popular companies that provide cloud services

Well-Known Hosting Companies that Provide Cloud Services

Are you one of those who believes in quality and needs the list of well known hosting companies that provide cloud services? So, in this article, we’ll show you the best options and they’re all trusted web hosting providers with years of experience.

Not all the web hosts are the same especially for the cloud computing, so, it’s better to try the service and here we have the list of the best cloud hosting providers we tested.

Most popular cloud hosting service providers

1. HostGator (popular cloud hosting service provider)

This is one of the most popular web hosting companies that offer cloud hosting. HostGator offer a cheap shared cloud hosting plans with up to 6 GB of RAM and unmetered disk space and unmetered bandwidth. The small plan comes with 2 GB RAM, and it’s for one domain and all that cost $4.95 per month with great support.

The other cloud hosting plans have more RAM and power, but all of them include unmetered resources and cPanel. If you like more, you can get their third plan that comes with SSL for free, and amazing features.

HostGator has affordable and reliable Linux cloud hosting, and here is an overview of the difference between the packages.

Well Known Hosting Companies that Provide Cloud Services

2. Liquid Web (Fully managed cloud hosting services)

Unlike the above web host, this is a fully managed cloud hosting provider with dedicated resources. So, Liquid Web has these services, cloud sites, cloud VPS, and cloud dedicated servers. Each one these services has its own features and pricing.

For the cloud sites, Liquid Web lets you host unlimited websites, with professional site management dashboard. In other words, you can organize your websites and amaze your clients with top quality uptime and control panel.

Fully managed Cloud hosting

The cloud VPS services come with the highest levels of security and virtualization. In addition, you can use any VPS plan to host high traffic website or application and make it work smoothly. Now, for the operating system, you can choose between Linux or Windows OS, and of course, you get a control panel to manage the server files and options. The VPS cloud hosting cost $59/ month at least and it’s the fastest hosting in the industry.

Now, for the dedicated servers, Liquid Web has the fastest and most secure cloud services. They have multiple caching systems that speed up the server requests and speed up your site easily.

For its quality, this will be one of the best game dedicated server hosting solutions we recommend.

3. One and One (cheap cloud hosting plans)

This is another well know web hosting company with affordable cloud services. Their 1 GB cloud hosting plan cost $14.99 per month and all the other plans come with full management. In addition, the SSD storage helps to make your websites load faster than any other traditional hosting. The traffic is unlimited and also you get a free SSL certificate with your server.

Here the limit of each managed cloud hosting plan:

managed cloud hosting

For those who don’t know this company, then, 1&1 is one of the oldest web hosting providers started in 1988, so, they have over 30 years of experience. The company started in Germany, and now, they have data centers in the US and Europe. Believe it or now, the company has more than 70.000 servers with the fastest internet connectivity and the best security systems that guarantee a 100% uptime.

In addition to the above plans, there are different cloud server hosting packages with a good amount of RAM and resources. These packages cost between $9 and $349 per month for a powerful 48 GB RAM server in the cloud. This time, you can choose your own server operating system, so, they offer Linux and Windows.

4. InterServer (cheap cloud hosting services)

InterServer is well known for its great cloud hosting solution for both Linux and Windows. They offer instant provisioning, handles of free apps to install with one lick and lots of other tools.

The high preference SSD storage accelerate the severs like never before Furthermore, the great 99.9% uptime guarantee helps websites to stay online with maximum speed.

The servers offer different programming languages, like PHP, MySQL, SQL, Python, Perl, and others. Of course, you can install WordPress or any other app with one click of a button.

The cloud hosting pricing starts from $6 per month for a Linux VPS, and for Windows, it starts from $10 monthly.

Things to look for in a good cloud hosting service

No matter what the web host promise as features and cost, if the server speed s not good, you should stay away. We recommend the fastest web hosts that work, and you have to take your site loading time seriously when looking for a good cloud hosting service.

In addition, the more servers the company has, the better quality you can expect. The reason for that is simple, more servers (by thousands) means better uptime and especially if these severs work with SSD, that will be much better. The above services have at least 3 data centers across the globe, so, they also have a big number of servers.

The server security should be taken seriously, so, the good web hosting provider should implement the best security systems and apply the right practices. Furthermore, look for daily malware and virus scanning and also search for a good web host with DDoS protection.

For customer assistance, the best cloud hosting should be able to solve the problems. So, make sure you choose a web hosting provider that offers support through phone, live chat, and emails. These are the main contact ways that they should have, and if you can’t find a phone number, then, stay away from that hosting. When you have a problem, the phone support is what you need.

In the second place, the live chat can help a lot especially if the phone is occupied. That way, you’ll have access to the technical support department anyway. You can find the web hosting phone number for any company at the top of their homepage or in the bottom of the page. That’s in general, however, if you can’t find the web host phone number, make sure to click on the “contact” or “support” page, you’ll find it there.

These are best-recommended web hosting companies that are well-known and offer great cloud hosting services. There is no need to waste the time with companies that no one uses and trust, and this is what most people think. So, we hope you found your best cloud hosting service with this list, and make sure to share the article with your friends.

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