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Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA

If you care about the quality of a web host service, then, you should use one of the US web hosting companies. It’s not a matter of location, but a high level of data center architecture, power generators and safety precautions with daily backup and more technologies.

In the US, there are hundreds or thousands of web hosting companies, but not all of them provides the quality we expect. So, here we’ll show you the best American web hosting services with fast servers, good support, and amazing features.

Good US web hosting providers

1. InMotion Hosting

During the last years, we hosted different websites with InMotion Hosting, until now, all of our sites work well without issues. The great SSD infrastructure of InMotion and the fast network connection make the server load super fast on a shared environment.

In addition to their good shared web hosting, InMotion is one of the best web hosting companies that provide quality VPS, and dedicated servers in the USA.

With two data centers in Loss Angeles and in Washington, DC, InMotion helps website owners to get the maximum speed. So, the maximum speed zone as they like to name it decreases the site loading time as the website visitor gets the site files from the nearest location. It’s like a CDN that hosts the static site’s files and deliver them based on location.

InMotion Hosting offers free domain name, SSD servers and best of all, there is a US-based customer support department that you can contact by phone, live chat, and emails.

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The unlimited web hosting plan the company offers come with the highest levels of server security and daily scanning against malware and virus. For blogging, InMotion offers pre-installed WordPress, so, forget installation tools and just check the software you’d like to use when creating your hosting account.

2. Liquid Web

If there is one dedicated web hosting company in the US that we should recommend, it will be Liquid Web. Of course, there are many other companies, but this one provides the fastest servers.

In fact, with SSD disk storage and the latest hardware and software innovation, Liquid Web offers the best web hosting plans with fast support, powerful servers and caching system that boosts the speed.

In addition, there is a fully managed WordPress hosting with SSD, advanced dashboard and daily backup. By the way, there is no need to install any caching plugin as the server does all the caching using a built-in system.

The company provides enterprise-level web hosting solutions, so, high traffic website should be hosted there as no other web host has the quality that Liquid Web offers.

3. iPage

iPage is the best affordable web hosting company in this list. With $1.99 per month hosting plan, you can build a website, blog or even an eCommerce store with all its tools. With a free domain and unlimited resources, iPage is on the top list of the best reliable web hosting solutions.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is well known as a domain registrar, but also, they’re one of the biggest web hosting companies in the USA. Thousands of servers and multiple data centers make everything powerful and affordable at the same time.

GoDaddy offers shared hosting, VPS, and also dedicated servers. So, the hosting plan pricing depends on the resource like RAM, CPU and more. For the shared hosting, the first plan includes one website and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The other plans are unlimited in resources, and you can host unlimited subdomains.

There is also email hosting with Microsoft office 365 and exclusive solutions for small business websites.

5. HostGator

HostGator is a cloud web hosting company based in Houston, Texas, they offer shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated plans. With the latest cPanel version, the company offers easy web hosting with lots of tools such as the auto-installer software, File Manager, FTP, SFTP and more.

In addition, you can manage your emails with forwarders., and check them online with a webmail tool.

HostGator is also known for its great support, we recommend the phone option first, and if you fond occupied, use the live chat.

What we don’t like about HostGator is their marketing emails, however, the quality is good and you can unsubscribe from their updates for emails.

6. WP Engine

As an exclusively built for WordPress, WP Engine is a fully managed web hosting for blogs and small business websites that use the powerful CMS. The plans are not cheap compared to shared hosting, however, it’s a fast web hosting without any installation of caching plugins.

The first plan cost $29 monthly, however, it doesn’t come with CDN as the other hosting packages.

WP Engine is a Texas-based web hosting company, however, they have offices in other countries.

7. BlueHost

Unlike a regular web host service, Bluehost is better known for WordPress. However, the quality is not that good as years ago, so, we strongly recommend installing a caching plugin for shared accounts For VPS, and dedicated, their prices are expensive compared to their resources and limitation.

But Bluehost still a recommended web hosting provider for small WordPress blogs, they have cPanel control panel and one-click installation software.

Bluehost offers a managed WordPress hosting, however, it’s not faster than the above services. So, for WordPress, just use one of the fastest SSD hosting services.

8. Media Temple

This another good web hosting company in Los Angeles, it focuses on web hosting for web designers and agencies. So, the plans are not cheap as you may expect, but they look like small reseller packages with all the options that web designer need.

These are the best web hosts we used in the USA, we’ll add more companies to this list later as we need some time to test them and give their services a try.

Keep in mind that no web hosting company offers the ideal services, so, don’t expect a perfect web host. However, with one of these recommend companies, you’ll get the best services in the industry and your website will load fast and work smoothly.

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