Best Linux Web Hosting Providers with cPanel

Looking for a good Linux web hosting provider? And you need cheap, but quality web host with unlimited hosting plans? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the best web hosts with cPanel.

Linux is the top secure and the most popular server web hosting choice for millions of people around the world.  No matter what kind of website you want to host, it runs smoothly, and it’s a reliable and affordable web hosting business that you can count on.

Top Linux web hosting services

  1. HostGator: Best cloud Linux hosting
  2. InMotion Hosting: Good option for WordPress
  3. Liquid Web: Best options for Linux dedicated hosting
  4. iPage: Cheap Linux based hosting
  5. InterServer: Good option for CMS
  6. FatCow: Easy web hosting services
  7. HostPapa: Green Linux hosting
  8. Cloudways: Recommend solution for bloggers

Best Linux Web Hosts

1. HostGator

HostGator is one of the largest Linux hosting providers in the USA, and there is cPanel with every account, file managed and lots of features.

This is a recommended Linux based site hosting service for people around the world. The different hosting solutions helped business owners and bloggers to build websites and blogs professionally. The only issue with this host is their prices that look a little bit expensive compared to other similar hosting providers, but it worth ti as the are more options and faster servers especially for VPS and dedicated.

2. InMotion Hosting

Want a professional shared hosting on Linux? Then, InMotion Hosting will be the right choice for you, it’s a reliable and affordable hosting provider with years of experience. Furthermore, the company offers amazing features to protect your website and make it loads super fast.

Without talking about complicated server upgrades and configurations, the following is a screenshot of the Uptime recorded for InMotion, and it’s for a whole month to give you a clear idea about the service quality.

Unlike many other providers, you don’t have to learn how to install Linux on your server, it’s a complicated process especially with cloud services.

Luckily, with this well-known hosting company, the Linux server OS is installed for free with every shared hosting account, VPS account, or dedicated server.

Linux hosting uptime

The 100% uptime for a whole month is not easy to achieve in these days, especially with the daily maintenance and setup. If you add the server update and upgrades, it becomes more difficult to offer such a great uptime.

The company offers a 99.9% uptime guaranteed, however, you’ll get better than that, and the above screenshot is a proof of the reliability of that amazing web hosting service.

We can’t talk about a reliable and professional web hosting service without customer support, it’s the only thing that everyone needs to get the help when he needs it.

With a professional technical support team, InMotion has the best quality and the fastest support in the web hosting industry. The following is one of their creative office spaces.

InMotion Hosting support

Being one of the top recommended cPanel web hosts, InMotion is proud of the quality services they offer. The SSD servers take the speed and the performance to the next level.

Keep in mind that SSD servers are 20 times faster than the old HDD servers.

Let’s take a look at the main features/

  • SSD servers
  • Reliable hosting
  • Top-rated business web hosting
  • Free domain name included
  • Website migration service
  • Secure servers with daily scan and backup
  • Dedicated IP address
  • U.S customer support
  • WordPress
  • SSL
  • FTP accounts
  • PrestaShop
  • eCommerce
  • SSH
  • cPanel
  • Shared plans, VPS, and dedicated servers
  • Managed hosting provider
  • Caching system
  • Support by phone, live chat, or tickets
  • Lots of tutorials
  • Drag and drop website builder
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As you can see, these are just a few of the full features that this well-known hosting offer with every Linux server. The optimized infrastructure takes the server configuration and security to the highest levels.

Compared to other hosting companies, this is the greatest and the best one in terms of prices, features, reliability, and customer support. I recommend it for bloggers, web designers, companies, business owners, and anyone who needs the best quality of web hosting.

cPanel hosting is a really friendly and professional way to get a website managed easily without complications. That’s because of the hosting management interface that puts all the things together. So, you can replace files, move, or delete them with a few clicks.

For prices:

  • The first plan starts from $4.19/month for the shared hosting, and that’s a discounted price
  • $29/month for VPS
  • the dedicated server price starts from $119/month
  • $13.99 for reseller hosting

3. Liquid Web

You don’t need to learn Linux in order to host a website or an application. Liquid Web is a managed web server hosting provider with enterprise-level servers and super fast loading time.

It’s a little bit more expensive than the above hosting provider, but, that’s the real cost of such an amazing infrastructure.

Liquid Web has thousands of web hosting reviews from real people around the World. With premium data centers, the network uptime is incomparable with this provider, it achieves the 100 GB speed and that’s a huge potential to host any kind of website, no matter what traffic it gets.

The two data centers are located in Michigan and Arizona, and both have the most sophisticated infrastructure and a well-done configuration.

Linux server operating systems

For operating systems, this top-rated dedicated hosting provider offers CentOS, CloudLinux, and Ubuntu.

For those who want to pay per day for their hosting accounts, the company offers that option that works best for their Storm dedicated servers.

It’s an amazing option that lets you save money for other things and you only pay for that day. On the other side, there are yearly hosting plans that you can choose from.

The multi-tier tier network allows the company to handle the traffic smoothly with hardware selection.

The company has partnered with the 5 biggest network and peering providers in the United States and the World, they are:

  • Level 3 network
  • Verizon
  • Cogent
  • Comcast
  • Equinix

These first-class network provider companies offer what every hosting service needs as premium partners. That’s without talking about the technologies behind every HTTP request that will be handled faster and executed even faster than what a typical hosting company offers.

Liquid Web linux hosting network

The big majority of the dedicated server hosting reviews recommend this provider for its quality and amazing customer support. But also, this is a recommended dedicated hosting for the affordable plans they offer.

Unlike many popular hosts, no one still look for, how to host a website on a Linux server, the cPanel control panel lets anyone install any software like WordPress or others with a few clicks.

On the other side, the managed Linux VPS hosting is one of the greatest services in the world, the quality of their Private Virtual Servers talks about everything.

In a matter of seconds, a well configured and a well-protected server will be ready to use for any traffic.

Using a cloud network and the GeekBench 3 utilities, on the left of the following document, you can see the score results of Liquid Web servers compared to their competitors. Here is the CPU performance result for their VPS servers.

Linux VPS CPU performance

On the right of the image, you can see the Liquid Web VPS servers compared to other hosting services in terms of random write IOPS, which is the best test that shows the real Disk I/O performance.

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Thus, this managed website hosting is always on the top of the list, for the quality and the performance of their servers.

The main features of this provider are the following:

  • Fully managed servers
  • SSD
  • 100% network uptime
  • Fully owned date centers
  • FTP
  • Customizable server clusters
  • Daily server monitoring and scanning
  • Firewall
  • Email hosting
  • SSH
  • PCI Compliance certification
  • E-commerce solutions
  • CDN
  • MySQL and PHP
  • Auto-installed software
  • Free site migration service
  • VPS
  • Dedicated servers with a minimum of 16 GB RAM that can be upgraded to up to 504 GB.
  • 3 different server management options: Fully managed, core managed, and self-managed.
  • 400 on-site staff members to offer professional and fast customer support and technical help
  • The big companies and organizations in the world are hosting their website with them.

Featured Linux web hosting clients

Personally, I’ve tried their managed VPS hosting and there is no Linux setup required to run a powerful server. All the configurations and the settings are well-done for every new account. Furthermore, the Private Virtual Linux server is always secure and protected from threats, malware, and virus.

With this managed Linux hosting company, there is no need to think about security and doing upgrades all the time. Everything will be configured for the maximum speed, and you get a fully managed service like no other company offers.

4. iPage

If you’re looking for the cheapest web host on Linux environment, then, iPage will be the right selection. For only a few dollars per month, the company offers a great hosting with lots of features and add-ons. They have their own infrastructure, and the cheap Linux plans already helped thousands of people to save money and get a professional hosting at the same time.

To give you the conclusion of the iPage web hosting reviews, I’ll just say, it’s an affordable web hosting that you can use for a long time with professional support and good quality.

Of course, this is a shared hosting provider in the first place, however, they have dedicated servers and VPS. Let’s see the features that make iPage different:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Send and receive unlimited emails
  • Unlimited databases
  • Secure data center
  • 1 GB cloud storage for free
  • Works for lots of applications, such as WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop and more
  • Customer support by phone, chat, or emails, the support is available 24/7

Take a look at this image that shows all the features that this hosting service offers for customers.

iPage Linux plans

iPage vs Inmotion Hosting vs Liquid Web:

iPage compared to InMotion Hosting, and Liquid Web is not better in quality, but cheaper and affordable for what you get as features. So, I recommend it for those who have a limited web hosting budget.

On the other side, if you want to go with a dedicated server, then, I only recommend Liquid Web, it’s the most powerful provider of premium servers.

5. InterServer

InterServer is a cheap but good hosting with Linux OS. Unlike other hosting providers, this one focuses on the quality and not the promises.

For that reason, they don’t promise unlimited resources, as every server needs maintenance from time to time. The 99.9% uptime guaranteed is what every online business needs, it helps your website to be online all the time.

The password-protected directory, and also, the IP blocking features are what you need to protect your website or blog easily. Of course, there is a daily scan and backup service for free with other options.

This is the cheapest hosting service in the market with plans starting from $5 per month for small sites, and $8 and more on the monthly hosting for medium and large website sizes.

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InterServer offers dedicated servers are cheaper than other companies, however, they come with limited RAM that ranges from 4 to 32 GB with multiple CPU.

So, they have a great shared and cloud Linux VPS service. If you want huge resources and storm servers, then, only Liquid Web has those powerful servers.

A great feature that I should mention here is that InterServer is one of the few trusted web hosting services that offer monthly hosting plans, that way, you can pay per month for your hosting account. Of course, there are other billing cycles such as the quarterly or the yearly web hosting payment options.

6. FatCow

With a 100% wind-powered data center, FatCow has been doing a good job for the web hosting around the world with shared hosting plans.

The unlimited shared hosting is their focused goal, as they provide huge resources with every plan. That includes unmetered disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and also, they offer a free domain name with every new account.

FatCow hosting offers large varieties of web hosting solutions including e-commerce hosting for software like Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopping Carts, in general. Besides that, there are the SSL, FTP, and the latest PHP and MySQL versions, to host a website or a blog on WordPress or any other platform.

Another important thing to note if you want to buy Linux hosting from this provider, all hosting packages come with instant activation and without setup fees. It’s the Low cost shared web hosting that really helps with cost and features.

7. HostPapa

HostPapa has a 100% wind energy powered data centers. That puts them on the top of the list of the green web hosting providers. The web hosting infrastructure is good for shared hosting plans at low prices. They don’t have SSH access, So, that’s a problem for developers who want secure and scalable VPS servers.

On the other side, the company has different levels of services, including shared hosting, VPS and of course, dedicated servers. There is a little issue on their SignUp page, well, it’s not a real issue, but make sure to uncheck all the extra services that you don’t need.

They offer these extra services and they are enabled by default, So, if you want to get a cheap shared web hosting on Linux servers and save money, then, uncheck what you don’t need as services or tools and everything will be ok.

For customer support, The company has some issues from time to time, especially when you have a complicated problem and you ask for help. For that reason, I only recommend this hosting for people who want to have a simple website or blog without the need for large resources.

After verifying reviews about HostPapa, the unlimited resources don’t mean to host a medium traffic website on shared plans. Make sure to get your own VPS account if you want to avoid being alerted many times about excessive server usage from your website.

8. Cloudways

CloudWays is another good web host, the service offers high-quality hardware and lots of features that a few companies offer. The load balancer helps to reduce the server load significantly, and that will help to make the server stable and working one better performance.

For WordPress, the company has a great hosting solution for all, there is the cheap hosting, and also, the managed hosting with extra resources and features.

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