4 Best HostGator Alternative Web Hosts

Is there any true HostGator alternative web host that makes your site load fast and secure at once? And can you get quality customer support with cPanel, WordPress tools, and other amazing features?

If you used HostGator web hosting in the past, then, you probably know some problems like their slow servers and other issues. Besides, their pricing is not cheap for bloggers. So, if you want to move from HostGator to one of their best competitors, then, keep reading. Now, let’s find out the web hosts that are better than HostGator.

HostGator alternatives for bloggers and site owners

1. InMotion Hosting

We tried InMotion Hosting for years and it’s better than HostGator all the way. It’s not any kind of web host, but a premium quality service with SSD disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and real support. Moreover, there is free SSL, free domain name and lots of options.

InMotion is on the top list of the best web hosts that replaces HostGator, and that you can use and trust for a long time.

Their WordPress hosting rocks, and for sure, the software is pre-installed, and even more, nothing can be better than secure servers that are optimized for speed and search engine crawling.

For WordPress, InMotion has partnered with JetPack to bring all their services and tools to their secure hosting.

There is a full list of features such as the fast backups, automatic social sharing, SEO tools, Google Analytics integration and more with one click.

What InMotion offers better than HostGator?

  • Faster website loading time, thanks to their SSD powered servers and optimizations
  • Premium JetPack plans for free
  • Better customer support
  • Premium SSL for your site at no additional cost
  • Free domain name
  • More tutorial and easy to follow web hosting guides
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free data backups
  • PHP 7 ready hosting
  • Malware scan and protection
  • Secure email hosting

2. GoDaddy

If you like the business web hosting tools, email, and DNS, then, GoDaddy will be the best alternative service to HostGator.

In fact, with free business email, the latest cPanel version and competitive offers, the web host works well for everyone including bloggers, business owners, and developers.

Unlike HostGator, GoDaddy offers powerful hosting that you can customize. There are SSD powered dedicated with fast network connectivity, good hosting security levels, and 24/7 available customer support.

For prices, GoDaddy is cheaper than HostGator, and they have good web hosting plans for Linux and Windows. By the way, HostGator doesn’t offer Windows hosting, and in this case, GoDaddy should be the only choice.

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What makes GoDaddy better than HostGator?

  • More tools for businesses
  • Faster Linux servers
  • Free domain
  • Free business email for one year
  • Better DNS tools
  • Windows hosting
  • Balanced CPU, RAM, and resources
  • A virtualized file system protection that works all the time
  • Cheaper plans

Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t offer free site backups, and unlike HostGator it offers that option for extra fees. However, if you use WordPress, you can just install a backup plugin for free and send the files to Dropbox, Amazon, or Google Drive.

Keep in mind that GoDaddy shared hosting has nothing to do with their VPS and dedicated servers.

On shared hosting, there are many domains, CPU usage and you can avoid issues by installing a caching plugin and also compress your site content using cPanel.

So, there is always a solution for any problems, however, with their dedicated hosting, it’s a real solution for enterprises and big size of company websites. There are many popular companies with high traffic websites that use GoDaddy, so you’ll be in good hands.

3. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the only web host that offers a lot of tools in one place and that uses green energy.

The company invested lots of resources in making their infrastructure a real competitor to many big web hosting providers.

So, they started by converting their old HDD to the latest SSD technologies. Then, their engineers spend the time optimizing the servers and bundling a custom caching system that works better than HostGator and their EIG sister sites.

Now, GreenGeeks is a recommended web hosting for all kinds of websites, including WordPress blogs and eCommerce projects. There is a free wildcard SSL certificate for all your sites, and if you need a premium SSL, there is a good one for your account.

Of course, we all enjoy working with cPanel to manage the files of the site, etc…So, this web host offers cPanel at no additional cost. Surprisingly, cPanel works better with GreenGeeks because of the good caching technology they implemented.

Why is this better than Hostgator?

  • Green powered hosting
  • SSD enhanced servers
  • Optimized Lightspeed and MariaDB
  • Exclusive server caching system
  • Hosting accounts isolation
  • Automatic app updates
  • Nightly backups
  • PCI compliance servers
  • Expert technicians in customer support

4. InterServer

If you don’t like the marketing emails of HostGator and you need an easy web hosting that works, then InterServer will be one of the best options.

Unlike Bluehost, HostGator, iPage and the other EIG companies, InterServer owns a good data center in the USA with SSD storage.

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Additionally, there is cPanel, and best of all, the prices of all their plans will be the same no matter if they make changes or not. That’s what they call the price lock.

With HostGator, there are many limitations for using WordPress, for example, you can’t install any caching plugin or tool. And if your blog uses excessive CPU and RAM, you’ll be alerted and that’s bad.

Luckily, you’ll forget all these problems with GreenGeeks, their server handles more visits, and never crashes like HostGator.

What makes it a good HostGator alternative web host?

  • $5 web hosting plans
  • Customized malware protection
  • $1.99 domain registration cost
  • SSD SQL Offloading
  • 50% maximum server capacity
  • No limits of disk storage and bandwidth


Some web hosting alternatives offer extra features, options, and tools, and others offer cheaper plans but with better performance.

So, all in all, you need to choose the right web host that suits your needs and that works with your budget. If you don’t want to deal with server issues and have the best option, then, InMotion Hosting should be the first choice on this list.

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