don’t need one.

For making a website and store secure, iPage has big data centers in the US with the latest Dell technologies. Also, they have 24/7 network monitoring stem that protects every singe servers from online threats.

3. BigCommerce (complete eCommerce site builder system)

Unlike other options, BigCommerce is fully designed for eCommerce websites. It’s a premium quality software with hundreds of more options exclusively developed for online stores. One of these great features is adding PayPal as a payment system. That’s not all, in parallel with PayPal, there are more payment gateway options you can add including:

  • Amazon pay
  • Apple pay
  • 2Checkout
  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Skrill and over 50 others

What we like most about BigCommerce, is their easy and friendly payment tools and fees. There are no penalties for using third-party gateway solutions; For example, Shopify has 2% payment fee as a penalty for not using their payment option. It’s the case here as you can choose any third party payment processor with no risks.

By the way, there no transaction fee with this amazing eCommerce website builder and system. The average cost you’ll save is 75% compared to other platforms. Furthermore, the great uptime of 99.99% is what every online store needs to sell products with no downtime.

Here are some of the most popular companies who trust their eCommerce site builder and payment options.


PayPal integration is just one of their best features, in addition, business owners can sell anywhere. So, someone with the online store can sell his products on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and of course on any blog or website using the Buy Button.

4. Liquid Web (managed web hosting with PayPal shopping cart)

If you prefer speed, and quality and you can pay for a super fast eCommerce web hosting, then, get your own VPS or dedicated serves with Liquid Web. What they provide is top quality, best customer support and fully secure infrastructure like no other provider does. That cost more of course, but what you pay for is the superior web hosting quality that will amaze your customers and help your web store to rank better in Google and other search engines.

For eCommerce hosting, Liquid Web offer fully managed servers, SSL enabled connections, PCI Compliance scanning and more. Also, there is 24/7/365 on-site support staff to assist and help in every step. If you need a custom web hosting solution, then, chat with one of their expert technicians to set up a custom eCommerce hosting plan for you.

High Performance Hosting for eCommerce

High Performance Hosting for eCommerce

Liquid Web offers Linux and also Windows hosting, in addition, their cloud infrastructure is the fastest on this list.

These are the top web hosts with shopping Cart enabled integration. We hope that one of them at least suits the needs of your business needs. There is no way to give a real value or rating for a web hosting without testing it. So, these are the best, and you can choose the one that works well for your budget and offers what you need as features.

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