Comparing​ web hosting prices

How much does it cost for website hosting? Is there any way to save money and get an affordable plan that includes lots of features?

This will be your final guide with quick reviews about each hosting and what they offer as options, plans and more.

To make things easy and clear, we prefer classifying the cost of web hosting services based on their billing period. So, there should be three main sections, monthly, yearly and long-term hosting cycles.

That gives the exact comparison for the billing cycle that you’d like to select.

1. 3-years hosting prices

iPage is the cheapest web hosting in the long term. You can check out their essential plan for a period of 3 years and that will cost $1.99 per month. The web host provides a good option such as the free domain name registration, the website security and more.

HostingMonthly Cost for 3 years plan
InMotion Hosting$3.49

In the second place, GoDaddy has one of the best options for long-term hosting. The main plan cost $2.99 per 36 months of billing. GoDaddy is a big company with thousands of servers and huge data centers. For quality, it’s a reliable hosting that we recommend and use.

The other web hosts, InMotion, Bluehost and HostGator offer good plans, but with little higher prices. However, InMotion is the best option for the three companies as they have SSD servers and better configuration with CDN. It’s on the top list of the fastest shared hosting services.

Website Hosting Cost Comparison

2. Monthly web hosting cost

For those who prefer paying per month for a web hosting service, this section will reveal the cheapest plan to choose. Unlike the above list, not all the web hosting companies offer monthly hosting. So, we added other web hosts that we tried and found great for professional use.

Web HostMonthy Cost
HostGator$10.95Get Started
Ultra$5.95Get Started
iPower$3.75Get Started
GoDaddy$19.99Get Started
WP Engine$27Get Started
InterServer$5Get Started

InterServer is the best option for monthly hosting. The plan cost $5 per month and that comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and fast SSD web servers. You get the best tools and software such as Lightspeed, cPanel, FTP and domain DNS managed, etc…

As you can see we added fully managed web hosting companies, and even Windows hosting in parallel with the classic Linux servers. S, you get more options and services to choose from.

Keep in mind that 30-day hosting package cost more in general. The web hosting providers prefers the annual hosting plans longer billing cycles.

That’s good in all the case as we also recommend going for a long-term hosting plan unless you really need a hosting plan that’s billed monthly for any reason.

3. Yearly web hosting pricing

For a yearly hosting, here is what the most popular hosting companies offer.

HostingMonthly Cost for one year plan
InMotion Hosting$3.99

As you can see we only focused on shared web hosting. The majority of people look for simple shared hosting for their sites. In this case, what we recommend is iPage as they have the cheapest plan, and also the services you need.

InMotion is a great place to start a professional website with thousands of visits per day. Of course, their prices are higher, but with better options for small businesses and eCommerce.

Additionally, we recommend the company as the best WordPress shared hosting service. That offer pre-installed WordPress hosting with unlimited resources and secure servers.

Compared to regular web hosts, these services are cost-effective and work well. Things like security and site speed are what the customer support focus on.

By the way, these services offer web hosting support services by phone, live chat and also emails. So, there is always a way to get someone from the web hosting world that can fix your problems and solve your VPS issues.

Also, remember that you can find the extra services you don’t need. So, make sure you uncheck the add-ons when you create your hosting account with any company.

If there is one single option we recommend, it will be the SSL or the daily backup if you can find it. However, the majority of these hosting companies have daily backups of your website.

What to look for in a good web hosting

For reliable web hosting, you need to look for things like the kind of disk storage. SSD is better than old HDD servers.

Also, look for server configuration and optimization, It’s always a golden rule to choose one of the popular servers like Lightspeed as they have the best performances and easy management.

You may need cPanel for website files, so, you can upload, download or move files between directories. With simple clicks, you can also use the FTP software from your laptop to send files instantly.

All these options and tools make your website hosting service the best and you’ll be able to work with any situation as you have full access.

Now, for your website security, keep your login details secure, never share them with anyone even if it’s a technician from the company you host with. The web hosting support should have access to your servers if something wrong happens.

In the case of managed web hosting, we recommend Liquid Web, they have the best services and the fastest servers. All the things you need are included in your plan to build a powerful business website or online store.

They have SSL, cPanel, daily malware, and virus scan, real-time monitoring, and super-fast servers optimized for speed and caching.

If you look for a dedicated server prices comparison, then read this article about the top dedicated servers. Dedicated web hosting is different and you should only use the trusted service with the best server settings and full root access.

Here is the best cloud hosting providers for those who prefer 100% network uptime for VPS, dedicated servers or small hosting plans.

We hope you find this comparison of web hosting prices helpful, we tried to make things easy and clear. There are dozens or even hundreds of more services that we can talk about. However, these are the best options.

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