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Difference Between Bluehost, WordPress and Shared Hosting

What are the differences between Bluehost, WordPress and the shared hosting? And what about starting a simple personal blog, is that need a specific hosting?

Choosing the right hosting service for your blog needs time and even testing, but if you follow this post, you’ll find your way. Indeed, creating a WordPress blog with popular companies should be your first step, however, some providers offer good quality while others slow down your site and even risk your total content ranking and security.

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Bluehost is one of these hosting companies, they worked hard to establish a good relationship with bloggers and site owners, but nothing is perfect. So, for beginners especially, there is a confusion between, Bluehost as a provider for web hosting, WordPress optimized hosting and their regular shared hosting. Let’s focus on these types of services and make things clear for all.


Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by a group Called EIG Endurance International Group that owns a long list of other companies. In reality, the growth of its business revenue is based on a large number of acquisitions of small hosting companies.

Actually, the EIG company has over 2500 employees and it’s located in the United States. The list of sub-companies includes HostGator, JustHost, A Small Orange, HostMonster, iPage, and more.

Bluehost offer different types of services for blogs and websites in general. In fact, there is shared hosting, I’ll talk about it later, WordPress optimized web hosting, VPS, and also dedicated servers for large sites.

With Bluehost, you can create a blog on WordPress or any kind of other sites. Even you can install content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, and also, eCommerce applications such as PrestaShop and Magento. So, all in all, Bluehost is a web hosting service provider that you can use to start with and also grow with.

No matter what size of website you want to build, you can start for cheap plans, and later upgrade. It’s a scalable hosting you can use.

Of course, Bluehost is not the best of the best as many others think, there are downtimes and problems that customers reported. But on overall, it’s an affordable hosting that makes its profit basically from WordPress bloggers and sites built on WordPress.

For example, back in 2014, there was a big outage that caused lots of confusion among site owners. In my own experience with Bluehost, I don’t find it really good and fast as InMotion Hosting, but, it’s still a low-cost hosting that you can use for a small blog or website.

Shared Hosting offered by Bluehost

This type of hosting is suitable for hundreds of applications and tools. As it’s a shared web hosting, everything as resources is shared between all the domains hosted on the same server. For example, your website speed will be affected directly by the overall RAM and CPU usage by other sited on the server.

Of course, there is no guaranteed that the hosting will protect your site usage and resources. That’s why they don’t allow high traffic usage on their servers, but things happen, and a cheap shared hosting should only be your choice for a small blog.

If you want to migrate an existing blog to Bluehost, then, there is a bad surprise, the cost is over $100 and that’s really surprising. What beginners, with no resources, have to do in that case?

So, my personal recommendation is to stay away from Bluehost, the reason is that you can get better quality hosting and free migration with InMotion Hosting. Why should you spend all that money for migration when you can get it completely for free and from professional customer support?

Bluehost vs WordPress

The fact that WordPress recommend Bluehost as a hosting should never mean a good service for your blog. WordPress is a company owned by Automattic, and it makes a profit from their hosting and marketing services. In addition, they make money by referring customers to Bluehost, so, it’s a business in the end, and you should keep that in mind. It’s like owning shares in a company or partnering with it or even investing in it.

So, WordPress does not recommend Bluehost because it’s the best hosting in the World, but because they work together.

WordPress Optimized Hosting by Bluehost

Now we come to the Bluehost optimized WordPress hosting, it’s the next level of service offered specifically for WordPress. So, expect faster server, more resources and better quality in total compared to their shared hosting.

That’s all good, but for pricing, things are different. Bluehost WordPress Hosting is expensive and not affordable if you compare the speed of the server and the security to managed WordPress hosting providers that are faster like WP Engine.

Also, the renewal prices for WordPress hosting offered by Bluehost is expensive and it’s as much as twice the regular promotional plan you sign up for the first time. So, don’t be surprised next time you find the double cost of your previous hosting plan you subscribed for with them.

Final word

Bluehost is a cheap hosting for WordPress, but I only recommend it for starters. If you have a blog that you just started or that receive a little traffic, then, go with them. But if you want to go big and choose a better WordPress hosting that’s faster and more secure, then, InMotion Hosting is the right choice. The company uses SSD fast servers with great caching and fast network connectivity.

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