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Is it Worth Paying for the Wix Unlimited Plan?

Want to sign up with Wix and buy their unlimited hosting plan? And you don’t know if that’s the best deal for you or you just waste your money? So, in this guide, we’ll show you the pros and cons and if it’s worth it or not to build a site or online store.

Wix pricing versus features

Wix is a website builder software that hosts all your files and charges you for that on a monthly or yearly basis. So, when you start using their website creation tool, you’ll get pre-made designs and layout, then, you can choose from any of them and change basic things like colors.

When it comes to features, Wix is the last thing that you should use in starting a website. It has nothing to do with real site features like what WordPress self-hosted does. With Wix, you need to use the Unlimited plan to get a custom Favicon to your website.

It’s a small icon that users can see when visiting your site using a web browser. It’s not a good way to market these easy things and charge their customers for that so easy tool.

You can upload a small image to your site and get the best Favicon with trusted web hosts like HostGator.

And if you still want to use a drag and drop site builder, they have the famous BoldGrid that you can use for building static or dynamic HTML websites, blogs, eCommerce sites, etc… Wix is charging you for something that all the companies offer for free.

If you need something dedicated to building a website to sell items online, then, we recommend GoDaddy. They have a responsive website builder tool that comes with free SSL, a free trial for one month without any credit card, and lots of options. It’s better than Wix hosting and their site builder tool.

In reality, the cost of an eCommerce WordPress site is cheaper than what Wix offers in static HTML sites.

For $12.5 a month, the Unlimited plan of Wix offers nothing for serious webmasters and site owners who look for professional tools and features. There are other web hosts that offer a cPanel control panel with File Manager, FTP, SFTP, email hosting, DNS, site compression tools, and a long list of apps.

Wix is not cheap, it’s one of the most expensive sites builder tools, but unfortunately, they have no options to manage your site files from your computer. They own the software, and you have no guarantee that your site will be available if you violate any of their complicated terms, your site will be removed and you’ll lose all the content.

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The is no real advantage of using the Unlimited hosting plan, however, if you like lists, here is it

  • Useless site booster app
  • Form builder


  • No backups
  • No email
  • You should never pay to add a small favicon file to your site
  • 10 GB storage is not enough for eCommerce sites
  • $12.5 per month is expensive for what you get as features

No automated backups

This is a bad surprise, we expect to see daily automated backups for every site these days. However, Wix does not care about your site and they don’t have even an automatic backup creation system.

So, you’ll need to contact their support to have a manual backup, but even with this, you won’t be able to restore the site unless you play with settings or find the right menu.

No real value added to get the VIP plan

The Unlimited package comes with the same features as the VIP plan that costs $24 per month.

Now, if you think that this second plan is the best option, then, that’s not the case, what Wix adds to that pricey upgrade is just the ability to host an online store and have the email hosting options. And the worst thing is that there is priority support added to the VIP plan just to attract your intention and make you buy their plan.

So, both the unlimited, the eCommerce and the VIP plan from Wix have nearly the same features, and you can get more than what they offer using any shared web hosting with SSD storage like InMotion Hosting and build better eCommerce websites with PayPal shopping cart, SSL, email campaigns, unlimited SSD store, and better customer support.

Site booster app is just a spam

Have you used any of the so-called site booster tools in the past? If yes, then, you already know that these spam tools send your website link to hundreds or even thousands of spam sites.

10 years ago, that was a way to boost the site ranking in Google and get found, but these days, everything has changed and only trusted sites and good content is what counts. However, if you use any of the web hosting SEO tools, you’ll just ruin your site and make it hard to rank in Google. And if you rank, be 100 sure that you lots more than what you get as benefits.

So, the Wix Site Booster App is not the best way to start a website, and it had nothing to do with search engine visibility.

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You don’t need to hire someone to submit your Sitemaps to Google, all you have to do is to create any kind of CMS site, then, install a plugin or create a sitemap with few clicks and submit it to Google.

Google lets you create a free Search Console, you can use it to submit your entire site pages, and if you make changes, Google will get the last updated version of the sitemap.

Winx Unlimited Plan: Is it worth it?

If you want to have a professional website, then, the Wix unlimited plan is not worth it for what you pay. Unlike other web hosting companies, there is a real backup, a security system that you can check, or file management tools. In addition, you don’t own the site at 100% and in terms of SEO, it’s just a useless service.

Even their “Connect Domain” plan is expensive, you pay $4 a month just to get 500 MB of disk storage, that no one needs, and that does not allow you to host any site for the long term.

So, instead of wasting your money with the Wix unlimited plan and the other upgrades, you can signup with HostGator and save your money and get a longer list of features, better services, and real secure hosting. Additionally, with these Wix alternatives, you own your site at 100% and there is a free daily backup, cPanel, SSL, and lots of eCommerce tools.

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