Cheapest yearly web hosting services

5 Cheap Yearly Web Hosting Providers with Best Services

Want the cheapest web hosting plan for one year billing? And you don’t have the time to search for thousands of options and choose the wrong one in the end?

Want your blog to become popular as soon as possible and as soon as you add more content?

So, this article will guide you through the best of the blog web hosts that offer economical yearly plans for WordPress.

To build a blog for your personal use or even for your business, you need a trustworthy web hosting service. It’s the critical service that will determine if your blog will load fast or slow. For that reason, choosing a budget, but good WordPress hosting can be a challenge for beginners, however, we tested different companies and used their servers for years. So, we know which host is good and what others are bad for your blog.

The problem with the popular blog hosting providers is their quality. For many, a good host is the one that offers low-cost plans, but for others, the great choice is the one that combines both, the good services, and the cheap prices at once.

Inexpensive web hosting services with yearly plans

Without a doubt, there are lots of well-known hosting services that offer low cost yearly hosting plans. But what about the quality? Is it what you’re looking for? Or you just want inexpensive hosting?

When it comes to professional web hosting, you need a well-known company that offers reliable hosting. That will help you to save money for other projects, but also, you’ll get a professional service with fast servers, good customer support, and lots of features.

Here is the list of the best yearly hosting services that millions of people trust and use for a long time. We’ll rank them based on their prices, but sure, based on reputations and reviews from real customers. And most importantly, We’ll use our own experience with each hosting provider to help you choose the best one.

1. iPage (cheap hosting at $35.88 per year)

This is the cheapest way to start a WordPress blog o yearly plans. You can’t find any cheaper service with a professional customer support and a long list of features like this one.

The iPage’s smallest hosting plan called “Essential” costs only $1.99 per month for three years payment and $2.49 for 24 months billing. And if the yearly hosting plan is what you need, that will cost $2.99 per month. That means you can host a professional blog for $35.88 per year with auto installer software

The following is a screenshot from their signup page, you can see the price per month and the plan per year. Also, the company offers Credit Card and PayPal payment options for more flexibility.

iPage's yearly WordPress hosting

On the same page, you’ll notice the “Website Essentials”, these are add-ons that you can select or uncheck as well. Just uncheck all the options that you don’t need and you’ll get a total cost of $35.88 for that one-year blog hosting plan.

The best thing about this good shared hosting is that you get a free domain name and a mobile-optimized website builder tool. That means a lot these days, Google gives mobile-optimized websites a ranking boost and that’s why you should care about that.

Thanks to iPage’s mobile website builder, you can create a site with drag and drop, and it will be optimized fully for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. So, when a user accesses your site from his smartphone, for example, the site will look professional and the layout will be adjusted automatically.

Here are the iPage features that make it a recommended web host that’s affordable and reliable at the same time:

  • WordPress one-click installer software
  • Mobile optimized site builder tool
  • Weebly site builder
  • CMS including WordPress and more
  • Hundreds of free templates and themes
  • Online file manager
  • Secure online FTP
  • URL redirect tool
  • Blog backup
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited domains to host
  • Custom email accounts with your domain name: Example:
  • Online email checker and manager
  • Autoresponders
  • Email forwarding tool: You can forward your domain email to Gmail or any other service.
  • Spam filters that you can customize
  • Email virus protection
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Online control panel
  • 2 data centers
  • Free 1 GB cloud storage account
  • Support by Phone, email, tickets or online chat
  • One toll-free phone number for the US customers
  • Yellow Pages free listing
  • $200 marketing credits with Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing

As you can see, iPage offers lots of services with great features and professional customer support.

2. InMotion Hosting ($47.88)

InMotion has one of the easiest WordPress hosting services, they offer preinstalled WordPress with free domain and also a free premium SSL from Comodo. That all save a lot of money, in addition, they have fast servers, optimized infrastructure, and a fast customer support service.

We recommend InMotions’s yearly hosting plans for all types of website including WordPress. The 99.99% uptime guaranteed, and also the servers protection will make everything professional and working at the best performances all the time.

Shared one year hosting

3. InterServer: ($54 on yearly website hosting)

I used InterServer for 3 blogs, and it’s a good managed hosting compared to the others. I tested their hosting and it worked well and even better than many popular companies. InterServer lets you build your own blog no matter if you used the software before or without any knowledge about blogging. There are tutorials and a great support service.

The smallest shared hosting plan costs only $5 per month, and with yearly plans discount, that means $54 hosting per year. The longer time you choose a plan, the cheaper you’ll host your site.

For building your blog, there is a fully managed service hat cost $8 per month, and that’s great for a beginner who needs unlimited resources.

web hosting features

Unlike other web hosts, InterServer takes your blog disk space and monthly bandwidth seriously. So, they optimized their servers and their privately owned data centers. They take the different approach to guarantee the best quality for their services. So, you’ll get faster SSD disk space and premium quality bandwidth.

For flexibility, there are many options and bloggers can pay per year or per month as they need.

InterServer is a trusted blog hosting service that we recommend. It lets you host your WordPress with 99.9% uptime guarantee, and Solid State Drives to speed up the page loading time.

For customer assistance, InterServer offers a live chat support, email support and the whole customer support department is based in the USA.

For the website management, the cPanel control panel is also included with every hosting plan. So, you can edit your Blog files with a few clicks. Also, you get FTP access, SSH, domain management tools, and more features.

4. GoDaddy (affordable yearly hosting plans)

GoDaddy is a well knows web hosting provider, the flexible pricing makes everything simple and easy for all. For example, there is a yearly WordPress hosting offer that cost $12 in total, and that means. So, you have a long time to test the host and build a blog with one click install tool. After the first year, the pricing will be higher as the first year is only a special offer for bloggers.

Why choosing the yearly web hosting plans?

We always look for the best quality, but also, we may forget or neglect other things that everyone should look for in a web host. The pricing, for example, can have a direct impact on your hosting budget in the long-term. Don’t just thin about months, but keep in mind that the hosting plans per year come with special offers and additional tools for free.

As an example, some web hosts will provide a free domain but only when you choose a hosting plan for one year billing, at least. In addition, there are SSL certificates, security options and more.

On the other hand, you can’t guarantee that your credit card or PayPal account will have money on it every month to pay the hosting invoices automatically. So, you may face some issues with that, and if the company find payment problems, it can contact you and even cancel your account if you really host with bad company. So, choosing the yearly hosting is better for your website and for your budget at the same time.


We hope you liked these cheap web hosting plans per year. You get all the tools in one place and there is no need to waste your time searching for other yearly hosting providers. Of course, you can find great ones, but they’re not secure and cheap at all.

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