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Here at My Blog Hosting we test and try different web hosting services, then we evaluate what they offer and compare the hosting pricing and plans. Then, we try the customer support and the tools. So, readers just like you can find a good WordPress blog hosting in easy steps.
If you need a quality blog web hosting, then we recommend the trusted hosting providers we tested.

Take a look at the best monthly WordPress hosting options, we tested the services and they are the top recommendations.

For a high level of customization and better hosting security, we talked about the right solutions. In the first place, if you need web hosting for a professional project, then, use a good VPS. That lets you have a super fast website and build any kind of regular HTML or eCommerce store in no time.

Now, for those who want to start a high traffic website, then, there are good options. However, we only recommend the best dedicated hosting providers. They have SSD servers, super fast Internet Connection, and real-time malware scanning and security protection. In addition, these good hosting services have professional customer support and powerful infrastructure with daily backups.

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Web hosting ranking
Ranking web hosts based on quality and pricing is not enough, so, we go further, and we test the services with personal accounts exactly like the ones you see.

  • Good customer support
  • Good uptime
  • Strong server security
  • Backups
  • Service features

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the service that saves the website files, content, and everything on a server, then, it delivers the needed files to web browsers. So, when someone wants to access a specific URL in a blog, for example, the web server who hosts the website software communicates with the web browser to deliver the proper file like HTML, Text, Images, Videos, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

The whole operation takes a fraction of a second if the web hosting is really professional.

So, in one word, a web host is the home of your website, blog, web store, or app.

The above image is an example of a data center with a block of web servers. These servers consume a huge amount of energy because of the HDD storage heating and also the processors.

So, what is shared web hosting?

A regular shared web hosting uses thousands of servers to offer cheap prices for all. On the other side, cloud web hosting uses thousands of web servers as one system. So, the whole infrastructure acts as a single server with 100% uptime. In other words, if a dedicated server is down, then there should be other servers that save copies of the website to deliver them in case of a problem or downtime.

In the case of shared web hosting, the disk storage and bandwidth, and CPU resources are divided into all the accounts on that server. So, there is a limit of usage to protect the other users from being victims of excessive server usage by anyone.

Some services cost more, and others are cheap but reliable at the same time. At MyBlogHosting, we try to test the service and make a final conclusion about it. In addition, there are many good monthly web hosting services you can start with. Then, if everything works well, you can sign up for a longer billing cycle to save money and get a free domain name.

What does a VPS do?

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server is something between shared and dedicated hosting. However, a VPS is a technology that allocates exact resources in a shared server between a few users. So, for example, if we have a server with 8 users, the disk space and bandwidth usage will be divided into 8 small VPS accounts.

That guarantees the resources for each account, and the user can add custom applications and configurations. The virtualization technologies for both Linux and Windows are making things easier with every new innovation.

So, if you want a dedicated hosting CPU, then, think about a VPS. Here are the right VPS services.

Is a dedicated server hosting different?

A dedicated server is the next level of web hosting with fully allocated resources. So, the limits are the maximum resources that the server can handle like the CPU and the driver storage. This kind of web hosting is expensive but the only solution for high-traffic websites and blogs. Also, we recommend a dedicated server for eCommerce projects and those who need the power and the speed at the same time for a large website.

There are many web hosts, but only a few are the best dedicated web hosting providers.

What is SSD web hosting?

Unlike regular HDD servers, web servers with SSD drives use electronic parts to save website data and files. So, there is no movable part that generates heat with regular operations. In addition, SSD is a faster and more reliable hosting solution compared to regular services. You can read more about our recommended SSD web hosting services for detailed information.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that people use to build blogs and dynamic websites. It’s the number one blogging software for millions of people around the world. What makes WordPress different is the way it was organized and built.

WordPress can be used to build any kind of website from personal blogs to complicated eCommerce websites and forums. The software can be installed easily through a special tool, and you can get it with any web professional hosting provider. We recommend reading more about the fastest WordPress hosting solutions.

How does web hosting ranking work?

We prefer using the easy method to rank web hosting providers. Instead of using complicated factors that no one understands, we consider the user experience and the ease of management in addition to the quality of the service. So, we first focus on the web hosting business, and we find out if it’s a registered business or not. Then, we invest a little money to try to service if we find the first time.

Luckily, the majority of web hosts are well known, and we tested them in different projects previously. So, we know what these web hosting services do and what they have as different in pricing and customer assistance.

Then, we evaluate the quality of the service by giving a score from 0 to 10 looks easy for beginners and also advanced webmasters, and bloggers.