Differences between VPS and Managed WordPress Hosting

There are many differences between VPS and managed WordPress hosting. In fact, WordPress is a great blogging and CMS that needs server optimization for better speed and performance. However, there are some issues especially for similarities and differences between the two kinds of services. One hosting is budget and cheap, and another is better and cost more.

For that reason, comparing managed WordPress hosting services to VPS packages is a great way to start with. So, before choosing a web hosting provider for your site, think about the features that each service offers. Then, make a decision based on your website bandwidth and disk space needs.

Also, don’t forget the user experience that you need to make better with fast hosting. No one will stay on your website if it takes a long time to load fully.

WordPress needs powerful servers and caching system to handle the traffic and also the PHP executions. So, it’s not ideal to host WordPress on shared hosting if the site receives a good amount of traffic.

Managed WordPress hosting and VPS

In reality, the managed WordPress hosting is a customized VPS server with additional support and tools. For example, the majority of the so-called managed WordPress hosting providers uses Linode’s infrastructure which is a normal Linux VPS hosting service. Then, they add custom optimizations to the server and resell the service as their own.

If you’re familiar with Linux hosting and can manage the server, then, going with a VPS is better. That way, you will save a lot of money and you can optimize the VPS as you need for better performance.

On the other side, if you’re a WordPress beginner user and want to have a fast blog or website, then, choosing a managed service is the right choice. With managed WordPress hosting services, you get the support from expert technicians who can solve problems faster and better.

Trusted web hosting providers

1. Liquid Web

The web hosting allows businesses to use this service to enable them to focus on the business operations. Liquid Web is a US-based web hosting provider that was founded in the year 1997 to offer a broad range of hosting services such as VPS.

As a managed WordPress hosting

Liquid Web recently released its managed WordPress hosting option which is highly optimized. The high level of optimization facilitates efficiency, speed, and uptime. This makes it even more efficient in supporting SEO features.

By the way, this website is hosted by Liquid Web’s most powerful servers. So, we tested their services and we know how it works.

The managed WordPress option provided by Liquid web is more reliable than all the other services. That’s because of the fully optimized servers and SSD storage they offer. Additionally, they offer the best customer support for WordPress with expert technicians.

This option is also pre-configured with utmost up-to-date technology. This updated technology enables it to stand up to traffic loads, especially high ones.

Last but not least, managed WordPress hosting has made it possible for clients to serve the e-commerce plug out of the box. This is an option that has rarely been provided by other several web hosting services, making it almost unique to Liquid Web’s managed WordPress hosting.

Why SSD server work faster?

This is a very important technology that each modern web hosting company should have. In reality, you can find lots of web hosting offers online with dozens of promises, but only a few companies are trusted on that. SSD servers work faster than HDD because the time of each operation will be reduced significantly. In other words, the processor can access the data (your website file) faster. That way, the server processor will work also better and the whole environment will be optimized for speed.

The problem here is that the SSD technology itself matter. There are many SSD providers, but the liquid web hosting uses the best of them from Samsung;. That’s why their servers work faster and better. All that resulted in fast loading web pages that rank better in search engines and offer better user experience.

2. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers. However, they use Linode servers to power their servers. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and they don’t own their data centers that are located in the United Kingdom, the US, and Japan.

WP Engine has come a long way in satisfying its 40,000 customers worldwide, and this could be due to various factors. Several of these features which makes WP Engine stand out include their supportive customer service staff.

The WP Engine’s customer support relies on the top of the shelf technology which is driven by innovation. The combination of these brings out the best desirable and reliable daily customer support anyone can wish for.

One can credit WP Engine of having a very secure, fast and up-to- scale service delivery. These can be attributed to its best architecture. The highly redundant system also plays a significant role in achieving these commendable attributes. The company provides daily website scanning and malware removal with daily backup.

At the service of WP Engine is an experienced, professional and dedicated team of laboratory expertise. The staff ensures that the dedication and expertise if the lab team is effectively tapped, helping bring about around the clock support you can rely on.

A highly innovative and full-time engineering staff available at WP Engine makes certain that the dedication provided by the laboratory teams defines the cutting edge technology in WordPress.

Because WP Engine is backed up by a robust CDN, it makes your website not only faster but also smoother. One also has the option of using the SSL features provided to make their website look more trustworthy, which is a vital additive, especially for marketing sites. The days when customers were often worried about the IP are over with WP Engine’s owned dedicated IP which is Geo-based, making it one of the best you could get.

These among other minor features make WP Engine what it is now. Many customer reviews attribute its attractiveness to an excellent support system and the platform’s speed. Although, a few technical hiccups may be experienced when it comes to migrating the existing WordPress sites and also the SSL. These, however, should not hinder someone from exploiting the full benefits of using managed WordPress hosting from WP Engine.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is another one of the most reliant WordPress hosting providers. It has a range of services and features including a free cPanel and Samsung SSDs. cPanel as a backend offers flexibility regarding the control panel and has been strategically placed in the account management dashboard.

The service guarantees a 99.9% uptime for all the websites. Furthermore, and they offer 1Gbps network speed just for uplink. As if that was not enough InMotion Hosting offers its customers an efficient admin support which can be described as being a one-on-one.

That has helped to eliminate the tiresome procedure required for logging in for billing and domains.

The server management is free and also, you can customize the configuration. So, you can take the server customization to the next level to have faster loading time, more security, better disk space usage, server reliability, and much more.

Compared to other WordPress hosting providers, InMotion has the upper hand when it comes to money back guarantee. This policy improves customer relations and builds trust between the hosting provider and its clients.

This policy is to ensure that the clients are fully refunded, regardless of the dedicated server plan they choose, if they are not satisfied with InMotion’s services. The money back guarantees also assure customers that they will get better pricing for long-term pre-pay such as for a whole year.

Unlike other WordPress hosts, the managed InMotion Hosting service is fast and especially so when relating to the ping time. This is because InMotion has its data centers located near the Los Angeles and the Washington D.C Internet Exchange Point.

InMotion also offers free data backup which is a vital add-on for more security. This is highly beneficial, especially since shared server hosting is faced with many challenges and site management may be risked with unintended actions such as deletion or servers going down.

This is where data backup play a significant role and InMotion provides it free and steady. Also, they do not impose low limits to data backups like other hosting companies.

VPS web hosting

Liquid Web is the best VPS hosting provider without a doubt. They’ have the faster server with the highest levels of security and optimizations.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), is sold as a virtual machine by hosting services on the internet. VPS runs its copy of an OS. VPS hosting customers can enjoy superuser access level for the OS instance. This enables them to install software which runs on the particular OS. Also, the VPS allows custom configurations and more settings to suit the website needs.

The VPS hosting solution offers better pricing that’s affordable compared to dedicated servers. Because of sharing the physical hardware that underlies it, with other VPS, they tend to be lower. They also happen to depend on other instance’s workloads.

Among the many companies offering VPS hosting, Liquid Web stands out amongst them as a revered competitor. The key factors that may be the reason for Liquid Web’s success as a VPS hosting are the following.

Great Customer Support

Liquid Web has a dedicated support staff that is available 24/7. This support includes telephone, ticketing support and live chats. Clients can contact the technicians and get support any time of the day.

Failure by the client support staff to respond within the promised period will lead to the client’s account being credited by ten times the amount of time delayed. This ensures reliability and trust between the company and its clients.

Guarantee for uptime

The Uptime is the time during which a machine, especially a computer is in operation.

In web hosting services, clients tend to lose vast sums of money due to downtime, which is the time during the computer is non-operational. Liquid Web has cut down this let down by guaranteeing uptime. They achieved that by sophisticated servers and four world-class data centers. The company manages and fully own enterprise-class data centers in the US.

As a result, the company guarantees 100% uptime. Any downtime that their customers experience is usually compensated. Compensation due to downtime is done by crediting the customer’s account ten times as well. If for some reasons, a customer’s website goes off for as long as one hour, then the Liquid web will provide free credit for 100 hours of web hosting.

Good VPS pricing

Liquid Web’s VPS hosting comes with a vast range of pricing options with ten different packages. This enables some business with low requirements to start with cheaper VPS plans that are just adequate for their needs.

As the company grows to more vast and complex technicalities, then higher pricing plans may be opted for. The larger plans have all the features that a sophisticated website may require, thus enabling you to have a host of choices to select.

In addition to the above features, the upgrade of VPS subscription has been made easier by Liquid Web hosting. This enables its clients to add more bandwidth for the sake of increasing security.

Liquid Web has many years of experience as a VPS Hosting company that makes it reliable and efficient.


Now you have ani idea about the differences between VPS and the managed hosting for any kind of projects including WordPress. Also, you can choose a good service provider that suits your budget and your blog needs. If you have something to add, you can write it in your comment or directly use the contact page if you want.

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