Is there any Affordable & Fast WordPress Hosting that really Work?

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With monthly improvements and daily tweaks for the plugin, themes, and code, WordPress is dynamic and great. It’s the preferred blogging software and CMS for millions of people, but, when we talk about speed, and performances, there are many confusions for choosing the right fast WordPress hosting company.

Not all the services are the same, and going with low quality hosting may affect the site SEO directly and make the user experience worse than any time before.

Found lots of offers, deals, about WordPress and don’t know which one is better for you? For many claims about a fast hosting but don’t trust their reviews and marketing posts? So, I’ll show you the only good services that you can use for WordPress and make your blog load fast without paying extra money.

How fast should a WordPress hosting be?

As WordPress is a dynamic website builder software, you need to think about speed twice before choosing. It’s not only a matter of page loading time but also about the server response time.

I’ve seen lots of forum threads, blog posts and articles about how to increase your ranking overnight with just making the site faster. I’ll make things easy for beginners and those who believe these myths and I’d say:

Google may prefer faster web page if it has two identical score pages to serve for users. So, it’s one minor factor among others 200 that the search engines use since 2010. Yes, Google started using the site speed as a ranking factor back in 2010 and not 2013 or 2015 as many think.

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There is no secret for having as site score or exact speed to rank better. Even, if you have the fastest WordPress site on the planet, you’ll never notice a huge ranking improvement, your site content, relevancy and backlinks are the main ranking factors.

The only exception here is when you take the speed of the website from 30 seconds or one minute or one second or less. That can help a little.

In my experience, making your site faster will help the ranking with a very small percentage that you can’t even notice. However, having a website that load under 3 seconds is better for user experience.

On the other side, you should use a hosting with server response time under 1 second as Max. That way, you let Google bot and even other search engine crawlers find your content and crawl it faster.

So all in all, it doesn’t matter if you have a fast or slow site, your content and backlinks will be the way to increase SEO. But, think about speed as a way to serve your users better. There is no big difference between a site that loads in 4 second and other that load in 10 seconds if they have the same content and backlinks. However, the difference can be noticed if one of these sites is tool slow, something like 60 seconds or more. That’s a bad user experience that affects SEO also.

What about your budget limits?

Saving money for web hosting is good only when you choose a good service. If you should choose between cost and quality, then, quality should be your friend. You can find low-cost hosting services, but when it comes to quality, they’re the worst.

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For a good shared hosting, you need to go with an affordable plan under $5 per month with good support and fast server response time. If you find a hosting with higher prices, then you’ll waste your money, instead use a fully managed hosting and you get better resources, faster loading, and more.

For a managed hosting, keep the cost from $20 to $40 for a single installation. But please don’t expect to get a higher ranking because you have a faster hosting. That car drastically increases your sales and conversion rate, but not for ranking, it will be a little improvement.

Choose Cost effective plans

There is no way to hosting WordPress professional other than choosing a trusted company first, then, focus on page caching and image compression to optimize your site for speed. I recommend the following companies as they have faster server response time, affordable prices and reliable hosting.

InMotion Hosting should be your first choice if you really care about both quality and cost. There are lots of tools, installed WordPress and the professional customer support that helps anytime. On the other side, it’s not a magic hosting that increases your site ranking, that kind of hosting is not existing.

The WordPress will be hosted on fast servers, and you’ll notice better user experience than using the other popular companies.

I have a review about this hosting and you can read it for more details. But for now, it’s the only solutions for WordPress that work faster on shared servers. The company supports PHP, MySQL and it has strong security again DDoS attacks and more.

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Bluehost is the second recommend hosting, however, you should install a caching plugin or you’ll find it slow. I recommend it for small WordPress sites and personal blogs. If you plan for something bigger, then, go with the above company it will work better and faster.

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