Advantages of SSD VPS Blog Hosting and best Services for Professionals

When you need a fast hosting, you should focus your choice on the best server configurations. But when you forget SSD, you’ll slow down your website or application. Indeed, the old HDD servers are slower and can crash easier, that’s why I’ve done the hard work to show you the list of the best SSD VPS web hosting providers. Just choose the right service that suits your budget and site needs.

Fast and secure SSD VPS hosting services

In this simple list, I’ll add the following 5 hosting companies I tested personally, So, I know how they work and what features that have.

1- InMotion Hosting

If you’re looking for cheap, but reliable VPS hosting service, then, this one will be the first options. Inmotion uses powerful Samsung solid-state drives to store all the website files and data.

Personally, I found their VPS packages the most affordable, especially if you look at what you get as resources. Furthermore, this company offers fully managed VPS that’s accelerated automatically with the fastest SSD. With every plan, you get a free cPanel license to manage your server files easily.

Inmotion has three different VPS hosting packages with a high level of bandwidth:

  1. VPS-1: This plan cost $29.99 per month and comes with 4 GB of RAM, 75 GB of SSD storage, 4 TB of monthly bandwidth and 3 IP addresses.
  2. VPS-2: It costs $49.99 monthly with 6 GB of RAM
  3. VPS-3: With this hosting package, you get 8GB RAM,260 GB of storage and 6TB of monthly transfer with up to 6 IP addresses per VPS.


For tools, Inmotion offers one-click installer software, so, you can host WordPress as a blogging tool. Also, you can host Joomla and Prestashop.

The company uses the latest server technologies to offer the fastest web hosting service with affordable plans.

2- Liquid Web

This company provides premium quality VPS web hosting with secure SSD disk space., and full management. So, you if don’t have to worry about your server. However, the customer support is not good as they promise, especially their live chat option. In many cases, I’ve tried to reach their customer support and the chat session ended automatically even before starting. So, go with the phone support, it’s much better to fix your server problems.

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The Liquid Web VPS hosting is faster than Digital Ocean, Rackspace and also Amazon. That’s because of the caching system and the better server configuration they implement. So, if you’re willing to buy a powerful VPS plan, then use them. They offer better security, more resources, and faster hosting.

3- Interserver

Interserver is a good hosting solution that provides quality VPS, with every plan they provide the latest SSD technologies with amazing speed as they protect every server from being overloaded. Moreover, the company uses solid state drives with a capacity of strange that ranges from 30 GB to 240 GB. So, even your backup disk space will be fully served from their fast drives.

Interserver offer 99.9 uptime guaranteed, and also they offer instant provisioning for your VPS. For management, you get a web-based control panel with the options to add cPanel for an extra $10 per month.

For security, you can back up and create snapshots of your VPS and then, manage them from one place.

The best thing is the ability to choose your server operating system, Indeed, Interserver hosting lets you choose Linux Windows VPS plan. The Windows VPS costs more, of course.

For software installations, you can add the Softaculous auto installer for $2 per month and you can install popular applications and software.


For VPS pricing, the Linux cloud VPS plan cost $6 per month, and the Windows could VPS costs $10 monthly. This hosting offers up to 4 CPU cores per server, up to $16 GB of RAM and a limit of 240 GB of SSD disk storage. To have an idea bout the exact price per your plan needs, use the slide on their website to calculate the cost automatically. By the way, if you already have a VPS, you’ll get a free migration service, and your new server will be activated instantly.

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4- NameCheap

This is another hosting, but with an extra cheaper VPS package that cost $19.95/month. Of course, the service comes with SSD on all servers and that save lots of website loading time.

Namecheap let you choose self-managed or fully managed VPS accounts, so, you can choose what works better for your situation. Also, they offer up to 2 CPU per server and that’s enough compared to the low prices you pay.


5- Dreamhost

The DreamHost VPS plans take websites to the next level, the disk space is full SSD with a capacity of 240 of maximum storage. This hosting offers lots of features such as the unlimited MySQL databases, Xcache, Nginx, SSH and much more.

So, even if you want to develop your own application, DreamHost is a great place to start with. They offer cheap and reliable VPS services, the cost starts from $15/month with 1GB of scalable RAM, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains.


Advantages of using SSD VPS hosting

These storage technologies use different ways to save the data and serve it. The following are the main benefits of using SSD over HDD as your best web server storage solution.

Fast access time

SSD drives are known for their super fast access time. On average the server processor access the data stored on SSD 100 Time faster than HDD. Which means faster server and loading time in the end.

SSD servers cost more for the companies

In reality, during the last years HDD is the only used storage disk on web servers, but now, things are changing and SSD becomes essential for super fast data centers.


An SSD cost more than regular HDD, so, logically, web hosting companies should charge extra fees for their SSD storage. However, Inmotion Hosing offers the SSD for free without any extra payment. So, the VPS packages come with the best configurations with the same prices of a regular HDD VPS.

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Hosting reliability

The lifetime of SSD depends on the amount of written data and also the type of usage. So, for typical Intel

Backblaze found that on average 80% of their HDD drives last for 4 years. That’s just a study among many confirming nearly the same results. A typical HDD lasts for a few years and there is no guarantee for that, it can last for six months or four years.


That means a lot in the web hosting industry when every second count. When you lose a second, that costs you money and lost revenue in the end.

HDD uses moving parts, and when they work harder, they can easily fail. However, SSD is completely electronic, so, there are no moving parts and they ‘re more reliable.

Additionally, Solid State Drives don’t generate heat and noise, that’s important for computers and also for web servers.

On the other side, SSD has a much longer lifetime, manufacturers expect that an SSD can handle 70 TB of written data in total, if you divide that number per 30 GB or less per day, you’ll find dozens of years of lifetime. Thus, SSD servers last much longer than HDD and that means a VPS with SSD can last longer and handle more data.


The above hosting services are the best with reliable uptime and good customer support. You can choose any of them based on your budget and website resources you need. However, if you ask for one single company, then, I recommend InMotion Hosting, it will speed up your website, blog or any kind of software you install. Also, you’ll save lots of time and effort fixing hosting problem with other companies.

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