Paid Web Hosting Services

Paid Web Hosting Services: Do you Really Need them?

Do you really need one of the paid web hosting services? And can you host your blog or website with any other solution online?

Lets’ find our the reasons for choosing a paid web hosting service compared to the options.

What are the paid web hosting services?

Paid web hosting companies use lots of resources to build powerful data centers, and optimized web servers. In addition, these providers have customer support departments and thousands of technicians and engineers. So, it’s a company that sells rent the severe usage for monthly or yearly billing cycles.

Compared to free web hosting solutions, the paid services offer speed, security, customer support and lots of other options and tools. So, it’s not like any way to host your website and make it work without problems.

Now, imagine if a company offers everything for free, how can they work? And what can they do to protect their servers and offer support? Unless it’s a nonprofit organization, there is no free web hosting that can help your website.

Recommended paid web hosting services

Technically speaking, there is no real resource or even any security levels with free web hosts. So, if you really care about your website or eCommerce project, then, choose a good paid web hosting service. Luckily, we tested many options, solutions and during the last years, we learned what really works and what you should avoid as web hosting companies. So, here is the list of the best paid web hosting providers we recommend.

1. GoDaddy

This is a reliable and paid web hosting with decades of experience and fast customer support. The company uses powerful Dell servers and multiple data centers across the US. In addition, there is a fast network connection and a big infrastructure that can host big size of websites.

It doesn’t matter if you want to build a website, eCommerce website or other projects, this professional web hosting offers all the tools you need. In addition, to the hosting packages, GoDaddy offers professional email hosting, small business add-ons, email spam filtering and domain name registration.

Visit GoDaddy for more details

2. InMotion Hosting

This is another well-known premium web hosting service, they have data centers in Washington DC and Los Angeles. So, if you want to start a website, then, choose one of these data center locations to give your site a boost in speed.

For serve specification, as a premium service, InMotion offers SSD powered web servers. So, the processors have faster access to the disk storage to extract data and execute it. That affects the servers speed positively and make it super fast compared to any shared web hosting provider.

Furthermore, we notice a big improvement in their infrastructure each year. That include additional blocks of servers that have the latest technologies and the best hardware systems. Ans also, they add lots of tutorials, system improvement, security updates and much more.

Paid Web Hosting Service

All that makes InMotion on the top list of the most secure premium web hosting solutions in the world. Keep in mind that on shared servers, it’s not easy to find that high level of protection and service scanning against malware and other online threats.

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If you like more power, then, chose one of their VPS premium plans or the dedicated servers packages. Off of these quality web hosting options includes

3. iPage

This is a cheap web hosting but, with professional services. the main package costs $1.99 per month. The web hosting company provides easy access to the database, the website files, and the domain DNS manager.

iPage can help you to build a WordPress blog with one-click installer software. On the other hand, you can install any Content Management System like Joomla, Drupal, and even eCommerce apps. These pen sources tools come with premium quality server configurations, setup, and protection.

With this professional web hosting, you get a free domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. However, we recommend the main web hosting plan for those who want to save money in the long-term and who need easy solutions for small to medium-size website or blog. If you need more server resources, then, get your own VPS or dedicated server plan with the companies we tried and recommend.

Visit iPage web hosting

4. Liquid Web (managed dedicated web hosting)

Unlike shared web hosting, Liquid Web has the fastest dedicated servers in the world. The company provides a premium quality hardware and enterprise level architecture. That can handle any web traffic you can image. Even better, the server DDoS protection and malware scanning take the security to the highest levels.

There is no need to subscribe to paid server security solutions as Liquid Web does the job for you professionally.

Liquid Web offer secure dedicated hosting and cloud servers for high traffic websites. Also, the web host takes eCommerce websites to the next level with customized server settings and powerful CPU and SSD drives.

Visit Liquid Web for more details

5. InterServer (paid cloud web hosting)

In terms of quality, this will be great for blogs and even eCommerce sites. The plan cost $5 every month or choose the yearly plan that comes with a discount applied automatically. InterServer is premium service and expects fast website loading time. The cPanel includes File Manager, DNS manager, FTP and SFTP tools and everything w webmaster needs.

For customer support, there is assistance by phone or live chat, and you can build any kind of website with such a quality cloud web hosting provider. Their plans are cheaper and suit the need of small business owners and bloggers at the same time.

Visit InterServer for more details

These are the recommended paid hosting services we tried during years. If you think that you can add a feedback for any provider, we’ll be happy to hear from you. And if you tried other services, and they’re not listed here, make sure to mention them on the contact page. We’ll do our best to try their services before adding them here.

At MyBlogHostign we prefer premium quality service we hosted with and that worked well. With a combination of experience and user rating, we offer the best review for readers. So, tall that tale some time to decide if a professional web hosting worth it in the end.

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