What Type of Hosting do You Need for WordPress? Best Recommendations

The WordPress software is full of options and there are thousands of plugins and themes to customize everything. So, you can build any type of website using it, but you need different kinds of hosting solutions depending on your needs and even budget. We’ll focus on this today and will show you what kind of hosting you need for WordPress website and blogs.

Does WordPress need a specific hosting?

Unlike static HTML sites, when you use blogging software, your site will work with PHP and MySQL server operations, which means a lot of server load, especially for high traffic sites. Basically, the regular hosting services don’t use a caching system that speeds up the process and makes the site work faster.

So, shared hosting services should have fast servers first, and if they’re SSD based web hosts, that’s amazing. Second, they should have security software that scans and monitor the software, here is why:

WordPress is open-source software, so, anyone can contribute and build plugins and themes. That’s good, but thousands of developers will neglect their plugins and codes, and the tools will be outdated after a few months or years.

These plugins, especially, have a high risk on your blog, they can include malware, and even dangerous codes that anyone can play with.

For that reason, we recommend verifying every plugins and theme you want to install. Even if you should use a plugin, make sure to scan it for malware and virus. Then, use it carefully and host the site on a secure server.

For servers, there is no exact recommendation as there are many manufacturers, but keeps the level of hardware high as DELL and related products. For processors, Dell and Samsung produce great products and many hosting providers use them.

Now, when it comes to the hard drive, a few companies use real SSD for all the infrastructure. There are many marketing offers and promises, but when it comes to reality, they only use a small number of SSD servers.

So, the whole data center still works on old HDD servers that are slow, especially to handle the traffic of websites. Even more, the power system can still work even in disasters and critical situations.

The CMS installer

No matter what business, you run and what kind of website you want to use, if the  CMS installation is wrong, nothing will work. Or, on the other side, you can have a working blog, but something can be missing behind the scene.

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That can be a problem with crawling because you misconfigured the crawling settings because you installed the blogging system in the wrong directory and not the root of your domain hosting.

To be able to have a professional website, things start from installation, it’s true that web hosting services offer auto-installer software, but do you know that you don’t need it? That’s true, InMotion Hosting is the only SSD fast hosting that specializes in WordPress and offers the software pre-installed for you.

So, if you don’t have any experience with software installation, you can use that great service. When you create your account, check the WordPress pre-installed services, and everything will be ready to use.

Do you need cPanel for WordPress Hosting?

This is what every beginner user needs, the cPanel control panel lets you manage the Blog file. You can upload and download files, or move them like they’re on your local laptop.

It’s preferable to have a cPanel web hosting plan, but also, you need FTP access. That way, you still have access to every file on your blog even in situations when you can’t log in or for any reason.

Also, SFTP is more secure than regular FTP, and it’s offered by many hosting providers. Without any of these tools, there is no professional hosting that you can count on.

The customer support

This is one of the things that lots of beginners neglect and forget, the web hosting customer support for WordPress is not the same as regular software hosting. It’s better to go with a hosting provider with expert technicians. When someone needs help with any configuration or error message, only those who used the tool and know it well can help.

So, always look for good quality hosting with expert customer support. And don’t forget the way to contact the company, look for a phone number, live chat, and of course, they should offer support by email.

Recommended WordPress Hosting Services

The kind of hosting depends on the size of your site and its use. If you want to start a simple blog and you don’t waste your time with technical settings and things like that, then, use InMotion Hosting. You get a pre-installed CMS with amazing customer support and lots of tools.

The great thing about that hosting is that their renewal prices are cheaper than all their competitors. Additionally, it’s a high-quality optimized WordPress web host and offers strong security and malware scan.

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For speed, it’s faster than all the shared hosting services like Bluehost, HostGator, iPage and much more.

For resources, this hosting offers unlimited disk space, unlimited site bandwidth, and a free domain name. The customer can choose cheap hosting packages, then upgrade to the next level when the site becomes bigger and larger. That’s what a real scalable hosting should offer. You don’t need to pay for resources you don’t need.

The above hosting is the best, the security is at its highest levels and, even more, there is the only professional drag and drop builder tool. They offer it with your hosting and you can just build an amazing blog or site in minutes.


WordPress as a blogging and CMS needs special configurations and strong server security to work better and faster.

By using one of the above services, you’ll make everything professional and secure. But make sure to follow the basic best practices for managing a blog and customizing it. Don’t use any plugin or theme and always use trusted sources for your site.

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