Pressidium WordPress hosting review

The fully managed WordPress hosting is not an option, especially for high traffic blogs and sites.

If you’re a webmaster and wants to save time settings the server, then, this is my Pressidium review of a new kind of service that offers full scalability, amazing uptime and free migration of your full website.

The Pressidium Pinnacle Platform offers the next level of hosting services for WordPress.

The founders and the team come from the Internet Telecom industry and they’ve worked hard to build such a solid infrastructure with advanced functions. However, WP Engine still the best ever WordPress managed web hosting for the quality of their service and the amazing features.

Pressidium hosting

The first time I saw this hosting, it was in pre-launch mode and they were testing everything. So, I wanted to give them the time to build their site and see what they can do.

Later, when their official site is officially launched, I tested lots of things before giving my own review that people need.

The first thing, that every blogger will notice, is the great dashboard and the control panel interface in general. From there, people can manage everything and add what they need. Now, let’s see the things that make Pressidium different from the other managed WordPress hosting providers.

Speed and uptime

I’m not talking about normal hosting service, this is a company that has a first-class infrastructure with data centers and servers in a different location including.

  1. North America
  2. Japan
  3. Europe
  4. Southeast Asia and Oceania

That gives users total flexibility and great uptime and also reliability. The server itself is powerful and can handle any amount of traffic you can imagine.

Of course, that’s not easy, but the company has a premium load balancing system that optimizes the resources even in the critical moments of additional traffic.

The multi-caching Layer creates a different level of copies of every website request, and that reduces the loading time significantly. Most importantly, it reduces the server response time under 200 milliseconds that Google recommends for better crawling and friendly user experience.

The 5 levels of the caching system speed up the PHP, content and all the other things like the database queries to save time and make every server request faster.

The CDN is another option that you can enable from the control panel. It’s an add-on for $10 per month for 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. That’s a low price compared to any Content Delivery Network.

The PHP acceleration system speeds up your blog using custom settings, created especially, for PHP requests. Better than that, the multiple Geo DNS servers make websites, 30% faster than normal DNS service providers.

Free site migration

The migration process is the most difficult part when everyone wants to move from shared hosting or a VPS to a managed hosting, created especially for WordPress.

The Pressidium migration is completely free, and you can just send them a ticket with your site URL, and username, or only with an archived file with the Duplicator plugin.

By the way, I never saw any other managed hosting offers this free migration. It will cost some hundreds of dollars at least with other providers.

Server security

Securing your WordPress website is not just plugins, but more important the server itself should be fully protected.

Luckily, there is a server malware monitoring and removal that scan your files and protect them against hacks and threats. Also, the Managed web application firewall or WAF takes your site security to the next level.

The bad bots filtering system will protect the sites from known bad crawlers that use your bandwidth and even slow down the web pages.

The WordPress core and also themes, with plugins, are automatically updated to the latest versions. But first, the system creates a full backup and of course, it’s a managed upgrade service.

Enterprise architecture hosting

Enterprise architecture means a fully dedicated job to optimize and innovate the hosting servers and the business, in general, to be powerful, reliable and offer the advanced features that premium hosting needs.

Every single part of the data center is monitored and optimized specifically for WordPress sites.

That’s why the company creates custom hardware infrastructure, and lots of changes to make the server WordPress compatible.

No matter if the hosted site is a small blog or a popular website, the speed is the same fast all the time and the server response time is always fast because of the well-built infrastructure of the web hosting.

Daily backups

Every website or store needs the backup function. But you don’t have to worry about that, the company creates a copy of your full website and files and keep them securely. At the same time, the backup will be created before each upgrade, to avoid problems with new WordPress incompatible plugins, for example.

When you need to restore a website, click the ”Restore’ button from the backup management area and everything will be fine.

Ease of use

The control panel lets you manage everything from one place, there is the PhpMyAdmin integration to access your database tables from the portal. Also, the cache managing area lets you clear the cache when you need.

Pressidium Review

To add a domain name, for example, you can click a few buttons as the below screenshot.

Pressidium portal

When webmasters need to test their themes or plugins, the staging area lets you deploy your blog in less than 45 seconds. So, they can test and develop their sites without affecting the real website.

Then, when everything looks good, with a single click of the button, you can save the changes to the live website.

Web hosting prices

The good thing about this hosting company is affordable plans. It starts from $17.9 per month for a simple and personal blog that receives less than 10,000 visits monthly. For normal plans, see the following plan pricing that they offer

  • Personal

This managed hosting package comes with 3 WordPress installs, and 30,000 visits with unlimited bandwidth. For storage, you get 10 SSD disk space fully protected. I recommend this hosting plan for small blogs and e-commerce stores that have medium traffic.

  • Professional

For $69.9 per month, this package comes with 10 WordPress installs with 100.000 visits in a 30 day period. The disk space is 20 gigabytes of SSD, and everything is hosted on enterprise architecture.

  • Business

With this plan that cost $199,  you get 25 WordPress installations and a half million visits per month with generous SSD storage space of 30 Gigabytes.

For websites with custom needs, people can get their own custom hosting plans. They just need to send a ticket and the company will discuss their needs.

All the plans come with CDN and SSL add-ons, but also, an expert WordPress support.

Good or bad WordPress web host?

The Pressidium managed hosting for WordPress is a professional service, built for high-speed severe and extra security and reliable uptime.

As you can see from the above features, everything is ready to get a very fast hosting that helps to rank your site better. Remember that Google uses the speed a ranking factor.

However, the company, as all the other managed WordPress hosting providers don’t offer email hosting. But they offer all the support and the help to host your email.

Or, you can get your own email hosting and let the server focus on handling traffic and not emails.

You get more WordPress install and exclusive hardware features that no other company offers. Also, their prices are cheaper, but with more options and great customer support.

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