5 best web hosts for Nonprofits organizations

Having a good web hosting for nonprofits is the best way to communicate with people online and even collect donations.

For that reason, we strongly recommend the right web host that offer trusted services for organizations and without being “commercial” in most cases.

So, here we carefully picked 5 of the best website hosting providers with quality support and lots of tools.

1. Liquid Web

If there is one company that we recommend for any non-business entity, it will be Liquid Web. The hosting provided offer premium quality services with the highest levels of security.

Furthermore, they provide the best tools to raise more fund for your organization without missing a single one.

In addition, the web host provides 100% network uptime, so, you can stop worrying about downtimes and technical issues. The security team monitors the website software and make sure everything works well at the best performances.

The free WordPress SSL certificate encrypts the connections between your site visitor and the servers. So, no more risks for your organization.

Worry free Nonprofit hosting

For site optimization, the web host compresses all your website images and optimize the PHP with a site-wide caching system. The result is a super-fast nonprofit website that works all the time and that collects donation anytime securely.

Best of all, there is a clear donation activity dashboard with details statistics. Even more, there are more options like customizing the donation plugin, configuring recurring donations, and building amazing donation forms.

For reporting, you can filter the donation reports and see every donor’s activity, then, there is the export tool for custom reports and much more options.

2. iPage

iPage is a well know web hosting provider at the cheapest prices. But that doesn’t’ means low-quality hosts, in fact, the company provide reliable hosting for not-for-profit organizations and they have US-based customer support. In addition, there is a premium quality website builder tool, with a drag and drop interface.

So, in a matter of minutes, anyone can build a cool website for his organization at a reduced cost.

If you need a WordPress web hosting for nonprofit organizations, then, the auto-installer tools don’t that for you. Just install WordPress with one click and choice a great template, then, stats adding your own content and it’s done.

To start collecting donation for your nonprofit institutions, there are so many apps and tools for WordPress or others.

That’s not a problem these days, WordPress has a large community of developers who build and update secure donation systems that collect the money and send it to your organization’s registered PayPal or Bank account.

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iPage hosting for organizations

To market your nonprofit institution, iPage offers free advertising credits with Facebook, Google, and also Bing.

These credits help your website to get more exposure and traffic from the best advertising networks. The value of the credits depends on the plan you choose, but in general, it’s over the $200 for free.

3. HostPapa

We recommend this web host for organizations in Canada. The Canadian data centers make the website load faster and that has a big impact on user experience and even regulations of there are some. Furthermore, this a good environmentally friendly hosting solution with fast servers, and secure infrastructure.

The free website builder has more options and templates for no profit organization websites. Additionally, the tool builds mobile-friendly websites, so, that’s good for Google ranking also.

On the other hand, the Facebook page generator tool helps your organization to have a premium quality Facebook page design.

4. GreenGeeks

When it comes to quality, GreenGeeks is a superior quality of web hosting. Their SSD infrastructure with fast server RAM and the good security system makes everything well done.

In addition, the company provides the best web hosting quality for nonprofits and you can signup for the standard plan that cost $3.95 with unlimited disk space and website bandwidth.

For those who prefer green hosting for their nonprofit projects, GreenGeeks will be your best options without a doubt. They use 300% green energy for their data centers and that’s a good example of a web host that cares about nature.

4. HostGator

This is a giant web hosting company, but what they offer as quality and tools is great. The cloud hosting solution comes with a free SSL certificate for one year, and a reduced price of $4.95 per month.

The plan has 4 GB of server dedicated RAM and a scalable bandwidth and disk space.

So, when your organization becomes popular and the site gets more traffic, you can add more resources with a few clicks.

cPanel is the best control panel for Linux servers, and HostGator has that great tool for you. So, you can manage your website files and customize everything you need instantly.

The cPanel access comes with website optimization tool, FTP, SFTP, and online file manager. In addition, if you need to add a custom donation system, then, use the FTP account or just install any of the donation apps in easy steps.

Paid vs free web hosting for nonprofits?

Please note, we don’t recommend any low-quality service here, so, even if you see a free web hosting, then, it’s only free for legitimate organizations.

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In other words, there is a company that offers a paid hosting for individuals and companies, but a completely free web hosting for nonprofits, and that’s awesome.

The company we’re talking about is called InterServer and it has years of experience in web hosting. So, what they need is proof of the organization’s IRIS document. Then, they’ll set up your organizations’ website and standard account for free.

This trusted web hosting offers a free domain name and a control panel tool for website management. Even more, InterServer offers auto-installer software for hundreds of apps like WordPress and others.

web hosting for nonprofits

For quality, there is no real difference between this company the other paid services. However, the other free web hosts are not recommended in any circumstances.

Web servers need advanced security tools and infrastructure and that need a lot of resources. So, a web host should have the money to invest it in its own infrastructure and no free service can make a website secure and fast in the end.

For now, these are the best nonprofit web hosting services we highly recommend.

The quality of the service is the first thing we look for, then, the prices should reflect the actual plan resources and features.

Next, we test the customer support and if there is any problem, as no phone numbers, then, that’s not a good place to host a website for organizations.

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